February 2018
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Progressive Media How Dumb Are They Really?

msnbc-logoI try not to watch much of the progressive media … mostly because they are dense as a door knob.

If you are getting your news from Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews don’t expect your intellect to spike in the near future. If you have time to waste these are your go to people.

No wonder MSNBC is financially going into the tank as people reach their maximum overload on stupid.

At first I assumed these jesters were dumb on purpose or what I call “willfully stupid”. Lately I realize … no they are simply not very smart PERIOD.

How can this be?
Simple actually.
The older one gets the more frame of reference one has.
What use to be and what is now.
Most of these media people have no frame of reference other than those who are equally dumb around them.

I spend a fair amount of time reading. Reading what is being posted as comment on facebook pages, blogs, forums and youtube. What I see is astounding.
Talk about dumbing down the young through education.

If the department of education get credit for ANYTHING they are extremely successful at making the average kid dumber than generations before them.

Thank heaven for home schooling where parents actually take an interest in the future of their children and not simply shuffle them off to the nearest warehouse public school.

What caused this latest DUMB MEDIA rant?

The latest DUMB ATTACK on Ben Carson and what he said about religion and the end of days.

Donald Trump on 60 Minutes

My husband alerted me about Donald Trump being on 60 Minutes last night.
So I tuned in to a program I almost never watch.
Donald Trump Vladimir Putin

First they interviewed Vladimir Putin. That was very interesting.
What struck me was the Putin attitude. Another man who knew what he wanted and exactly how he was going to get it.

Like him or not there is no doubt he is a success at what he does. His action in the middle east gives everyone a clue on how to lead a country. A STARK DIFFERENCE between his leadership ability and the LACK OF LEADERSHIP displayed by Barack Obama.

No wonder Putin regards Obama as a spineless wimp. All you have to do is look at the disdain on his face when they meet. You can almost hear the silent “get out of my way you weakling boy.

Ir would actually be funny if it were not so serious.

Then the Donald Trump interview. Scott Pelley doing the fast paced hard question interview and Trump never misses a beat. This is by far one of the best interviews I have yet seen by the main stream media.

I find it ironic that 60 minutes placed interviews of these 2 men on one program.

It certainly displays side by side what one finds in individuals who have a strong drive to succeed, intelligence, and leadership ability.

What seemed most obvious to me was these 2 could actually sit down and talk.
Talk with mutual respect.
And actually accomplish something that just might help stabilize the world rather than tear it apart.

It however will not be surprising if today every know it all pundit and person with access to a microphone starts with the He Can’t, You Can’t, We Can’t WHINE.

What a bore these sniveling, whining jerks display themselves to be.
To translate that into street talk … What they are actually saying is THEY THEMSELVES CAN NOT!

A remedy bounce them from their jobs back to taco bell servers … then open their vacant jobs to someone who ACTUALLY CAN or WILL TRY!

It is time the “USA we the people” get rid of the whiny, we can’t, you can’t LAZY, LACK TALENT, CORRUPT, SOCIETY SPONGES and rise to the excellent status we once knew.

Why Oh Why Barack Obama Does What He Does

The USA has a myriad of serious issues on her plate.
Issues that need leadership.
Preferably NOT LEADERSHIP taking second fiddle to a golf cart no matter how weak that leadership might be.

For those tiresome individuals who are in constant “WHY MODE” about Barack Obama and his actions. What did you NOT GET about his promise to transform America?

The word TRANSFORM in itself indicates far more than a slight adjustment. Transform to a progressive in this case means dump the constitution in order to FORCEABLY ENSLAVE those who do not choose slavery on their own.

For those shouting “well he can’t do that!” … news flash HE IS.

HE IS unfortunately with the help of an elected congressional majority coalesced from both sides of the isle.

Try this on for size. Barack Obama DOES NOT tout America as exceptional because he himself IS NOT exceptional. I continue to say over and over in the political arena Barack Obama has one positive value.
If he were white with his past credentials (as sketchy as they might be) he would not have made it to the dugout in a Presidential race.

Before I get a bazillion and one emails suggesting I am raciest. Save your time and worn out fingers … what I say is not a raciest opinion it is COLD HARD FACT!
Plus you can like it or not because “frankly I don’t give a damn” my dear!

Barack Obama has done NOTHING notable on his own in his whole life.
That is nada, zip … PERIOD!

So how do the Barack Obama’s of the world gain equilibrium?
Downgrade (at least try) those who float above them.
The old “cream rises to the top of the bowl” syndrome that the progressive finds so aggravating when it can not be manipulated in their favor.

Does that shed some light on why Barack Obama bows, scrapes, kisses rings etc. … all while constantly denigrating AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM?

The perfect “I can’t come up there so LET ME drag you down here” plan of action right out of the progressive play book.

Black Lives Matter, All Lives matter!

No they don’t!
Not according to these bigoted left wing dolts trying to push leniency (OR SILENCE) for the bad behavior of blacks.

Get it through your heads people these PC lemmings don’t care about anyone or anything but their own self promoting agenda.

Most of them would not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of if they were not successful at ramping up racial tension among their own people.

Megyn Kelly is absolutely right in her argument below. Richard Fowler is his usual self … CHOOSING his own agenda over reality.

Scammers Out in Full Force

no-solicitorsApparently the telephone scammers are out in full force again.

In this week alone my NON PUBLISHED telephone number has been called and on the other end was a scammer or someone trying to shove something free down my throat.

My normal response for these dolts is “I purchase NOTHING from unsolicited calls”. That no longer works as the caller simply ramps up their sales spiel in hopes of nabbing you before you hang up.

My first call was from someone giving me the song and dance that I was selected for a new FREE security system instillation. I said I AM NOT INTERESTED.

He said do you understand burglars are cutting telephone wires and disarming already installed security systems. He then added some statistics on home burglaries.

He quickly followed with a when can we set up an appointment to talk to you.

I said perhaps you would like to call the owners of this home. I can provide you with their New York Telephone number if you like.

He said thank you no … I guess renters do not qualify? … lol

It appears I am on a new tactic for dealing with unsolicited sellers and scammers.

Next 2 days ago the telephone rang.

The caller asks if my electric bill is more than $150 a month.

Of course I answered yes.

The caller went into his 3 minute spiel (almost without breath I might add) about the FREE solar system and instillation that I HAPPENED TO BE QUALIFIED to receive.

Finally when he took a breath he asked if I was older than 18. I said yes and he next asked if I was the owner of the home.

I said NO and he said well then you are not qualified and hung up without a good bye.

Of course I am an owner but now have a new comeback for solicitors who insist on installing something to your property for FREE.

Yesterday I get a call (this is an old one) … Hello Mam … I am from Windows and your computer is putting out signals that are very serious and need to be corrected immediately.

I said oh my that sounds very serious.

He said yes mam it is very serious.

I said well what can be done about this?

He said you need to go to your computer and turn it on right now.

I said who is this serious for YOU?

He said no mam YOU. You need to turn on your computer RIGHT NOW … using an exasperated condescending tone of this is a dire emergency you fool.

I said but I don’t see how this can be a problem for me … I have no computer.

He promptly hung up on me.