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Have you heard is a section where interesting news will appear just in case you missed it or were to busy to look.

Jorge Ramos Gets the Boot From Trump

jorge-ramosThe main stream media somehow believe they “walk on water” and should be treated as such.

Well much to his surprise Jorge Ramos got a swift kick of the Trump security boot.
When I watched the clip I had to laugh out loud.

It was reminiscent of the disgusting take over tactics by 3 “Black Lives Matter” twits at a Bernie Sanders gathering.

Apparently Jorge Ramos expects to be treated with respect when he acts like an interrupting thug.

Apparently the opposition can not lock on to the Trump appeal.
The public is tired of the government running renegade with their own agenda and not that of the people.
Trump is simply out-loud, sometimes in a rude manner saying what the public would say themselves if they had a chance.

Finally Jorge Ramos is allowed back in the conference and is finally ALLOWED by Trump to ask his questions.

Trump patiently tried answering but as usual Ramos either did not understand or chose not to listen. It is clearly hard for these guys when confronting those who SCORN POLITICALLY CORRECT. Being kicked to the curb so easily can be a definite dent to the ego 😉

Whatever it was that Ramos hoped to achieve looked to be a failure unless THUGGISH FOOL was his objective.

The next day Jorge Ramos ends up on CNN whining about his treatment. Most notable to me was that Trump has granted everyone an interview BUT HIM.

WELL BOO HOO! Now that is really sad!

If you are interested in the close to 5 minute exchange between Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos after his return you will find it HERE.

Ted Nugent on Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Ted NugentTed Nugent is someone who says what he thinks no matter who likes it or not. In fact he probably likes it best when people do not like what he says.

This time he is voicing his opinion of Megyn Kelly and her dust up with Donald Trump during the Fox debate.

Like many watching the debate his opinion is Kelly slipped a cog on this one (though he does not say it quite that way). His comments in the beginning are crass but Ted Nugent can be crass.

As the interview progresses it becomes clear Nugent likes Kelly but is disappointed in her actions. He is definitely not the lone ranger here.

I expect the media will be offended to the max. Honestly it is getting tiresome watching all of the media faux-outrage over politically correct bullshit.

I must say personally I do not agree with everything Ted Nugent says or how he says it but I do respect anyone with the guts to stand before thousands and consistently (without fear of reprisal) speak their mind.

Ted Nugent this time is stating why he is a Trump supporter. Interestingly he is dead on accurate on why so many others support Trump and why his poll numbers continue to rise.

On WIBX’s Keeler in the Morning show, Ted Nugent slams Kelly’s debate questions to Trump. He further states “the gorgeous, stunning, otherwise professional and tuned-in” Kelly “absolutely fell off the cliff of political correctness” when she posed “obnoxious” questions to Donald Trump.

Nugent did say that normally Kelly’s great at what she does, but she “broke all of our hearts” at the debate by playing into the status quo:

“She isn’t status quo, but she started acting, and sounding, and looking like one, and I don’t believe she is. I think she is playing some games, either that or she’s getting bad advice, either that or she’s just getting stupid.”

Here is the audio interview from that show.

Don’t know but want to know more about Ted Nugent HERE?

Fox News Republican Debate Moderators vs Donald Trump

fox-news-republican-debate-moderatorsFrankly I was looking forward to the First Republican National Debate Thursday nite. The fact that Fox News had Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace as moderators made it even more attractive.

The Republican hopeful line up is really good. If there was going to be a dust up everyone expected it to be between those Presidential hopefuls.

Instead to my dismay and DISAPPOINTMENT it was with the Fox News Republican Debate Moderators that appeared to square off against Donald Trump.

It started with the first question from Bret Baier.
Was there any candidate who would not pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee and not pledge to run as a third-party candidate to please raise their hand.

At that moment it was CLEAR AS A BELL Fox was gunning for Trump.

Then from Megyn Kelly “You call women you don’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” …….

Even more clear now … but why?

Then the beat went on where Trump was concerned.
All in all Trump remained fairly cool.
To me these questions were a monumental waste of time when I would have actually rather heard what Trump thought he could do to solve the GIGANTIC PROBLEMS THE USA FACES.

So Fox gets a SHAME ON YOU … for wasting an opportunity.

That being said the questions where hard hitting for everyone. The answers for the most part were good. The between candidate skirmishes interesting.
In the end I personally did not see any ceilings break.

After the fact I am not alone in feeling Fox News was a clear loser in all of this. Megyn Kelly has been one of my favorites on Fox News. I do not have a lot of time to devote to TV News but if I watch it will be her.

In the future? Probably not so much … simply because a public gang up is not what I consider “ethical behavior” and certainly not worth the waste of my time.

Then today I ran across this.
If true this is liable to backfire.
The American public will rally around someone who is being unfairly attacked ESPECIALLY IN THE POLITICAL ARENA. The public does not hold much respect for the media. Fox behaving like CNN, MSNBC is not likely to bode well for them in the long haul.

Listen to Rush and see what you think:

Carly Fiorina Talks by Telephone to Glenn Beck

carly-fiorinaCarly Fiorina is the only woman in a lineup of 17 GOP Presidential hopefuls.

She displays the ability to throw punches when necessary. So far her main target is Hillary Clinton. She has a command of issues both foreign and domestic. She is poised, sharp as a tack.

This outstanding ambassador for conservative values and constitutional principles talked to Glenn Beck yesterday morning on his radio show.

This is what Carly Fiorina has to say about her conservative belief system.

From Carly Fiorina’s website:
Our founders never imagined a government led by career politicians.
It’s time to put a citizen leader in the White House.

If you want more information on Carly Fiorina and her campaign you can visit her website at:

Dr Ben Carson’s Closing Statement Republican Debate 2015

Last night the soft spoken Dr Ben Carson displayed his charm, wit and humor as he gave a great closing statement in the Fox hosted First Republican Debate.

In fact Dr Carson’s speech was probably one of the best during the whole debate in my opinion.

Below is the video of Dr Ben Carson’s Closing Statements at the GOP Cleveland Debate

dr-ben-carsonDr Ben Carson is a gifted neurosurgeon with a special interest in pediatrics. At 33, he became the youngest major division director in Johns Hopkins Hospital history as director of pediatric neurosurgery.

Dr Carson is the epitome of success overcoming close to poverty odds. He and his older brother were raised by a determined divorced mother.

On February 7, 2013 at the National Prayer Breakfast Dr Carson commented on political correctness. It is “dangerous”, because it goes against freedom of expression, education, health care, and taxation.

That immediately grabbed the attention of the media. Attention grabbing because Carson’s views were clearly politically conservative, and President Barack Obama was sitting just feet away. Dr Ben Carson appeared to be everything Barack Obama clearly WAS NOT.

The conservative radio talking heads jumped on it like ugly on a stick. The Progressive Barack Obama supporters NOT AT ALL. Claiming Dr Carson’s comments inappropriate.

The bottom line? FACT is FACT and inappropriate to the left is ANYTHING that does not suit their particular agenda that day.

In his hometown of Detroit on May 4, 2015, Dr Carson announced he was running for the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.

To learn more about Dr Ben Carson’s, background, education, career, books written go here.

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