July 2017
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Brexit chiefs eye 2-state solution for California — Calexit

Calexit Split Map
So Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, have joined with key Republicans to split the state along liberal versus regular folk lines.

Cut California in two. The break-away isn’t simple talk.

Farage and Banks have already raised about $1 million for Calexit. And their campaign’s being pushed by a conservative pollster, Gerry Gunster, and Scott Baugh, a former Republican state assemblyman.

As a native Californian I would love to see this happen.
The progressives have all but bankrupted and ruined this state … with their open illegal immigration stance and sanctuary city dreams.

There is virtually very little downside to a split California state.
Conservatives would be free to farm as they choose and liberals will be Republican-free with window views that don’t include power lines.

Will it make the referendum rolls?
If Calexit supporters hurry, they can finagle a face-off — and win.
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Muslim Rape In UK Exposed by Toni Bugle

Yesterday I happened on to a youtube channel that I found fascinating. The owner is a guy named Steven Crowder who calls himself the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web.

I spent several hours watching his videos and chose 2 that were very informative.

The 2 topics I will share here are not funny at all but instead dead serious.

This one is with Toni Bugle a woman in England. She heads up an organization called Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia (MARIAS)

As you can imagine Bugle and her group have caused quite a stir in the Muslim population.

This video is about 48 minutes long and I found it worth a listen.
it is left to you to make your own decision.

Mark Cuban Makes Fool of Himself on Twitter

I thought this video deserved some recognition and replay. What a great example of an emotional meltdown and the resulting loss.

Cuban foolishly got into a twitter spat with Mark Dice.
The outcome was extremely predictable with Dice making a total fool of Cuban.

To top that off Dice memorialized the incident for posterity on YouTube in the video below.

The moral of the story?
NEVER enter a battle with an EMOTIONAL LACK OF WITS.