September 2017
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Have you heard?

Have you heard is a section where interesting news will appear just in case you missed it or were to busy to look.

Mob-ocracy: The Legacy of Hussein Obama

I have loved Joe Dan Gorman from the moment I saw him. That is why I post every video he produces when I am able.

From the heartland he tells us what is in his heart and FORTUNATELY that is what is in the heart of every PATRIOTIC PERSON IN THE USA.

Here is what Joe Dan had to say about Barack Obama.


Obama’s Legacy. Marxist Jihad on our history. Flaunting communist symbols….. This is as radical as it gets folks. And it needs to be shut down. But it won’t be for a while…they are a well-funded group. See: Soros

I’m not a big ‘make a new law’ person – but I would absolutely support laws against covering your face at these “riots” that the media laughably calls “protests.”

Frankly that was kind considering the real truth about Obama.

Bottom line is NO ONE ESCAPES the clutches of the KARMIC BITCH. Neither will Obama or the Clinton’s.

All we have to do is listen, watch, and wait.

There is a new moon on the rise! 😉

Aliyson Camerota Scoffed at by Panel on CNN

Well this was refreshing.
Looks like Aliyson Camerota ran headlong into a group of average folks who apparently have about 80 more functioning IQ points than she does.

My oh my … Mark Dice makes me laugh.
He finds great sport in finding and making fun of the fools on CNN.
Today it was Aliyson Camerota’s turn to be scoffed at by part of a panel of everyday folks.

OPPS! wonder who will be on the chopping block for this latest CNN folly?

CNN Meltdown Over the Truth About Charlottesville Riots


These leftist CNN fools are as aware as all of us who have watched the footage of Faith Goldy. Faith was smack in the middle of everything and reported exactly what went on that fateful day in Charlottville. This means Cooper, Lemon, Fallon and Van Jones are LIARS at best or “self imposed morons” at worst.

Which ever … anyone who watches these corrupt fools and believes a word that they say are indeed “useful idiots” of FAKE NEWS.

As usual we can count on Mark Dice to expose and MOCK THEM to set the record straight.

The Irrelevant Media Continues to Be FAKE NEWS

I must give President Trump credit for holding the FAKE NEWS MEDIA’s feet to the fire over honest reporting.

He cut them no quarter as they tried to hammer away at him to condemn just one side.

Apparently these over paid fools forget it takes 2 to tango. Apparently they have not watched the footage from those who were there. Or maybe they have and just hope their REVISIONIST HISTORY will eventually fly.

My guess is they left this gathering more than a little frustrated.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA at the bottom of Charlottesville?

What the media said happened in Charlottesville, VA to what really happened.

So again ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER are at the bottom of the violence in Charlottesville?

So what happened again to the police and the security when it hit the fan?

Catch Faith Goldy on her YouTube Channel: