August 2016
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Poll Dancers

Listening to the corrupt media reporting the latest “Hillary Clinton is winning polls” HOGWASH … I have wondered just who are these stupid corrupt people who would support this criminal?

Well apparently it is simply out and out lies.
What a shock!

I say it over and over … the “KARMIC BITCH” is on a rampage. She dangles the US Presidency right before Hillary’s nose and then snatches it away … like a carrot in front of a donkey.

THE ONE THING that will hurt Hillary the most is Donald Trump cleaning her clock on his way to the White-House.

No wonder she looks sick, tired, needs naps and help up stairs. The stress of it all has to be eating at her slowly. VERY SLOWLY.
But then it could not happen to a more deserving person could it?

Here is another Wild Bill report.
Read it and weep Hillary.
You are finally meeting the brick wall of justice.

Presidential Politics and Current Status of UniParty

Trump 2016

Thanks to Dave at we now have added data on what is going on behind the scenes in the Trump campaign.


This article written by sundance is certainly worth reading if you want to be part of the “IN THE KNOW LOUP

Posted on August 20, 2016 by sundance

Those who do not accurately present historical context are doomed to misinterpret political shifts. With the recent enhancements to Donald Trump’s campaign team there’s a great deal of erroneous reporting and various opinion articles that are disconnected from historical accuracy.

The addition of Kellyanne Conway (campaign manager) and Steve Bannon (campaign CEO) to the Trump campaign caught many people off guard, CTH included. The connective tissue between Bannon and Conway is billionaire Robert Mercer, and to a slightly lesser extent his daughter Rebekah.

Mercer purchased an $11 million stake in Breitbart Media, essentially becoming the financial backbone for the enterprise. Mr. Mercer also took out a large stake in Cambridge Analytica, a data firm. Cambridge Analytica set up a Presidential Preference poll on the Breitbart website to gather the information of visitors and political followers.

Steve Bannon is Chairman of the Breitbart Media group, and as such he was responsible for managing the intent of Mercer’s investment. To facilitate this objective Breitbart Media took on the role of promoting Pro-Cruz media almost exclusively.

As more and more people came to the Breitbart website (2014-2015), those who took the presidential preference poll became part of the collected data of Cambridge Analytics. After approximately a year of this data gathering, Breitbart Media and Ted Cruz began soliciting donations for the Cruz campaign using the captured content and using the Breitbart Banner in their email requests for contributions.

Simultaneously, Robert Mercer had also established over $10 million into a Super-PAC (Keep The Promise) to benefit Ted Cruz. Steve Bannon managed the pro Cruz investment in Breitbart, and eventually Kellyanne Conway was in charge of Keep the Promise Super-PAC.

This is the factual political structure put in place by billionaire Robert Mercer, before Donald Trump was even a consideration.

The rest of the story …

How One Family’s Deep Pockets Helped Reshape Donald Trump’s Campaign

Robert MercerLast week, as Donald J. Trump endured one of the most tumultuous stretches of his presidential campaign, a few longtime allies in New York conservative circles met for dinner and a drink. As the evening progressed, the conversation turned to an inevitable topic: What would it take to give Mr. Trump his best shot at winning?

A few days later, one of the guests, Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, would become Mr. Trump’s campaign chief in a sudden shake-up. But it was a guest without a formal role in the campaign, a conservative philanthropist named Rebekah Mercer, who has now become one of its most potent forces.

Mr. Bannon’s ascension on Wednesday — urged on Mr. Trump by Ms. Mercer, among others — shows how a cadre of strategists, “super PACs” and political organizations quietly nurtured by her family have emerged to play a pivotal role in Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

Over more than half a decade, Ms. Mercer’s father, the New York investor Robert Mercer, has carved an idiosyncratic path through conservative politics, spending tens of millions of dollars to outflank his own party’s consultant class and unnerve its established powers. His fortune has financed think tanks and insurgent candidates, super PACs and media watchdogs, lobbying groups and grass-roots organizations.
The rest of the story …

Robbie Mook Has His Jock in a Twist Over Donald Trump

Robbie MookThe Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign manager does not appear happy about the fact that Donald Trump is adding to his own campaign management team.

Clearly he and “Corrupt Hillary” are thrilled with the poll numbers that show her leading the race. As you can imagine a change in strategy will likely sink her ship PDQ.

The additions and changes are Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager and Breitbart News Chairman Stephen Bannon as campaign chief executive and Paul Manifort remains in his position.

Meanwhile this team will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes while Trump is left to be TRUMP.

Mook and team were already in a panic over the rise of both Bernie and Trump over the CROOKED TO THE CORE HILLARY.

The reported Trump poll dips apparently had Mook sighing in relief only to have that hope snatched quickly from his grasp.

Mook issued this statement about the Trump management shift:

No matter how much the establishment wants to clean Donald Trump up, get him on teleprompter and get him on message, he has officially won the fight to let Trump be Trump.

That Trump has decided to double down on his most small, nasty and divisive instincts.

Let me translate Mook’s last statement … Trump has decided to keep the peddle to the metal on the Clinton lies and corruption.


Apparently it never dawned on Mook that Trump being Trump is what got him at the head of the pack to start?

I get it what rabbit does Corrupt to the core Hillary have?
The hope of prison orange for her perjury perhaps?

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