September 2017
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Pedophilia and Draining the Swamp?

Pedophilia is a subject that the average person most likely would find it hard to wrap their mind around. Furthermore the pedophiles rationale will never compute for that average person.

There have been rumors for years about this activity of the depraved for as long as I can remember. That is all that they appeared to be until I came onto the internet in the mid 90’s. At the time I was running a political activist group and ran smack into NAMBALA the (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

The report came to me from another group leader who had by accident happened onto NAMBALA’s newly formed website. By that time we had a number of fairly large groups spanning the globe and we could call to action quite a number of people to expose what was going on in the world much faster than the news could get it into the papers.

Those of us who led these groups went to the newly formed NAMBALA’s website where we found detailed instructions on how other perverted men could seduce young boys starting around 4. Apparently the younger the better.

What was astonishing to this mother and grandmother was these NAMBALA members could see nothing at all wrong with their practice that I found appalling.

All of us activist leaders banned together and alerted internet providers who had fairly strict rules back then on what could end up for public viewing. We were vigilant for new crop up sites we then reported them to the ISP and the NAMBALA site was immediately removed. This process went on for a few years and after a while they seemed to disappear from the internet. Apparently underground.

My next encounter was a few years later. That involved a young man who claimed he, his sister and a number of other young children had been groomed as sex slaves. These very young children were servicing high government officials in the bay area of California.

He had started a website to simply tell his story as an adult.
It was horrifying that when reported literally NOTHING WAS DONE … period dead stop.

So when these rumors crop up today my attitude leans to … “where there is smoke there might be fire” … so INVESTIGATE!

Here is the latest that Paul Joseph Watson has documented.
He also has provided links to his research in the MORE section of his YouTube video for those interested.

Brexit chiefs eye 2-state solution for California — Calexit

Calexit Split Map
So Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, have joined with key Republicans to split the state along liberal versus regular folk lines.

Cut California in two. The break-away isn’t simple talk.

Farage and Banks have already raised about $1 million for Calexit. And their campaign’s being pushed by a conservative pollster, Gerry Gunster, and Scott Baugh, a former Republican state assemblyman.

As a native Californian I would love to see this happen.
The progressives have all but bankrupted and ruined this state … with their open illegal immigration stance and sanctuary city dreams.

There is virtually very little downside to a split California state.
Conservatives would be free to farm as they choose and liberals will be Republican-free with window views that don’t include power lines.

Will it make the referendum rolls?
If Calexit supporters hurry, they can finagle a face-off — and win.
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