July 2016
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Have you heard?

Have you heard is a section where interesting news will appear just in case you missed it or were to busy to look.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo YiannopoulosIt is hard for me to miss or ignore a bright young person when I run across their path here on the net.

Every now and then I have run across video clips of Milo Yiannopoulos. Animated, handsome and flamboyant, he indeed is fun to watch. Clearly smart, well informed and quick of wit.

You know the quick of wit that is sorely lacking in many young today?

Have you all noticed I am a real fan of quick wit?

For those not familiar with Milo … he was born in Greece and raised in the United Kingdom. Attended 2 colleges and dropped out of both before graduating.

No surprise since college these days appears to be for the mindless without potential of making it without a degree tucked away for a resume.

Yiannopoulos has been on what he calls a “Dangerous Faggot” tour of colleges across the country. He buzzes from college to university, where his audience is primarily male and white.

Milo’s cause is to fight back.
His target? … “Feminists, social-justice warriors and diversity-mongers who control the world both behind the scenes and in the halls of academia.”

What I find so interesting about Milo Yiannopoulos is his ability to infuriate his opposition with so little effort.

If you have yet to experience Milo Yiannopoulos here is your chance. 😉

Bobble Head Hillary at Tim Kaine Speech

Frankly I avoid any talk from either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Yesterday noon I was sitting quietly eating my lunch when I heard … “QUICK turn on Fox this Democratic VP pick really sounds dumb.”

Talk about spoiling a great sandwich and chips.
TODAY WAS NOT RESERVED for politics much less democratic politics.

Who the heck ever heard of Tim Kaine anyway?

Apparently Kaine is thrilled and it showed in his manner. He did not appear dumb at all … but what I noticed most was Hillary sitting behind him nodding her head with his every word.

I was transfixed on “Hillary bobble head” it was reminiscent of one of those little dashboard characters wobbling around with every bump in the road.

I guess the good thing is he has a security clearance just in case hers gets yanked.

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