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Chris Wallace and Jeff Sessions GOP Best Listen to the People

I am so beyond tired of listening to the “we hate Trump” crowd weeping and wailing over the PEOPLES CHOICE in Donald Trump.

What is escaping these dolts?
Today the dolts happen to be Mitch Mcconnel and Paul Ryan. Does Congress for a nano second think “we the people” are not tired of their inactivity ON EVERYTHING.

What escapes these fools in … WE NEED TO WIN THE HOUSE … then we can see change. Well that was not good enough so now WE NEED TO WIN THE SENATE … the people gave them that.

At what point did these fools think there WAS NOT GOING TO BE A REVOLT?

They thought it would be business as usual.
They would schlep into office some RINO like they have stuffed down the throats of the people over the past 16 years.

Well along came Trump and blew their cozy little plan right out of the water.

Trump is doing a magnificent job at raising the rally cry for the people which is TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!

For far too long THE PEOPLE have been sitting on their hands and allowing more and more of their freedoms to be taken from them.

Finally thanks to clueless Barack Obama and an inept Congress THE PEOPLE are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Obama Calls Nightclub Gunman a “Homegrown Extremist”.

The Orlando nightclub TERRORIST ATTACK is a tragedy. All Americans morn those brutally slain and pray for the wounded and the families of all.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama
That being said this post is about the disgraceful Barack Obama who does not have the DECENCY OR GUTS to call a spade a spade.

This Orlando mass killer was an ISIS TERRORIST straight up.

While the media has now spent 3 days scratching their heads on why our leader from behind can only mutter “homegrown extremist” for this mass killer … try connecting the dots that most of the thinking world has known from the start.

Barack Obama’s idol was avowed communist propagandist Frank Marshall Davis who was under FBI investigation or surveillance for 19 years.

Obama spent from 6 to 10 in Indonesia with his Mother and Muslim step-father where he attended both Catholic and Muslim schools. He was listed in his Catholic school records as a Muslim. He attended mosque periodically with his step-father Lolo Soetoro.

Then there is 14 years of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” church indoctrination.

And everyone wonders why Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama can not bring himself to call ISLAMIC TERRORISM anything but “homegrown extremism”?

Recall Effort Launched Against Judge Aaron Persky

Judge Aaron Persky
Anyone who frequents this blog most likely knows my stance on RAPE.
For those who do not it is simple and straight forward.

If convicted of rape the perpetrator needs to be castrated.

Since in this day of rehabilitation instead of punishment the next best thing we can do is give these offenders a stiff punishment.

If judges do not HAVE THE BALLS to mete out these stiff sentences then “WE THE PEOPLE” can take over and recall them for dereliction of duty.

So here ya go and here is the NBC story.

A move is underway to oust the California judge who sparked outrage after he sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer to just six months in jail for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a campus frat party.

The sentence Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky imposed on Brock Turner, 20, has been blasted by the victim and called a “slap on the wrist” by the San Jose Mercury News

And critics like Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said she can’t fathom what Persky, a former Santa Clara County prosecutor who specialized in going after violent sexual predators, was thinking.
The rest of the story …

You can sign the petition HERE

I Hate Windows 10!

Windows10 LogoI HATE WINDOWS 10

Shame on me … I know better but instead I fell for the FREE WINDOWS upgrade con.

What a rip off … I should have known when Microsoft offered it FOR FREE IT SUCKED!

All of my beautiful desktop work POOF gone in a nano second.
On installing the upgrade … the “you can reverse this install” was just like the Obama “if you like your insurance you can keep it” … A LIE!

When I realized the giant mistake with my monitors going dead in about 6 minutes of inactivity, all of my desktop artwork gone, absolutly NOTHING where it use to be and facing a giant learning curve to figure it out? It was time to go back.


It is the newest most powerful laptop I own though not the most used … THANK GOD!

Thank heaven I only installed this sucky upgrade on that one of my 4 computers.

It would have been a total disaster had it been installed on this laptop that I use daily hooked to my 52″ TV.

Thank heaven I tried it out before I trundled off and installed this CRAP OPERATING SYSTEM on the other 3 … which would be my normal behavior.

The WOW THIS IS SO SIMPLE and I am on a roll here so why not do all of them at one time.

It does remind me that there is indeed someone SOMEWHERE looking out for me.

I avoided a disaster that would have taken me a week or so to correct.

AdBlock Ultimate
That brings me to another problem I have been facing for some time.

As someone who has been designing websites for close to 20 years now it is increasingly apparent that blogs are cropping up filled with advertisements.

Personally I come onto a website for information not to be overwhelmed with product that I have no intention of buying EVER.

Bloggers who jump on the bandwagon filling the internet with valuable information. At the same time “some fool” told them they can make BIG MONEY by adding a bazillion advertisements to the sidebars of their blogs. All of them moving, all of them opening at one time, all of them needing shockwave etc.

The result? The information you are searching for comes to a screeching crawl or crash of your browser.

I have noticed this mostly on food blog websites. But Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has the issue as does Breitbart and a few others. Do notice Amazon, Target, Walmart and the biggies have bothered to hire designers who know how to advertise without making a website a mucked up mess.

Well today I ran into THE FIX. Like most things in my life quite by accident. Why? since I was not searching for it … but apparently a little gift from the “gods of a less stressed life” decided to smile upon me for the day.

THIS WONDERFUL FIX is called “AdBlock Ultimate” and it is FREE.
It is a plug-in I installed in Firefox.
As a designer and artist I like the FIREFOX browser best.

I have always been a great fan of pretty websites and if that is what you are looking for then Firefox does it best.

I just went to 3 of these offending websites … Breitbart being one of them and voilà I actually scrolled through the whole days worth in under a minute. I only had to pick and choose what I WANTED TO READ without all of that unwanted junk.

My normal Breitbart visit means I quickly copy the article and paste it into a openoffice document before I get a stall and windows error telling me my Shockwave is busy or a script error on the page has occurred do I want to debug it?
That is a designer job not a visitor job.

I am so thrilled with this little plug-in I WILL RETURN to these guys and give them a donation for their effort …. YESSSSSS!

It is a good day! 😉

Mitt “the mouse” Romney NOW FLEXES MUSCLE?

OMG! have to leave the political scene for one day and all HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Let us not forget Mitt Romney has big questions about his eligibility also. My final thoughts on the Romney eligibility situation.
You will have to make that judgment call yourselves just in case the WHY THIS ROMNEY OUTBURST? indicates he wants to jump into the race.

Mitt “the mouse” Romney now thinks he is a lion?
Where was this display against Barack Obama?

Somehow at this late date Romney thinks Trump is worse than OBAMA? Well thank heaven he lost the election because that goes to show what a crap replacement he would have been.

Because of the Romney loss “we the people” have had a chance to really reach the boiling point with the whole government both sides of the isle.

Take all of these Romney adjectives and place them squarely at the feet of the Democrats and Republicans and you JUST MIGHT REALIZE why we have a Donald Trump rise TODAY.

My daddy use to say “if you can’t find someone to do a GREAT JOB do it yourself”.

Does anyone else get that impression from Donald Trump?
Who better to run that gauntlet than someone who is DRIVEN TO WIN at the core and is determined to DO IT BETTER?

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