January 2018
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Every day should have a laugh. The more the better in my opinion. I am going to take this section and collect the things that make me smile or break into full fledged gales of laughter. I hope you enjoy this area too.

Trump Calls Out Liberal Lunacy on Deface the Nation

One thing I love about President Trump is he is NOT SHY about saying exactly what he thinks.

The loony liberals never seem to know what hit them until the laughing AT THEM ends.

Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D. who wrote “THE LIBERAL MIND: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” was indeed correct. This is an illness that appears to have no cure.

For anyone who has had debate with one of these loons shortly finds COLD HARD FACTS mean NOTHING to them.

Thanks to Mark Dice. Here is a reminder of Trump trolling the media.


Rachael Maddow An Even Bigger Fool Today Than Yesterday

Rachael Maddow is a joke AGAIN.

That is clearly evident to anyone who has a functioning IQ over 80.

Rachael is one of those people who richly deserves a pair of the “too stupid to recognize stupid” glasses that I give out.

Personally I do not watch her but on occasion I catch a blip when someone else points out her beyond stupid banter.

Well Maddow the fool tonight confirmed she is even a bigger fool than anyone expected.

Here is what Mark Dice has to say about her BIG STORY.
I am still rolling on the floor laughing at her.


Russian Comedian PUNKS Maxine Waters a FOOL EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Someone sent this my way today. I have not heard it but it is funny so I will share.

The fact that part of our government is being governed by FOOLS like Maxine Waters … a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and Nancy Pelosi (Democratic leader of the House) is egregious enough. But realizing there are people out there voting them into office and supporting them is far worse.

Perhaps there needs to be an amendment to the Constitution requiring every voter to have an IQ larger than the average shoes size.

This is seriously funny in a not so good way.
You can read all about it word for word at: The BlackSphere