May 2017
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Common Sense

Mark Cuban Makes Fool of Himself on Twitter

I thought this video deserved some recognition and replay. What a great example of an emotional meltdown and the resulting loss.

Cuban foolishly got into a twitter spat with Mark Dice.
The outcome was extremely predictable with Dice making a total fool of Cuban.

To top that off Dice memorialized the incident for posterity on YouTube in the video below.

The moral of the story?
NEVER enter a battle with an EMOTIONAL LACK OF WITS.

Yvette Felarca the Berkeley Face of Fascism

It was another ARE YOU KIDDING ME moments … tonight as I was watching my limited daily dose of news where Tucker Carlson had a video interview with Yvette Felarca.

Most by now are familiar with the SHAMEFUL DESTRUCTIVE University of Berkeley riots. Apparently Felarca and her group Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights were smack in the middle of that terrorist mess.

Ms. Felarca, a middle school teacher and “By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN) leader explains to Fox New’s Tucker Carlson her definition of fascism and why gay immigrant Milo Yiannopoulos shouldn’t be allowed to speak anywhere.

NOTE: A middle school “educator” advocating a gay LEGAL immigrant SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to speak ANYWHERE?

REALLY? Does anyone else see the irony in this wing-nut woman being allowed to teach ANYWHERE?

As I watched Ms. Felarca give HER RENDITION of Fascism I was struck that she had no clue she had just VERY CLEARLY DEFINED herself.

My next thought was how the heck is she STILL a middle school teacher?

Would I want her in a classroom teaching my child, grandchild or great grandchild.

Hold Politicians Personally Accountable Monetarily for Sanctuary City Crimes?

Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams (R)Finally there are a few politicians who are starting to introduce legislation that benefits the people they serve.

In Colorado Springs, State Rep. Dave Williams is introducing “The Colorado Politician Accountability Act”.

Williams wants victims of what he calls “sanctuary city policies” to be able to file lawsuits and lodge criminal complaints against the “lawless politicians” who put the policies in place.

The legislation is aimed at holding officials criminally liable for the “carnage” committed by some immigrants.

Williams was elected to the heavily Republican Colorado House District 15 in November and said:

“I think it’s important that we do all we can to uphold the rule of law and ensure all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, are protected from dangerous policies that are forced on us by radical, out-of-touch politicians who continually sell out to an unlawful agenda that increases the number of criminals, and needless deaths among our fellow citizens.”



Rep. Bobby Kaufmann (R-IA)Does anyone but me find this after election demonstration hysteria to be incredibly annoying?

Schools establishing ‘cry zones’ because kids are distraught over election results?

Most kids don’t give a crap about election results … well unless it allows them to skip tests and classes. All of this partially funded by the US taxpayer.

Here’s a thought take these extra expenses out of the salaries of the school board and administrators.

This foolishness somehow prepares the young to face a cold hard world of reality?

Then in the middle of this demonstration madness Republican Rep. Bobby Kaufmann of Iowa plans to introduce what he calls the “suck it up, buttercup” bill to cut budgets at public universities that spend extra money on students upset about the presidential election.

The proposed legislation would target schools using taxpayer dollars to fund election-related sit-ins and grief counseling above and beyond what is normally available to students. Kaufmann said the bill will also call for creating new penalties for protesters who block highways.

Well BRAVO at least we have one person in Congress who has the ability to apply common sense in an otherwise mad world.

Trump’s First Team

Well the Donald (President Elect Donald J. Trump) has rolled out his first choices to assist him in draining the swamp and sweeping out the horse stalls that progressives have been functioning in for the past 20 years.

Some question his decision some don’t.

WE THE PEOPLE hired him for his intuition and business savvy. So why not give him a chance to thrive in his job doing what he does best (dragging us along with him)?
RUNNING THE BIGGEST most complicated business in the world.

It might be wise for the complaining negative nellies to realize it was Donald J. Trump who had a platform NO ONE ELSE had.
For those who still think he does not know how he can manage or do all of this? Kindly keep quiet unless IGNORANCE is how you want your image remembered.

Here is one media person who thinks the Trump choice is a good one and why.