October 2017
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Red Pill Black

Red Pill Black: CENSORED?

Wake up world. It was but a short 20 years ago when the internet was just getting its full ramp up that FREE SPEECH was prized.
I remember when the government tried to shut up those of us who were activists. We banned together and BEAT THEM.

Now it is clear the Political Correct BS has been taken over by the progressive = Marxist, Communist leaning, leftist fools who want to shut it down.

Here is the straight up story.
These expensively educated snowflake fools HAVE NO ARGUMENT.
They are like 4 year old tantrum throwing children who scream I HATE YOU! because they do not get their way.

It is worse!
They are not intelligent enough to formulate a debate or counter an agreement. So the only thing left in order to vent is beat up the opposition.

It is indeed interesting to watch exactly how they are destroying themselves.

Apparently this is the latest saga in how YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others are trying to manage Red Pill Black.

Myth of the “Coon”: Black Lives Don’t Matter

I found this young womans YouTube channel yesterday and was amazed by her.
If there is hope for an upswing for the black community it will be because of people like this young woman. She thinks she is making progress and with others like Diamond and Silk they are making a difference.

Slowly I see it happening too.

I will be making a spot for her videos on this website in order to help further her and her cause.

If you want to check out her channel it is called … Red Pill Black