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Republican Party Treachery Rises Again in Tampa

By on Sep 02, 2012

Republican and Democrat: Two Wings of the Same Vulture

The choice of Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate almost had me convinced to vote for Mitt Romney in November but once again the Republican Party blew a chance to show me they are above the Democrat Party when it comes to morals, honor, integrity, and concern for the Constitution of the United States of America. Once again the New World Order globalists who run the Globalist Oligarchy Party (GOP) reminded me why I should vote for John Albert Dummett Jr. (, a write-in candidate for the Republican Party in 2012. At their convention this past week the Republican Party establishment showed me they have no regard for the grassroots workers, the “We the People” they should be looking to for support. Instead of looking to grassroots conservatives they have once again shown they have no regard for liberty whatsoever. The party establishment again spits in the face of We the People and tells us “we know better than you, we don’t care what you want, sit down and shut up”.

The Republican convention in Tampa, Florida was another despicable display of tyranny, totalitarianism, and disregard for the voices of We the People. My first experience with such behavior occurred at the Oklahoma state convention in Norman, Oklahoma last May. The Oklahoma convention, and the two state committee meetings associated with it, showed a total disregard for a large number of delegates who refused to kowtow to the establishment’s dictatorial rule. Most of those delegates were Ron Paul supporters but some were not. I went to the state convention as a delegate from my county, hoping to see a debate and an open battle for the soul of the party. I was disappointed and disgusted to see the Keystone Kops in charge of the state party apparatus. Among the problems were a credentialing fiasco, rules ignored, parliamentary procedure ignored, and a large portion of the delegates treated as if they weren’t even there ( ). Any semblance of free speech and free expression of ideas was squashed time and again by those in charge of the convention ( I came away from the state convention disgusted with the Republican Party but with a resolve to work to make things different, to do my best to insure that every delegate would be given the opportunity to have their voice heard in the future.

This past week has deepened my disgust with the Republican Party and the use of Marxist tactics so often used by those in charge of the Democrat Party. In a series of rule change votes, those running the convention repeatedly ignored the “nay” votes to unilaterally declare the rules changed to suit the Mitt Romney camp and his establishment New World Order bosses ( This was the same tactic I saw in Norman, Oklahoma at the state convention in May.

John Boehner, the main traitor in the House of Representatives, was the worst of the bunch as he ruled “without hearing objection” that the rule change is adopted despite loud voices in the “nay” column ( The video of this atrocity can be found in the following link, with the teleprompter showing the decision had already been made before the vote was called for. (

This wasn’t the only case of dictatorial rule at the convention but it is the most egregious example of tyrannical action I have seen in my lifetime. I have heard reports of Ron Paul delegates being refused credentials, entry into the convention, and being misdirected to wrong locations until after votes were taken. The Romney campaign advisors are the ones who pushed this action to effectively silence any dissent to their power grab ( They are only interested in getting their way and have absolutely no desire to hear the opinions of those who disagree with their ideas. As it now stands, the party hierarchy can change the rules at any time, without another vote, to suit any situation they find themselves desiring to sidestep.

This is the group that tells us they are the ones to lead us to liberty and a better nation for all, and that I should vote a straight party line ballot to insure that they have the numbers in government that they need to govern in “my best interests”. Excuse me if I sound skeptical but isn’t this convention a prime example of what we DON’T want our government to be? If they are willing to perpetrate this kind of tyranny at a party nominating convention what will they do if they control the entire government?

These are the people who pledge to make America a better and more free nation yet behave like dictators at their own convention, a time when dissent should be heard and compromises made to achieve unity. What the establishment and the Romney camp call “unity” really isn’t unity at all. We saw an example of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, Communist Cuba, Islamic Iran, and Marxist Venezuela style “unity” in Tampa this week. The “unity” raved about by the establishment of the party is no more than the political execution of free speech and the disenfranchisement of a great many party delegates, along with the voters they represented at the convention. These disenfranchised delegates are men and women who spent their own money and time to attend the convention in hopes of having their voices heard in the “American Way”, but instead found themselves treated like “enemies of the state” by the very people who call for a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

So Mitty, tell me again how you are better than Barack Obama. Tell me again how you will offer more opportunity to live in freedom from dictatorship and slavery. John Boehner, tell me again how you are a leader, unlike Nancy Pelosi, and how you will change the way business is done in the House of Representatives if I send you another Republican to help you. Mitch McConnell, tell me again how you have more regard for liberty and the tenets of the Constitution than Dingy Harry Reid.

I will vote for the Republican candidate in the Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District because I believe in him. I believe Markwayne Mullin will not vote to return Traitor John Boehner to the position of Speaker of the House. I also believe Mr. Mullin will represent me in a manner that is within the scope of the Constitution of the United States of America; with, honor, integrity, and concern for conservative values.

I WILL NOT vote for Mitty the Poo, the all-white Obama, under any circumstances. I will not vote for more tyranny because it has an “R” instead of a “D” behind its name. I have heard so many people who find Mitty reprehensible but will vote for him because they want to remove Obama from office. I have seen enough from the Romney camp to realize that just changing dictators is not the answer to our nation’s woes.

The answer to our nation’s problems will come only when WE THE PEOPLE rise up and refuse to continue the circular firing squad of a New World Order Republican this time and a New World Order Democrat next time and a New World Order Republican next, etc. Both political parties have shown their true colors, and those colors are the red flag of Communism.

I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!! with tyranny from either political party.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 2, 2012

Fist Fight In The State of Oklahoma House Chamber?

Oh where, Oh where do I start with this one!!! This article is going to be much shorter than my normal writing because I really am nearly speechless on this one. It seems there was a “disagreement” on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives this morning over rules that say lobbyists are not allowed to speak on the House floor in favor of bills they are paying for, er supporting. The combatants were two Republican House members, Harold Wright and Mike Reynolds. I am not going to tell the entire story here as there is a link later in this article. No determination has yet been made as to the disposition of the complaints filed by each child involved in the fracas.

In Arab parliaments/legislatures they have the decency to throw shoes at one another. In some European countries they throw fruit or chairs at one another. In San Francisco they have limp wristed slap fights when disputes break out. In the Oklahoma legislature two high brows push their noses together and slobber mean words at each other like a couple of junkyard dogs. But all of this is beside the point of this article.

The true point of this article is about the legislation behind the “slobberfest”. Before I get into the actual details of the legislation at the core of this dispute let me bring readers, especially those in the State of Oklahoma, up to date on what is happening in our legislature during the current session. The Republican leadership, and the state is controlled totally by Republicans, are beyond the pale of pathetic in what they are doing. I wrote a couple of days ago about the criminal activities taking place in our state government. Please read this article to get up to speed on some of the problems we are facing ( ). Oklahoma Republicans are using the same tactics employed by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi in dealing with legislation. I have taken to calling Gov. Mary Fallin, Sen. Pres. Brian Bingman, and Speaker Kris Steele Oklahoma’s Axis of Evil.

In addition to the Obamacare items in the article linked above, we have legislation that has been sitting around for three years not being acted upon. This legislation ( HB 1399 & HB 2569) would prohibit the use of RFID chips in Oklahoma driver’s licenses. These chips allow the federal or state government to track every move a person makes and to know within 10 feet where citizens are at all times. We also have legislation from the last couple of years that would allow the open carry of firearms in addition to the current concealed carry allowed in the state. And for those outside of Oklahoma, especially in the Northeast and California, we do not have “Dodge City Night” every weekend in Oklahoma.


Now that you have the background to understand my disgust let me get to the meat of the matter. All of this dust-up and behavior befitting a couple of 5th graders was in regards to a continuing resolution to “honor” February as “State Music Therapy Month”. Now bend over and pick your teeth up off the floor, I did. (

We have the Oklahoma legislature ignoring the will of We the People in about a dozen different pieces of legislation, and that is just the ones that I know of, and a fight starts over “Music Therapy Month”? What the hell is wrong with these people? Is this why we spend millions of tax dollars to elect you clowns, to go down there and get in a fight over “Music Therapy Month”? This is despicable to a point that I can’t even fathom.

Our state, and our country, are melting down around our ears and these two juvenile jackasses are fighting over “music therapy month”. They both should resign in shame and take their sorry butts back to where they came from. This is not the reason for you being there. It is bad enough that you waste time with crap like this that means nothing without fighting like a couple of spoiled school boys.

The taxpaying citizens of this state and this nation are fed up with the things going on at the legislative and executive branches of both state and federal governments. And don’t get me started on the Judicial branch. We are not being represented we are being dictated to. If you people don’t have anything better to do just go home and let us live our lives in peace. I am sure some of us common everyday hayseeds can come in there and manage to figure out if we need a music therapy month or not. We can also manage to use our lack of intelligence to figure out if 70% of We the People saying we don’t want Obamacare means 70% of us don’t want Obamacare imposed upon us. Just go home, let me know when you are gone, and I will recruit some people to take care of business without a slobber fight. I am sure some of us hicks can figure out if we want RFID chips in our wallets, medical implants in our hands, and a music therapy month. And if some judge doesn’t like our legislation we know where to find tar, feathers, and rails.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor his work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell Claremore, Oklahoma February 16, 2012

Republicans Insuring Obama’s Re-election

As we go further into the primary season I find the Republican Party doing more each day to insure that Barack Obama gets re-elected in November. The establishment Republican elitists drove Herman Cain out of the running with a smear campaign of innuendo and accusation without one shred of evidence that any of these women were telling any semblance of truth. Truth didn’t matter, evidence didn’t matter; even to Republicans. The point was to drive out any conservative opponent in the running.

Rick Perry, the John Edwards plastic hair of the race, left the Democrat Party when he saw the winds of change bringing a Republican ascendency during the Reagan/Bush ’41 years. Perry isn’t now and never has been a conservative. In-state tuition and a “path to citizenship (amnesty)” for illegal aliens are not conservative positions, despite what Perry might think.

Once Cain had been eliminated Romney and Gingrich turned on each other in a manner befitting true liberals, or “Republican moderates” as the establishment likes to say. Gingrich berates Romney for making money using capitalism as his method. How can he say he is a conservative when he spends day upon day berating someone using the very system conservatives espouse?

Romney’s chief operative in Florida is busy working with Democrats to re-district Allan West out of the House of Representatives; Romney has destroyed the health care system and the economy of Massachusetts with Romneycare, and believes in the individual mandate. Of course, he mitigates the Romneycare issue by saying it is okay for the state but not the federal government to force citizens into purchasing something they don’t want. Gingrich also believes, or says he does, that the individual mandate is acceptable, even preferable. How is either one of them going to run a general election on abolishing Obamacare with these records? Not much of a difference from Obama to me.

Neither Romney nor Gingrich will bring up the issues that matter to We the People. I wonder why not. Gingrich rails at Romney for being a part of Bain Capitol but mentions not one word about Barack Obama having a former Bain executive in his inner circle. Why is this off the radar screen for Gingrich when he makes such a big deal about Romney’s Bain connection? Any mention of the nearly $500,000 in back taxes owed by current White House staff members while Obama rails at the “rich” who “don’t pay their fair share of taxes”? Or how about Timothy Geithner, the king of tax cheats? Not a word from Romney or Gingrich on Geithner either.

Just last week a lawsuit was heard in Georgia, Gingrich’s home state, dealing with the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president due to his not being a “natural born citizen”, a strategy developed by Republican candidate John Albert Dummett Jr. of California. You haven’t heard of Dummett because the ruling elite, including their propaganda arm FOX News, won’t give him the time of day. Just another annoying conservative; keep moving folks, nothing to see here. A ruling is expected very soon and is expected to keep Obama off the Georgia ballot. I watched the hearing and it was an impressive array of evidence showing that Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject, making our current president ineligible to hold the seat. One of the most significant political stories since Richard Nixon resigned due to Watergate, yet not a word from the two Republican front runners about it. I wonder why.

I keep hearing that Republicans need someone who can oust Barack Obama in November. I don’t seem to ever hear them mention what We the people need, or want for that matter. I wrote a few months ago, when Romney and Perry were “our only hope”, that we need to be careful what we ask for ( ). Replacing Barack Obama with a clone is not the answer to our nation’s problems but that is where we are headed with Romney and Gingrich.

It seems Republicans are running to lose once again. This happened in 2008 with John McCain at the helm. He had the best prospect for election in Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate but his handlers told her to keep quiet about Obama’s connections to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Perceived weakness and a RINO candidate brought defeat and injected Barack Obama into office. I see today’s Republican Party playing the same losing game. They won’t touch Obama’s radical beginnings, the question of his eligibility, or his links to Wall Street money men.

Are the Republicans cowards or are they competing in this race to dissolve the United States of America into a Third World banana republic? I believe it is a combination of both. The party machine, elitist establishment is so afraid of being called “racist” or “extremist” that they refuse to take a stand on anything conservative. Even a dead fish can float downstream and today’s Republican Party is content to be a dead fish. Dead fish is what Romney and Gingrich offer us. Those of us who are willing to fight for freedom are a danger to their little dinghy capsizing in a tidal wave of conservatism and the establishment will do anything to prevent We the People from capsizing their boat. New World Order globalists own the Republican Party and conservatives are a danger to that ownership.

Right now the Republican Party sits back and criticizes Democrats but will not really jeopardize their seats in the back of the bus to stand with those of us who want true liberty to be restored in America. When the winds of change began to blow the way of conservatism during the Reagan years many Democrats wanted to jump on the bandwagon to continue their places of power in congress. Alan Specter is a classic example of this, as is Rick Perry.

Both, along with several others, changed over to the Republican Party and were welcomed with open arms by Gingrich and the Republican leaders in the Senate. I also remember them giving committee chairmanships to Democrats in the name of “civility” and “inclusiveness”. What happened? The Republican Party became almost as Marxist oriented as the Democrat Party. This compromising has led us to where we are now, a Republican Party dominated by “moderates” lacking either the courage or the desire to stand on conservative principles.

If voters compromise and “settle” for Romney or Gingrich our nation will lose our freedom, a freedom given by thousands who have died and suffered wounds in battle after battle against tyranny. If voters are willing to be dead fish and float downstream they will find a swamp of tyranny, despotism, and slavery at the end of that stream. It has happened many times in the past to other nations. France, Russia, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and many others have settled for the lesser of two evils only to find that evil is evil and the lesser of those evils sold them into slavery and despotism in the end.

As Neville Chamberlain found out in dealing with Adolph Hitler, appeasement and the compromise of values is always a losing proposition. People say that a third party candidate, or an out-of-the-establishment candidate like Dummett, cannot win so they won’t vote for one. The reason a third party or dark horse candidate can’t win is that too many people would rather take a chance on soft tyranny than stand up for total liberty; they would rather float downstream. We cannot preserve our freedom by floating downstream. Our founding fathers didn’t float downstream, the “Greatest Generation” didn’t float downstream and accept dictatorship from Hirohito and Hitler, and I won’t float downstream and accept dictatorship from Obama, Romney, or Gingrich. I will not accept tyranny from Democrats or Republicans.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell Claremore, Oklahoma February 2, 2012

Congress, a Failure to Communicate

I have spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to the Republican candidates for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by Dan Boren. Most of them have grand plans for what they are going to do if elected. While I admire them for the time they have put into forming their plans I don’t think they really understand the situation we face as a nation. Our nation isn’t facing political problems first and foremost. Our nation is facing moral and ethical problems of monumental proportions. Our candidates have this and that planned but how will they get anything implemented? I have watched Washington D. C. long enough to know what happens when freshmen legislators get there. Trent Lott said it very succinctly after the 2010 mid-term elections. When asked about the TEA Party candidates elected his response was, “we will co-opt them as soon as they get here”.

How do new members get co-opted? All of their grand plans have to be given the green light by the Speaker of the House before anything happens with them. And how does a plan get the green light from the Speaker? Ah, the strings begin to come out with “well, you help me with this project and I will help you with yours”. The next thing you know our newly elected Congressman is looking for office space close to the powers-that-be, sub-committee and committee seats, that “grand plan” being moved to the front of the line for consideration, etc. The only way to get plum assignments that mean more money, power, and prestige, and to get any action on the grand promises they have made to get elected, is to do as the Speaker wants done. Co-opt accomplished!!! They give-in, give-in, give-in, with the hopes that their turn will come up. It is like the gambler who thinks the next card will be their big strike but it never happens.

Congress is full of grand plans to solve every issue known to man. The problem is the wheeling and dealing from the bottom of the deck, in smoke filled back rooms and behind locked doors, our of the public eye. What is done to address the grand plans is nothing short of bribery, hence moral and ethical issues. Do you remember the movie “Cool Hand Luke” when the guard says, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”? What we have in Washington is a “failure to communicate integrity”. Too many members of Congress are willing to make deal after deal to make a splash back home, to “bring home the bacon” so to speak, or to get some pet project a big money supporter wants done. The problem is that it won’t happen without compromises that go against every moral fiber that should exist in a member of Congress.

Washington doesn’t have a lack of plans; it has a lack of integrity, honor, and honesty. What we need is someone who will go there, not to pass some grand plan that sounds like an answer to prayer, but to bring prayer, honesty, and integrity to a cesspool, or “dismal swamp” as Nancy Pelosi called it. I just heard a speech on the floor of the Senate by Tom Coburn. He talked about the amount of spending, the debt limit raises, and the failure of any kind of reform reaching the floor to be voted on. He chided Senators for talking about problems but never doing anything to stop the runaway spending and duplicate programs. Dr. Coburn Criticizes Congress for Discussing Another Debt Limit Increase While Doing Nothing to Reduce the Deficit, or Cut Duplication & Waste . One area he mentioned had 88 programs dealing with one problem.

Washington is full of men and women trying to find a political answer to a moral and ethical issue. Until we send men and women of strong moral character, with the knowledge of how to garner support for honesty and integrity we are going to continue along the lines we have traveled for many years.

We are trying to find political solutions to moral and ethical problems. We need a congressman with the ability to tackle these areas, not get some grand plan for austerity proposed because it won’t go anywhere. I have seen it time and again.

Washington D. C. was a very Godly town when our founding fathers resided there. George Washington took the bible he swore his oath on to a 2 hour church service immediately after the ceremony, asking God for His blessing over the task at hand. Church services were regularly held in the Capitol rotunda in those days, a time before “the separation of church and state”. If there is any hope of restoring America this is the way it must be done.

If we had 535 men and women like our founders in Washington D. C., America would not be in the spot it is in today. We don’t need a Congress full of “grand plans”. We need members of Congress who have the character, courage, and most importantly, the experience to find moral and ethical solutions to moral and ethical problems. Until this is accomplished we have no hope of solving the political problems.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility give to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
January 30, 2012

Ron Paul: Sage Grandfather or Crazy Uncle?

I find myself intrigued with Ron Paul on a regular basis. The man can get up and say some of the most patriotic and sensible things in once sentence and then in the next sentence sound like he just came out of an insane asylum. Paul has great ideas when it comes to fiscal responsibility, spending, freedom, and the Federal Reserve. On the other side of the coin, though, his ideas on foreign policy leave me wondering where he left his brain, or if he has one that is properly balanced. When he speaks of fiscal issues he sounds like Ronald Reagan. When he speaks of foreign policy he sounds like Hugo Chavez and even to the left of Barack Obama.

When I hear him speak of auditing or eliminating the FED I stand up and cheer. The Federal Reserve is a non-governmental entity that is destroying our economy by printing money that has essentially no value, thereby lowering the value of the dollar and guaranteeing severe inflation in the very near future. The FED also has virtually no oversight from anyone in Congress. Paul is also correct in his assessment of federal government spending. We cannot keep spending money borrowed from China for building IHOP restaurants, studying ants in New Zealand, teaching African men how to wash their genitals after sex, and certainly can’t keep borrowing to prop up European countries.

I also agree with much of his stand on Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and the other third world hell holes Obama is involving us in. Fighting a war against Islamic terrorists is one thing but this “nation building” farce is only a boon for the military industrial complex and is not helping any aspect of our national security interests. We are wasting money and lives in a venture that will fail because it isn’t about winning a war; it is about being politically correct and propping up a puppet government. As we are leaving Iraq we see the sectarian slaughter returning. Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been butchering each other for centuries and we are not going to stop it. Until these stone-age animals decide to live like human beings nothing we do is going to change anything. All we do is put our soldiers in the line of fire with a no-win policy that puts their lives in danger with rules of engagement that are insane.

While closing military bases all across the United States we build and expand bases throughout the world. While we are “helping Afghan police and military close their borders to invaders” we leave our own borders wide open to drug cartels and the very Islamic terrorists we are fighting in far off lands.

Ron Paul makes quite a stir when he talks about “legalizing drugs”. I don’t remember everything he has said about drugs but I do know he has some valid points here also. The “war on drugs” has been going on for 50 years and has cost taxpayers billions in wasted money. Not only have we not solved the problem of illegal drugs; this “war” has made it worse. Most of Paul’s position has more to do with leaving this issue to the states, not legalizing drugs wholesale as the story is reported. Ron Paul is a strong states’ rights advocate, as am I. It only took the politicians 14 years to see the problems caused by Prohibition and repeal the 18th Amendment. The war on drugs has been going on for 50 years with the same results we saw during Prohibition. I don’t condone legalizing all drugs but I see a colossal failure that could be handled better at the state level.

Paul has the same ideas on abortion; let the states decide how they want to handle this issue. I agree with him on this matter. If it isn’t in the Constitution the federal government has no business sticking their nose into it. Every time a person or group doesn’t get their way at the state level they run to the federal government to override the states, the place where these issues should be decided. I see abortion as murder, and see murder as a state issue not a federal one.

I hear all of the things Paul writes and says about these issues and I jump up and cheer him on. Then he begins to talk about foreign policy and I scream out in pain. Paul is just as bad as Barack Obama when it comes to blaming America for every ill in the world. I have a cousin who worked in the building demolition business years ago and I had several opportunities to see the activities involved in blowing a building up, or rather imploding them. When I hear Ron Paul talk about 9/11 being an inside job I want to choke his scrawny little neck.

The idea that the World Trade Center was taken down by internally placed explosives is ludicrous to anyone who has even a scant knowledge of building implosions. The amount of work necessary to drill into pillars, place the explosives, wire them together, and tie everything to a detonator cannot be accomplished in a building with thousands of people walking in and out all day every day. A building that size isn’t brought down on itself with a satchel charge tossed into an elevator. The idea that the Bush Administration was involved in setting up the hijackings is equally ludicrous and statements by Ron Paul and his supporters on this issue shows they are well outside the realm of sane or intelligent thought.
While Ron Paul has some very good ideas about what is needed to restore The Republic of the United States of America, he has more than enough crazy ideas to make him a danger to every person in this country. I would love to see Ron Paul be the next Treasury Secretary or Chairman of the Federal Reserve but to put this man in the White House would endanger our nation almost as much as re-electing Barack Obama.

We need a very strong leader with strong conservative values. We need someone who will articulate the conservative message and have the courage of his/her convictions. Now is not the time for waffling or being concerned about “diversity” or “inclusiveness”. The only answer to our nation’s problems is a conservative approach that relies on the Constitution that our founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War to make possible. Anything less will result in the demise of a once great nation and the rise of another Third World banana republic with a dictator such as Adolph Hitler or Hugo Chavez. Ron Paul is not the man for the job.

I submit this in the name of the most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell Claremore, Oklahoma January 23, 2012

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