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Have you heard?

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Supreme Court to hear or not to hear.

Today is the day that the Supreme Court will decide to review or not cases involving Barack Obama’s “natural born citizen” state.

This situation is a hot potato for the Court.
My guess is they will do their best to figure out some way to simply dismiss all of the cases with a majority of Justices simply in hopes all of this goes away. If just one Justice dismisses the case the whole scenario starts over with the next Justice willing to listen.

There is a peaceful vigil taking place in front of the SC Dec 5th. It is to display solidarity in wanting the cases reviewed and to let the world know there are concerned citizens interested in the outcome.

Will the media report any of this? If they don’t that will be nothing new of course.

Here is another piece of information I got off the Donofrio site and thought I would share. This issue of “natural born citizen” seems to mystify everyone. Here is an explanation (again by Melissa)

Melissa Says:
December 4, 2008 at 10:03 pm

Fact: We know that the Framers recognized a difference between US citizens and natural born citizens.

We don’t need to look FOR the definition of natural born citizen.

We need to be looking AT the definition of a US citizen (which would be what is required to serve as Senator or Representative but isn’t quite enough to let one serve as President).

14th Amendment:
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

This gives the SAME type of citizenship to those who are either:

1. BORN in the United States


2. NATURALIZED in the United States

A child BORN on US soil receives the same type of citizenship as someone that is naturalized.

Either could serve in the Senate or House but NEITHER can serve as President because they are only citizens. Not natural born citizens. They receive the same type of citizenship in different ways.

A child BORN on US soil to two foreign parents is a citizen of the United States.

A child BORN on US soil to one foreign parent and one US citizen is a citizen of the United States.

A person naturalized in the United States is a citizen of the United States.

All Citizens of the United States can serve as Senators and Representatives. They cannot serve as President.

So, now that we’ve figured out who CAN’T be President, who is left that CAN?

A person with two US citizens as parents.

Ironic comments from Obama about Justice John Roberts

As I was surfin the net today I stumbled onto this comment on the Donofrio site.

Melissa Says:

December 3, 2008 at 2:46 pm
Ironic comments from Obama about Justice John Roberts:

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let me also say that I remain distressed that the White House during
this confirmation process, which overall went smoothly, failed to
provide critical documents as part of the record that could have
provided us with a better basis to make our judgment with respect to
the nomination.

This White House continues to stymie efforts on the part of the Senate to do its job. I hope with the next nominee who comes up for the Supreme Court that the White House recognizes that in fact it is its duty not just to the Senate but to the American people to make sure we can thoroughly and adequately evaluate the record of every single nominee who comes before us.

Donofrio’s Statement about the World Net Daily letter writing campaign.

World Net Daily has organized a letter writing campaign to Fed Ex the SCOTUS utilizing the following headline at its web site:


I must draw attention to the fact that the article which solicits these letters has not educated the public to my case. The actual text of the letter they are sending is fine, but the article which solicits participation is incorrect. Here is what it says:
“…there is only one way to make your voice heard in time for Friday’s preliminary hearing – overnight delivery of your letter.

“Join more than 145,000 others in signing WND’s online petition calling for release of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and verifying beyond any shadow of a doubt his constitutional eligibility for office. This offer ends Thursday at noon Eastern Time to ensure all letters are delivered by Friday morning to the Supreme Court.”

That language is just awful. No birth certificate can “verify beyond a shadow of a doubt his constitutional eligibility for office.” Please. WND is basically saying that if Obama shows an original BC, then his is eligible beyond a shadow of doubt. That is is false.

I have REPEATEDLY stated that Obama can release a golden birth certificate signed by 100 gazzillion witnesses embossed in gold leaf that he was born on the mall in Washington DC and it still wouldn’t make him a “Natural Born Citizen” under the Constitution because he was, regardless of where he was born, a BRITISH citizen “at birth.” Since he was “born” as a British citizen/subject, his United States citizenship was not “natural”. World Net Daily has done a prior article where they did get it right, but at this crucial moment, two days before the SCOTUS meets, they are getting it wrong.

The article goes on to say:

“Farah launched a petition drive on WND two weeks ago that calls on all controlling legal authorities to ensure the Constitution is followed on the question of eligibility and for full public disclosure of the facts of Obama’s birthplace and parentage…”

There is no dispute about Obama’s parentage. His father was a British Citizen, and his mother was a United States citizen. Therefore, Obama was both a subject/citizen of the British monarchy as well as a United States citizen “at birth”. His place of birth won’t change that no matter where he was born. The WND letter solicitation fails to point that out and as such is doing harm to public awarenesss.

Here’s why: if Obama produces a genuine vault kept birth certificate from Hawaii that satisfies every possible requirement, many people will be under the mistaken impression that he is a natural born citizen. World Net Daily needs to correct that solicitation and let its readers know that Obama is not eligible regardless of where he was born.

I must ask readers of this blog not to participate in that letter writing campaign. I don’t believe this was an intentional error, but I must remain consistent.

Constitutional Crisis: Death of the news.

Who is reporting the monumental flap that has arisen over Barack Obama’s belligerence in turning over documentation proving “Natural Born Citizenship”?

Apparetly no one other than those of us here on the Internet.

Moment by moment a new spark has been ignited until we are now experiencing a full blown fire that CAN NOT be extinguished.

A smolder that could easily have been stopped the moment the DNC and Obama himself were requested to present proof.

For those of you who landed on this page from some search engine or elsewhere in cyberland … if you are lost START AT THE BEGINNING HERE.

So why has Barack Obama REFUSED to make full disclosure?
Why would he be party to keeping this fire fueled?
Has he now painted himself into a corner from where there is no escape short of a Supreme Court BAIL OUT?

No matter what happens now, he will FOREVER have this doubt hanging over his head no matter what the decisions are.

All of these questions are ones I have asked myself hundreds of times since before election day on 11/4/2008.
None of them have been answered in my own head and the news MEDIA REMAINS MISSING IN ACTION.

Apparently others are beginning to voice the same complaint. Here is a piece written by Joan Swirsky of the Tulsa Today News titled The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Cover-Up of ‘08.
This is a very detailed article and well worth the read.

Little by little the public is beginning to understand how they have been led/herded like “Sheeple” into ignorance.

There is nothing to fuel the public into outrage and action faster than showing they have been made FOOLS of by the MEDIA and their GOVERNMENT.

Again “we the people” have trusted MEDIA to tell us what to think and PARROT.

So here we are today fighting one of the largest attacks on our US Constitution to date and NOT A PEEP from those who should be on it like “ugly on a stick”.

It makes Bill O’Reilly’s “I’m looking out for the folks” the joke of the century.
I say that being a fan of his since he hit Fox.

Well the next noteworthy process in this out of control fire storm is Leo Donofrio.

Out of all of the suits filed … that of Leo Donofrio appears to be the one most likely to stick like spaghetti to the wall.

So who is Leo Donofrio?

A young lawyer who was inactive and had never filed a lawsuit.

A resident of New York, NY

Is now a tournament poker player with the nickname of Jet Schizo.

He started playing Hold em poker in 2002 and has made it a goal to be the best tournament hold em player the world has ever seen.

Today he finds himself in the spotlight fighting the corruption of an Ohio State judge while his case is up for consideration by 9 Supreme Court Justices on Dec. 5th. IF Four of the Nine Justices favor review, A hearing will be held.

No doubt the Justices are not anxious to be involved in this mess and indeed world not find it necessary had the Secretaries of each State been doing their jobs.

It seems that when all of this started to surface on the internet Leo’s Blog sites started to have a problem. He has to date gone through 2 and now is hopefully on a server that is more secure.

Keep updated on the progress of Leo and his suits by visiting his web pages at:

Latest Blog
First Site where you will find all of the original documents filed.
Second site is on a Google spam alert even though every effort has been made to rectify this situation.

For those of you interested in listening to the recorded interview with Leo Donofrio on the Lan Lamphere Show … they are below.