January 2018
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Glenn Beck

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Bill O’Reilly Sees Glenn Beck’s Nazi Propaganda Mill TOO.

Bill O'Reilly
Nice to see that others have noticed the Glenn Beck Propaganda Mill at its finest as I have.

Last night Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg went further and talked about the Main Stream Lemmings who have followed the Herr Beck lead.

Personally I do not watch the Main Stream Media much because I consider them a slapstick JOKE. If I want to watch jokesters I will choose The Road Runner and Wiley Coyote over these public dolts.
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5 Common Sense Changes to Make Our Government WORK BETTER!

Agree, don’t agree, like or don’t like Glenn Beck … he does offer 5 “common sense” ideas that would make the USA work better.

Make no mistake it is Barack Obama who arrogantly stands before the public DAILY AND BLAMES OTHERS for the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN he is perpetuating.

Gee whiz did the world come to an end. While the REPUBLICANS CONTINUE TO OFFER SOLUTIONS this president of NO stands fast along with Harry Reid to continue this foolish “shut down” charade.

You want a shut down well let’s shut down the school your kids attend or the security that protects them. Let’s send your secret service home for a few weeks along with the white-house staff. Michelle knows how to cook does she not?

Apparently it has never occurred to Obama and Reid that THE PEOPLE will shortly notice THE WORLD DID NOT FALL APART AS PREDICTED.

It would be refreshing if just once Bill O’Reilly shut his mouth long enough and tried to comprehend what his guest is trying to impart to him.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if O’Reilly simply failed reading comp. 101. Or perhaps he simply likes to hear his own voice echo in an empty brain cavity?

Cruz tries pretty much to NO AVAIL to tell O’Reilly that the HOUSE IS ALREADY TRYING to get President “NO” and Harry Reid “NO” to do as O’Reilly suggests.

In this video it is apparent Cruz gets that O’Reilly DOES NOT!

And this is the best of the news media trying to educate the people.


These could have been Barack Obama’s sons!

Chancey Luna, Michael Jones, James Edwards Jr

By the way does this so called “white kid” look like he might be part Black?

Since Barack Obama stupidly made the comment that “Trayvon Martin could be his son or he himself”.

Why not carry on with the dialog and say these 3 “killer thugs” could also be YOUR SONS?

Is this silence we hear?
Not an attractive scenario for you and does not somehow fit your divisive agenda?

The fool Sharpton has already commented that this is not a raciest killing so no comment necessary.

Clearly this is 1000 times more raciest than the Trayvon Martin killing.

Need it be pointed out that Zimmerman helped blacks and at least one of these killer dolts clearly hates whites?

If Sharpton & Obama had at least 2 more brain cells each firing at one time we could consider them “certifiable morons”.

Sharpton can be dismissed for what he is but Obama is suppose to be running the country … so he can not be so easily dismissed.

One thing for sure we can say about Obama … he IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND.

Monique Davis “suspicions” that Chicago police are gunning down black children.

Bill O’Reilly has a new mission that he has been pushing now for about a week.

He has come down hard on the “Poverty Pimps” Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.

O’Reilly questions what are these so called “black leaders” doing other than simply rant, rave, snivel and whine over the downtrodden black youth?

The answer is NOTHING positive!

It does not take rocket science to realize that O’Reilly is correct.
Without proper family, education, speech or dress these young people do not have a snowflakes chance in hell of rising above the “slave to less than” existence that is subliminally being promoted by these self agenda driven “Poverty Pimps”?

I heard Glenn Beck call these “slave promoters” “poverty pimps” today and there is not a term that fits the situation better IMO.

Yesterday IL State Rep. Monique Davis, crashed and burned when she stupidly decided to debate O’Reilly over her outrageous local radio comments about “suspicions” that Chicago police are gunning down black children.

Clearly this woman is a full blown nut case with an IQ of 50 or less and should be removed from office immediately.

Here is the O’Reilly – Davis segment: