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Natural Born Citizenship

Articles, information and case law on the “natural born citizenship” requirement for President of the United States.

Presidential eligibility – “Natural Born Citizen” – U.S. Constitution

This explains “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Sec. 1, clause 5, US Constitution: How our first Presidents were “naturalized citizens” and had to be exempted from the “natural born citizen” (NBC) requirement; shows the common understanding of NBC at the time our Constitution was drafted and ratified; explains 14th Amendment citizenship; and shows why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not NBCs.

Back up documentation: [Book I, Chapter XIX, sections 212-217]

While grabbing her video someone commented on her video and gave this link to another video that is GREAT in my opinion.

A very passionate scholar on the “national born citizen” issue.

I fully understand his passion and frustration. Those of you following this blog know this was why I started this blog back in early 2009 after Barack Obama breached the Constitutional requirement to become President.

Clearly Cruz and Rubio nor the supporters of these 2 are going to correct this horrid problem.

It is now up to “WE THE PEOPLE” to step up to the plate and set the record straight.

If we are not willing to fight for our own country and freedom in it then we indeed deserve to lose it all.

Donald Trump Handily WINS South Carolina

Donald Trump South Carolina
As expected Donald Trump ran away with THE WIN in South Carolina.

Apparently what does not seem so expected is how handy he is at beating down the media pundits.

I heard that Mike Wallace was going to have Trump on his program Sunday so I recorded it just in case I could not find the interview already done by someone else on Youtube.

The more I see of Trump the more I am convinced he can handle not only the media but anyone else he might have to HANDLE while running our GOVERNMENT BUSINESS.

Yes the government has become a giant business.
NONE OF OUR esteemed leaders today have the ability to manage a “Mickey D happy meal” much less the government business.

Has anyone stopped to think these guys would be jobless if they were not sucking up a government salary?

Here is that Fox News Sunday interview.

Wallace asked some good questions.
The DONALD gave great answers.

Then Wallace gets stuck on “WHERE ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS”?
At the onset I did not find that bothersome.
As Wallace went on and on about “TAX RETURNS?” … I began to think WHO THE FRACK CARES?

Am I as a voter suppose to care how much Donald Trump makes in a year?
Well if I am I DON’T!
What exactly is the point Wallace is trying to make AND WHY?

Is there something in “THE CONSTITUTION” that requires a man be poor or rich in order to run for President?

Need the “Mike Wallace” of the media need be reminded that being a “natural born citizen”, 35 years of age and be a resident living in the United States for 14 years … IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRE?.

Does Donald Trump meet these requirements?
That would be a resounding YES!

Do Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz meet these requirements?
That would be a resounding NO!

Do I see Mike Wallace or anyone for that matter questioning Rubio or Cruz about eligibility?

That would be a resounding NO!

Ted Cruz’s Latest “we’re comrades dude” Voter Recruiting Technique

Canadian Ted CruzAside from being the Iowa Caucus winner … Ted Cruz REMAINS INELIGIBLE to become President of the United States

So let’s take a look at how Cruz won the hearts and minds of Iowa caucus members.
We already know of his sleazy treatment of Ben Carson’s campaign RIGHT?

It seems John Stossel has uncovered another little Cruz/Obama vote mining trick.
Involving all of that data gathered by google and other data gathering companies that hope to track your every move.

Cruz and Company’s technology technique involves using all of that tracked data to ingratiate themselves into your lives. Hey dude we are comrades. Without actually saying I will try and implement what you want outright … they hope to imply they have your back.

So how has that worked out for all of those who were duped into supporting Barack Obama?

Elected because he was the greatest BLACK DEAL since the wheel? I have said this often in the past … “had Obama been all white he would not have even made it to be Senator” … that is how bad his history SUCKS!

Do we need a repeat of another ineligible President using the same tactics who is masquerading as your buddy only this time on the other side of the isle?

I hope the voters are beginning to wise up on this front.
We have been duped, propagandized and lied to for far too long. Time to face the music … we are being and have been gamed for a long time.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH time for a change!

BTW if you are interested in becoming a stealth surfer Opt-Out is a start.

Dave in the comments suggested using DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

I just gave them a quick look and here is what they say:

“What you search for is your own business and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why we don’t collect any personal information and therefore, have none to share.”

Thanks Dave … by the way Dave has a great site with a lot of good information. Check him out at … Thoughts Aloud … I think you will enjoy the intelligent commentary there 😉

Donald Trump Addresses the Cruz Dirty Tricks

At Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Milford, NH on Tuesday Feb. 2nd … Trump blasted opponent Senator Ted Cruz over his campaign’s dishonest tactics in Iowa.

That covered the Cruz crew sending out a message telling his supporters to tell Ben Carson’s supporters that Carson had dropped out of the race.

Trump also addressed Cruz’s eligibility to be President.
Saying “if Cruz is the nominee, the democrats will ‘sue his ass off’.”

Well they are already doing that as of mid January in Texas.

85-year-old veteran trial attorney Newton Schwartz Sr. filed a 28-page complaint Thursday, in Houston asking the Supreme Court to decide if Cruz’s birth to an American mother and Cuban father while they lived in Calgary violates the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement.
Read about that HERE.

Here is the whole Milford speech (about 55 minutes)