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What is going on with the people who want control of their government?

Ass kicking AstroTurf?

I have one question to ask Nancy (San Fran Nan) Pelosi … how does it feel to have your ass royally kicked by AstroTurf? Pelosi has been booted from third in the line of presidential succession.

Now I have to wonder if the rest of the people in DC are going to be so willing to throw themselves on the OBAMA sword because THEY THINK the AstroTurf is to stupid, raciest, bigoted or without teeth?

So it’s step up to the plate boys and girls … who is willing to cross what the majority wants and blatantly ignore, call them names and vote against what they deem fit?

Obama’s next move.
Would any of you be shocked if ALL OF A SUDDEN he (Obama) is courting the bipartisan vote now that most assuredly HIS RAMMING DOWN THE THROATS days are over?

Nice however he was with it enough to notice/admit his party took a shellacking.
Apparently it has come as a shock that his charm has worn thin.

I have said all along when his political end comes it will be at the hands of his own party. Not sure he and his ilk understand the “survival factor” yet.
The Political “survival factor”?

The Left’s Voter Fraud Whitewash

The Left’s Voter Fraud Whitewash
By Michelle Malkin October 27, 2010 6:55 AM

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. It’s the Democrats’ coping mechanism for midterm election voter fraud. Faced with multiple reports of early voting irregularities and election shenanigans across the country, left-wing groups are playing dumb, deaf and blind. Voter fraud? What voter fraud?

More cunningly, these organizations are seeking to marginalize complaints about election integrity by casting citizen watchdog efforts as racist “scare tactics.” Echoing President Obama’s message to the Democratic faithful on the campaign trail, they are accusing political opponents of suppressing the votes of minorities and the poor. On Tuesday, The New York Times quoted a liberal voting rights advocate, Wendy R. Weiser, wringing her hands over individual Americans taking clean elections seriously:

“Private efforts to police the polls create a real risk of vote suppression, regardless of their intent,” said Weiser, director of the Voting Rights and Elections Project at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. “People need to know that any form of discrimination, intimidation or challenge to voters without adequate basis is illegal or improper.”

Weiser also turned up in a very similar story minimizing voter fraud and voter registration fraud that was published Tuesday by government-sponsored National Public Radio. The NPR report asserted that “most election experts” believe that fears of voter fraud are “overblown.” No word on how many “experts” they surveyed (besides Weiser) to report such a conclusion, which flies in the face of dozens of felony voter fraud convictions across the country over the past two election cycles — and that’s just among ACORN-tied cases.


In North Carolina and Nevada, early voters have encountered ballot machine glitches that favor Democrats in hotly contested races.

In Troy, N.Y., and Daytona Beach, Fla., police investigations into suspected absentee ballot fraud by elected government officials are underway.

In Harris County, Texas, the voter registrar admitted that 20 percent of voter registration forms submitted by liberal activist Houston Votes had problems. Election whistleblowers there are now being investigated by the Obama Justice Department and have been slapped with an ethics complaint by the Texas Democratic Party and a left-wing billionaire George Soros-funded group called Texans for Public Justice.

In Yuma County, Ariz., election officials denied any fraud associated with thousands of requests for “permanent early voter list” status submitted en masse by open-borders group Mi Familia Vota (a social justice satellite group of the Service Employees International Union). But election officials admitted that some 6,000 out of 14,000 requests fielded by the Yuma County Recorder’s Office “were reviewed and rejected, under Arizona law, either due to the fact the request was a duplicate or the requestor was not eligible to vote in this election or within the jurisdiction.”

Liberals shrugged their shoulders at reports of illegal alien canvassers trolling for votes in Washington State. Never mind the radical goals spelled out by SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer and Mi Familia Vota founder Eliseo Medina, who views illegal alien amnesty as a powerful Democratic recruitment tool to capture millions of new progressive voters.

Funny. For the past two years, Democratic leaders have had nothing to say about the militant New Black Panther Party goons who took it upon themselves to police a Philadelphia voting booth in 2008 wielding billy clubs and shouting anti-white slurs to suppress votes. Now, they’re treating citizen election monitors as if they are the jack-booted thugs. When I lauded efforts like the Minnesota Majority, which is training volunteers to watch polls and report on voter fraud, liberal critics accused me this week of “fascism.”

Silence dissent. Criminalize watchdogs. Whitewash fraud. Discourage grassroots engagement. Deny, deny, deny. These are the signature tactics of the left in the age of Obama. On November 2, Americans get their chance to say: Enough.

National Public Radio (NPR) just gored Americas sacred cow!

Liberal/Progressives want FREE SPEECH dead?
Oh wait that is just YOUR FREE SPEECH.

National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller has to be as dumb as a stump.

Who pitched the bitch that caused this witless wonder (Shiller) to pull the plug on Juan Williams for expressing his fear feelings about Muslims in full garb on an airplane?

Then to top it off her press comments to an Atlanta crowd was Williams should take his feelings up with “his psychiatrist or his publicist.”

I am ever stunned at the utter stupidity of the liberal/progressives today.
I am honestly beginning to believe Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.”

So what problem does Shiller now face?
Likely her stupidity will cause NPR to lose their government funding. After all why should the taxpayer pay people who want to deny them 1st amendment rights. Either speaking or listening?

George Soros just dumped 1.8 million dollars into the lap of Shiller. Hope he has lots more to fund the whole operation.

Maybe Juan will end up with that 1.8 million in damages should he decide to sue the breeches off NPR for wrongful termination.

Here is a suggestion for you (the public) who have generously funded NPR in the past. Its time for donations this week.

The awakening!

When I opened this blog in late November 2008 it was already evident we had hit a “not happy with our government” mindset. No wonder Barack Obama a man the public knew nothing about sailed into the white-house on what appeared to be a white horse.

His blatant deviation from “the constitution” was the best thing that could have happened to the citizenry of the USA. For this I am eternally grateful.

When he further led his congress into making the economic catastrophe far worse while ignoring the cry’s of the public. Then suggesting the public is simply misguided or stupid were the last nails in the coffin lid of those seeking re-election.

What has happened with this bad behavior?
The “tea party”.
A grassroots group that is pulled together from all walks of life. The totally disgusted middle class who are angered by Barack Obama’s economic policies, fear his deficits and are horrified by his looming tax increases.

In less then 2 short years the Obama agenda has effectively coalesced tens of millions of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Minorities, Religious and Non Religious into a mass who are driven by one common denominator. Freedom from Government oppression under the guise of being a magnanimous daddy.

Economic and fiscal issues have gripped the hearts and minds of this mass pushing social questions flat out of the ball park. No longer can the Old Republican or Democratic parties stir up a fuss on social crap that simply is not there. The bigotry, racism card ARE NO LONGER WORKING to the dismay of those in power. Divide and conquer is no longer working.
Because basic economic survival is more important.
No one has to have a masters in economics to see what is going on here. All you have to have is 2 hands and the ability and logic to put 2 and 2 together and know it comes up 4 to get the frightening message.

The “tea party and its supporters” are a grass roots-dominated movement.
If for one moment you think those on the stump disparaging “the tea party” here in the US does not know this and is scared to death?
Wise up!

What is their only hope of containment? Slander, malign, try to undermine with lies. How typical of the sleaze we now have in our governing offices.

We hired them.
It’s now time they are fired!

Comments in closing.

If the citizens of California are STUPID ENOUGH to re-elect Jerry (the dud) Brown and Barbara (call me Senator) Boxer … we deserve to go bankrupt.
If Delaware thinks Coons a self professed Marxist is better than Christine O’Donnell NO MATTER HOW LITTLE EXPERIENCE she has. They deserve also to go bankrupt.

How are all of these “ivy league educated assholes” working out for ya so far?
Be sure and vote!