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Have you heard is a section where interesting news will appear just in case you missed it or were to busy to look.

WE ARE an Eclectic Voter Block

What I learned about 20 years ago when I was running a political activist group was “WE THE PEOPLE” are an eclectic crew.

For those who do not know what eclectic means?
“deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”.

This IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE … it only takes a tiny bit of paying attention and common sense.

That being said the DC establishment has done a good job at herding “WE THE PEOPLE” “sheeple” into first a 2 party system then into eventually what we have today the old “screw you voter” system that is corrupt to the core.

Most of us have been aware of this shift but actually did not know what could be done about it. When corruption runs rampant with no apparent way to stem that corruption … the people fall into despair. The United States has been running without a real leader since Ronald Reagan.

Accountability is totally non-existent where the political hierarchy is concerned.

Why was Bill Clinton not tossed out on his pervert ear for lying before congress?
Why are both Clinton’s not yet in jail for their many illegal activities?
I am certain there are those on the Republican side who are just as corrupt … they are just a tad better at keeping their agenda and action hidden.

Yes folks let me say this loud and clear.
If you are progressive it is likely your IQ is not on the upper level of the bell curve.

Trump RallyWith this clear decay and rotting of the original FOUNDERS AMERICAN VALUE SYSTEM … then out of the wings … along comes Donald J Trump.
The POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT is still scratching their dull heads at WHAT? “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN”?

Well let me explain it to you dullard fools in moron so you get it with one take.
Trump speaks to that ECLECTIC VOTER.

All it took was someone who was not beholden to the political powers that be for his own survival.
Someone who felt and could express the pain of the “eclectic voter” … and that was all she wrote folks.

So what do I hope Trump will do?
First and foremost?
Everything he has promised.
If he meets resistance EXPOSE THE RESISTERS and let the public get rid of them.

After-all “we the people” can recall and get rid of the bad apples.
If we the people are not willing to do our part then we deserve what we get.

ADX FlorenceI hope Trump will start holding some of these corrupt bastards accountable. Not in some cushy federal pen but the tough joints like ADX, and nicknamed the “Alcatraz of the Rockies,”.

If they do not survive … OH WELL!

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

This is another video being sent around the internet.

Clearly this is a problem. To find out more about this issue and what you can do about it go to:

Also listed on the video is another website called Secure Freedom Radio.
I found a number of very interesting podcasts there … one talking about the Clinton foundation and what appears to be their collecting money for government favors.

All of this is definitely worth a visit IMO.

GOP Split Ya Think?

Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday
Today on Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace refereed a discussion between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Huelskamp a Cruz supporter clearly is not a supporter of Donald Trump. Apparently he thinks Cruz is not coming back in the race.

So okay Rep. Huelskamp exactly what is your next move? You are going to sit home on election day in a snit that your guy Cruz lost?

You were asked that question pointedly more than one time and failed to come up with an answer each time.

The dialog between these 2 GOP members is a good example of where the split party stands.

Meanwhile the voting public is on a whole different tangent than Huelskamp and those in his “Trump is not a conservative” group.

I have not seen a political party so bent on self destruction in all of the years I have been voting.

BTW … Apparently Gingrich is on the Trump Vice President short list. Personally he is my favorite and had he beat out Romney I think things would have had a far different outcome.

It is clear to see this time the GOP political elite are not getting their way.

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