January 2018
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Be prepared for an emergency.

Mother Earth Products is having a 20% off SALE right NOW!

Mother Earth Products

For those of you who are adding to your emergency food supply if you have not found Mother Earth Products they are having a sale of 20% off right now.

I have purchased some of their product and am very impressed.
It has been about a month that I have been experimenting with the freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables from Mother Earth Products.

You can purchase 2 cup mylar packages of the products they sell to try out. It is a great way to see what you like and do some research and development on your own.

The customer service is excellent and the prices are very competitive.
In fact they are the best I have found yet for those who want to make your own meals in a jar. In this case my meals in a jar go into mylar half gallon bags.

I store them in larger plastic bins so they are not as heavy as glass or as bulky as #10 cans.

The “Rocket Stove”

I just saw something really neat if you want to prepare for an emergency.
I had seen a youtube video of Wendy Dewitt a couple of weeks ago.
She has a great DVD on how to be prepared for a disaster of any kind.

With all of the turmoil in the world today I am concerned about an attack on our electrical grid.

There are those out there suffering from “normalcy bias” that will say “OH THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE” … OH YEAH? how many thought someone would bomb civilians at the Boston Marathon?

So how would YOU fare without power for a few days?

If you have a tree in the back yard and one of these simple to make rocket stoves YOU ARE SET to at least heat a cup of coffee, cook a stew or boil water.