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Liar in Chief Hopfull Hillary Clinton at it Again

0hillary-liesBarack Obama has degraded the title of “Commander in Chief” to “Liar in Chief” … WHY? Because he thinks the public is to stupid to figure it all out? Or he thinks they simply do not care?

Hillary Clinton apparently thinks if it works for Obama it will work for her.

Will it?

Her latest gig is “I’ve never had a subpoena. There is — again, let’s take a deep breath here”.

That lie was dispelled in a nano second by the release of JUST ONE SUBPENA.

The Hillary Subpena in all of its glory.

The real issue is fairly simple.

Does it matter to the citizenry of the USA that their leaders lie when they step to the podium?

Does it matter that “we the people can NO LONGER TRUST what the government tells us”?

Has honesty and integrity flown out the window for many Americans?

The people standing up to defend Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are no better than either one of them.

Does it matter that this is a reflection on their own character?

Apparently not.

Democratic Party Stuck Like Glue With Hillary Clinton

0hillaryAfter 8 years of the corrupt and ethically bankrupt Bill/Hillary Clinton Presidency it appears GORILLA GLUE sticks the Democrats with a Hillary/Bill Presidency choice.

One can only imagine the backroom deals the corrupt, moronic leaders of the Democratic party struck with this disgusting couple.

We have now seen how desperate they were to rid the party of any Clinton when they dumped her for Barack Obama.

Now it is time to pay the piper and Hillary has the DOLT Democratic Party leaders right where she wants them.

It is actually laughable to see how the Democratic Party has worked itself into no choice but to get behind her. The more it gets behind her, the more stuck they GET WITH HER.

One would think any self respecting Democrat would by now be tired of the scandals, blatant corruption, and greed of these two.

BUT NO … after-all the public is too stupid to GET IT … RIGHT?

Bob Herbert of the New York Times suggested “The Clintons may or may not be led away in handcuffs someday.”

barack-obamaSo lets recap a bit here. In 2008 the Democrats dump Hillary for Barack Obama an equally irresponsible and unable to grasp consequences choice.

But he is a black first and the public is too stupid to get it right?

That did not work well for them either.

Now what?

So far Elizabeth Warren is keeping her distance from this fray. Bernie Sanders is throwing his hat in the ring?

Yes indeed FREE AMERICA has come a long way babe!

What Republican wild card campaign could undo this Hillary Clinton candidacy like Barack Obama’s wild card campaign did to her candidacy in 2008?

The Democrats worst nightmare is they are stuck with Hillary Clinton, but she might just give them a President Cruz, President Paul or President Rubio.

Clearly the Democratic Party is between a rock and a hard spot … OHH what to do, what to do? … stick with her or take her down?

Meanwhile the media is forced to launch half ass probing attacks on issues such as the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation contributions that, unlike Benghazi, don’t involve Barack Obama … their sacred cow.

Trying to force her out in time for Warren or someone else to step in of course.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton killed any ethics that the Democratic Party had left.

So on one side of the isle we have the Democrats who are corrupt to the core.

On the other side of the isle Republicans who are cowards to the core or WORSE JUST AS CORRUPT.

Politicians Just Don’t Get It – Dishonorable Disclosures

The “Poliitions just don’t get it” statement comes around 7:32 of the video below. The video participants are being kind.


At about 16:25 in the video “this will get Americans killed”.


Try to wrap your mind around THESE FACTS readers.


They need to be arrested, tried, convicted and hung from the nearest oak in the public square.

That goes for all those who aided, abetted and continue to ignore or cover it up.

For those of you that follow this blog you already are aware of the part Barack Obama DID NOT PLAY in the capture/killing of Osama bin Laden.

In fact it is questionable if he did anything helpful in the mission other than drag his knuckles and take credit for a mission that either went on behind his back or he got dragged into kicking and screaming.

Here are the posts from May 2011 if you missed them.

WHITE HOUSE COUP! U.S. Military standing against OBAMA!
Silk Purse out of a sows ear?

Obama wants to skewer those REALLY RESPONSIBLE for pinpointing Bin Laden.

War Dogs on the Bin Laden mission?

It will be a GREAT DAY when the public finally realizes Barack Obama IS A MARXIST.
Quit making excuses for what Marxist policy he is not implementing yet (LISTEN UP O’Reilly).

For those who use the O’Reilly argument?
“He is not a Marxist because he is not taking your stuff”.

Let me shout it out for you.

The only reason you are not yet under a hammer and sickle is because he does not have full backing to implement that HOPE & CHANGE you voted for!

Now finally we are getting more scoop of how things REALLY WENT DOWN.

So those who are in shock and awe?
I suggest you get off your sofa and start facing the reality.

The most powerful leader in the free world is a consummate liar, fraud as well as a MARXIST IN LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT DISGUISE.

ACCEPT THE FACTS the man steps before his teleprompter and reads scripted lies.

Hopefully those reading this blog are not stupid enough to believe anything he utters.

So keeping up with the latest news about his antics and the equally stupid antics of those connected to him (Joe Biden for one)… keeps you apart from the “TOO STUPID TO RECOGNIZE STUPID” group.

More about OPSEC, Operational Security group from The Washington Times

Earth to Washington DC!

I have listened to the commentators who rap on and on about what the public thinks, will do or cause.

Bill O’Reilly and ilk saying the “tea party” is helping Obama get re-elected because they will not sign on to the Boehner Bill. Apparently they are as clueless and out of touch as our President and his administration.

Let me lay it out straignt for you all from an average citizens point of view.

The O’Reilly’s ARE NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THE FOLKS … they are looking to save their own asses (along the money lines.)

Below is an email I got from a forum friend and below that is a youtube video I found looking for something totally different.
It fit this subject so let me add it here also.

This is what the average citizen on the street thinks.

Let’s put this as simply as possible:

I hope every single representative and senator who votes to raise the U.S. debt ceiling has to find a new job next November.

I don’t care what kind of pressure he or she faces; I don’t care how many more lies the Administration and its henchmen tell; I don’t care how spineless and weak-kneed the Republican leadership becomes. For the November, 2012 elections, I propose the simplest test in U.S. history: If you vote to burden my children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period!

Pure common sense, no accounting or economics degree required, the very WORST thing anyone can do when their outgo exceeds their income is BORROW MORE MONEY!

That aggravates the problem, it darn sure doesn’t FIX the problem!

EARTH TO WASHINGTON DC! When your income isn’t enough to pay for what you’re doing, you STOP DOING IT! Figure out all the things in Washington that are UNNECESSARY (like the Dept. of Education, Agriculture, Energy, Interior, the EPA, the BATFE and about 90% of the rest of the “Alphabet Soup” of federal agencies in DC), NONE of which are “constitutional” to start with, and most of which operate in DIRECT VIOLATION of the US Constitution.

Everyone in America needs to write their reps and senators and tell them to JUST STOP IT! Then write their Governor and State Reps and tell them to SHUT WASHINGTON OFF! They’re the ones who CREATED that “Monster on the Potomac” so either take control of it or we’ll get rid of ALL OF THEM ALSO!

We’d be better off starting all over from scratch than we will be if we let this mess continue for another two years…

I Am A Right Wing Extremist That Supports Obama