July 2017
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Common Sense

Sh*t Has Hit The Fan Over Comeygate!

Mark Dice, on discusses James Comey shooting himself as well as many of the left in the foot with his astounding testimony.
Talk about putting “lock um up” targets on their backs.

Clearly these fools are so use to running foul of the law it has never occurred to them at some point they would be brought to task over their corrupt behavior.

If there is anything at all positive about these fools they are making it abundantly clear exactly how corrupt they are and what stupid fools they are.

President Trump Pulls the USA Out of Paris Accord

The USA is no longer going to fund the “climate change scam”.

It is actually a pleasure to have a hard core very successful business man running the business of America.

Personally I have always wondered how the American worker got conned into spending their hard earned money on those who chose not to make a living for themselves.

Frankly if some of these Politicians think money needs to go to support others out of the country … fine. Let them start funding those charities THEMSELVES.

Also it is about high time Congress starts working a full 40 hour week and paying their staff out of their own salaries.

Each should TODAY BE REQUIRED to take a test on the Constitution and those who fail should be sent home immediately and REPLACED with someone who can pass the test.
After all how can you be upholding THE CONSTITUTION if you know literally nothing about it?

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