January 2018
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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck video

Glenn Beck Radio monolog 12-15-12

As I mentioned a day or so ago I will be posting video I have made from the Glenn Beck Network.
So I have created a new Category named Glenn Beck for the ease of those interested in his videos.

I hear complaints from those who do not have dish network and WILL NOT connect their TV to a computer, Roku, or XBox in order to watch there they miss what he has to say.

I understand that complaint because I do have a computer hooked to my nice big TV, am a member of his internet network and I did not often watch him that way either.
When he came to dish I was thrilled.
So for those who would like to hear what he offers … you can see at least a bit of what he is doing.

For those of you who do not know … he is on his own channel (212) on Dish Network.
It is my understanding he is busy negotiating with other networks as well so hopefully his word will be spread wider and faster in the near future.

I also have created a YouTube channel called MoreGlennBeck which will house all of the Glenn Beck videos that I create.
I am sorry that I can not post video longer than 15 minutes (for 6 mos.) but someone from Beck’s Mercury Network complained about my posts of “The Project” part one and two even though Beck asks that we share his information. I have written him twice with no response.

Anyway in my opinion we need the truth not as someone else sees it but straight up simple FACT.

It will be up to you to sort out Becks opinion from the FACTS he presents.
What is most important to me is so far I TRUST HIS FACTS.

You will have to judge for yourself.

What is most evident is NONE OF US can any longer trust the main stream media which includes my USE TO BE FAVORITE Bill O’Reilly (Mr. Fair & Balanced).

Here is Glenn Beck Radio monolog 12-15-12 pt.-1

Glenn Beck Radio monolog 12-15-12 pt.-2