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THE FAIRTAX: America’s Road to Prosperity

THE FAIRTAX: America’s Road to Prosperity


A couple of years ago I began hearing about a new concept in taxation.  This new concept is called The FairTax.  I didn’t pay much attention because I thought “how is any tax fair?” when some pay and some don’t.  At first I dismissed it as another scam to throw me off the track of an out of control government looking for another way to hoodwink me into paying more of my hard earned money into their grand spending plans. 

I have long since grown tired of paying so much of my money into growing, and useless government programs that pay people to sit on their butts and spend my money.  Welfare expenses keep going up as more and more people find ways to game the system by having babies, faking injuries, working for cash under the table, etc.  The ultra-rich hide their money in “foundations” or overseas to avoid the taxes I have been paying for 45 years.  They are all getting over on the other working stiffs who are too stupid, too honest, or unable, to do these things.  These money pits keep growing as the amount of available income to tax drops.

One of my pet peeves with income tax is those who don’t pay any.  While I was paying 32% in my working years the local drug dealer was paying nothing.  The local prostitutes who hang out on street corners in the bigger cities or work out of high priced hotels were paying nothing.  The illegal aliens who were working for cash were paying nothing.  I had noticed the illegal aliens especially.  They were everywhere and driving much nicer vehicles than I was, or am now driving (I don’t hang out where the hookers hang out).  I was paying a 25% income tax, a 7.5% social security/Medicare tax, plus state taxes, and being told the government couldn’t afford for me to retire while those not paying taxes lived the good life.  I struggled, they flourished.  That is when The FairTax began to make sense to me.

I heard Neal Boortz one day talking about this new plan on his radio show.  I listened with interest and thought it sounded good but never really did any more to learn about The FairTax.  In the last election cycle, the 2010 mid-terms, I kept bumping into Carol Chouinard and she kept handing me literature about The Fair Tax.  I took the information and looked it over without really spending a lot of time educating myself on this new concept.  Interesting but, ehhhh!!!!

One day I was going through a stack of papers that had accumulated over a few months, actually several months, and found the literature Carol had given me.  As I read through the brochures and leaflets I began to realize that this was not the run of the mill scam to get more of my money.  This was an idea that made sense to me once I really looked at it.

Carol is the local guru on The FairTax.  She lives in Rogers County, 2nd Congressional District, State of Oklahoma.  She travels throughout Eastern Oklahoma, or anywhere else for that matter, presenting The FairTax to any group or person who will give her a chance to enlighten them.  I ran into her again the other night and we got to talking about political issues and The FairTax came up.  Well, I was complaining about the current debt ceiling debacle and how to deal with it.  Carol began to explain some more about how The FairTax was the answer to much of the problem. 

As I listened to her a light bulb came on in my head, the squirrel began to spin the cylinder.  The things I had read came back to me and began to make sense.  I began to remember about the way our tax system keeps hard working honest people in bondage while those who don’t mind cheating skate by without paying anything, only taking from those of us who do things the right way.  Carol gave me a book about The FairTax.  It is the second book called FairTax: The Truth.  The first book, The FairTax, came out in 2005.  This book was published in 2008 so is 3 years old as I start this article.  Much of the information I will include in future articles about The FairTax will come from updates from the FairTax web site as I want to give you the most up-to-date information and statistics available.

One solution I see to our fiscal problems in this plan is the title, The FairTax.  From everything I have read and the research I am doing, this plan solves many of the financial problems we face as a nation, the issue of money paid in taxes.  I find that this plan is aptly named.  I often hear Democrat and sometimes Republican politicians, especially those in Washington, cry about how “the rich” get over by not paying enough taxes. Yeah, like the politicians pay “their fair share”.  Remember the hullaballoo a few months ago about Senator John Kerry, the one who parked his multi-million dollar yacht, $7 million yacht to be exact, on the far side of the bay because the state taxes on that yacht were cheaper there than on his side of the inlet?   $500,000 per year cheaper to be exact.   So much for Washington’s multi-millionaire insiders being concerned about paying their fair share of taxes.  Hmm, I wonder where I am going to park my $7 million yacht.  Oh, never mind, I don’t have one.

I also hear many “poor” people make the same statements, “the rich need to pay more taxes”.  The problem with the “poor” complainers is that most of the ones I know don’t pay any taxes at all either.  Most of the “the rich need to pay more taxes” crowd, at least the ones I know personally, are on the dole. They are drawing welfare, food stamps, social security disability, state aid, etc.   Many of them either don’t work at all or work part time. They pay nothing and spend much of their time complaining that they don’t “get enough help from the government”.  They have cell phones for themselves and their children, several have big flat screen HD televisions, complete with the latest game consoles, cable TV service, cigarettes, and are usually well stocked with beer in the fridge.  Actually, I need the “rich” people to continue to be “rich”.  They are the ones who will hire me, hopefully, so I can make a little money.  Poor people never seem to hire me for anything.

In the spirit of “transparency”, my wife and I both have cell phones, we have cable TV service, and one 37 inch flat screen HD television set.   Before you say “AHAH!!!” let me offer a caveat to this.  We don’t get any help from the government and are not exactly in the “rich folks” category.  I am retired but not old enough to draw social security, my wife works a full time job, and we have a small Mom & Pop business that gives me a little work and usually provides us very little in the way of profit.  As a matter of fact, if the business doesn’t make a profit in 2011 we are going to have to shut it down.  I work part time for a friend when he needs help on a project but the rest of the time I spend working on and around the house.  We have a 1976 Chevy pickup that my father-in-law gave to us when he became unable to drive.  We have a 1995 Ford Escort that my mother-in-law gave to us when she became unable to drive.  We also have a 2004 Dodge PT Cruiser with over 100,000 miles on it (it was a demonstrator model).  We don’t owe any money on our cars, and live in a 101 year old house with a $60,000 mortgage.  Not exactly Beverly Hills here, but we don’t get any government assistance either.

To get back to the point of this article, our nation cannot keep going the way it is financially.  We cannot continue to borrow and spend, drive businesses out of the country, and raise taxes on the “rich”, those making $250,000 per year or so, the small to medium businessman/family who provide the bulk of the jobs in this nation.  We have to do something to bring the jobs back to the United States.  We need to make it feasible for those who hide their money to use that money to provide jobs so those who desire to work but can’t find a decent job can get back to work.  Giving people unlimited unemployment pay is not the answer to prosperity, it is a handout not a hand up.  Many of those drawing that unemployment would work if they could find a job.  Some of them are lazy bums that are looking for a handout but most, and I do mean MOST, are honest hard working people who just want to provide for their families. 

The FairTax is a method to accomplish this task of financial recovery and prosperity.  In the next installment of this series I intend to delve into how our current tax structure is designed to inhibit rather than enhance prosperity.  I will cover the costs of enforcing and complying with the current tax code and how it affects every person in America, tax payer and non-taxpayer.  The FairTax books are a treasure trove of information about how our financial system works, or doesn’t work, and what We the People can do if we will stand up and demand that the politicians change the way they do things.  Other installments will cover more aspects of The FairTax plan and how we go about getting it implemented by politicians that are more concerned about themselves than We the People.  Elections are only 18 months away, so let’s get to work changing our future.  God Bless America

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell                         Claremore, Oklahoma                    June 27, 2011


Posted by Bob Russell on June 18, 2011 at 9:07pm

Remember the AFLAC duck in the barbershop commercial featuring Joe Garagiola that shakes its head and goes “HUH??????”, and then waddles out the door shaking its head and muttering? I understand just how that duck felt at that moment. Barak Obama states that he has no obligation to go to Congress for war authority in Libya because the U N gave him the authority, backed up by a 38 page explanation of his authority from the U N. I only need 1 page to refute anything his report says. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America states the parameters very plainly.

Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at the Constitution, We the People, and the laws of our nation in every step he has taken since taking office in January 2009. George W. Bush consulted Congress before going into Iraq and is called a war criminal by the same Democrats who gave him permission to go to war. Obama doesn’t consult Congress before becoming involved in Libya, but Obama is the one who is justified in his actions according to Democrats. This is just one more example of the contempt that Barak Obama and the Democrat Party has for the Constitution and We the People of the United States of America.

I have followed the situation in Venezuela for several years and I can guarantee you that the steps being taken right now in the United States are the very same steps taken by Hugo Chavez and his allies in his take-over of Venezuela and the dictatorship that now runs that nation. We are just a few years, maybe 5 at the most, behind the track Chavez used to seize complete control in Venezuela and declare himself president for life. Obama is using the Chavez playbook page by page with great success.

Chavez ignored the Constitution of his country, with the help of his party, and either the apathy or cowardice of the opposition party. The opposition was so busy trying to “go along to get along” that they rendered themselves irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They tried to be “civil” and “bi-partisan”, until they found themselves with no option but to rubber stamp the Chavez dictatorship or be thrown into prison. They accepted a place in the back of the Chavez bus in order to have a seat in government. They sold their integrity, honor, character, and their souls, for a guarantee of safety from persecution and imprisonment. They sold any semblance of freedom and justice for their people to protect their own personal interests. Do you see any similarities in today’s America?

Any media personnel that did not go along with the Chavez agenda were imprisoned and replaced with Chavez allies. Today we see most of the American media allied with the Marxists in the Democrat Party, and those who aren’t allied find themselves under attack constantly. FOX News was once a very “fair and balanced” news outlet but over the last year or so we have seen FOX News go the route of the lame stream media. Bill O’Reilly suddenly finds Lady Gaga more important than a real crisis in our nation involving the Constitution and the freedoms given to us by Almighty God, not government. We suddenly see FOX reporters getting “exclusive” access to members of the administration. I wonder how they managed that all of a sudden. FOX doesn’t yet fall to the level of CNN or MSNBC but they are far from the lofty perch they once held in the field of truth, justice, and the American way. I don’t hear the Obama administration criticizing FOX any longer. I wonder why.

There are a few big differences between Venezuela and the United States that leave us in a better position, for now. Venezuela is mostly an uneducated and unarmed populace, with little or no access to television or the internet. Most of them are very poor farmers, or share-croppers. In the United States, even the poorest among us has access to television, radio, cell phones, and the internet. We the People are also well armed, with both the knowledge of our Constitution (well some of us), and the firearms needed to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

During World War II Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was asked why Japan didn’t invade the United States after the stunning attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. He responded that Americans were a well armed people and Japanese soldiers would face a gun behind every blade of grass. He knew they could not win a ground war on American soil so the goal was to intimidate the American government into pleading for a negotiated peace that would give Japan control of our nation, not to win outright.

Admiral Yamamoto and the Japanese hierarchy knew that they could not subjugate We the People of these United States due to our ability, and our willingness, to defend our nation. Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, and the rest of the despots who desire to rule over us know these same facts. The recent Operation Gunrunner fiasco is one of the methods they intended to use to disarm the citizens of the United States so we cannot defend ourselves from the tyranny they intend to foist upon us.

Obama’s top law enforcement people, Eric Holder and Kenneth Melson (Director of BATFE), ordered the deliberate violation of gun sales laws passed by Congress according to statements given in an interview to CBS News by the top BATFE official assigned to Mexico, Darren Gil, and other agents involved in Operation Gunrunner. Constitutional or not, these gun laws are the law and were violated by the top law enforcement officials in an apparent attempt to use gun violence in Mexico as an excuse to subvert the 2nd Amendment and deny American citizens the right to own firearms. Is this part of a plan to use this violence to disarm We the People so they could implement their plan to completely take over America with their own brand of dictatorship? I believe that was indeed the plan. When subordinates questioned the goings-ons they were told to sit down, shut up, and leave the matter alone. True patriots who were doing their best to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land were told to stand down and not make waves. The head of the BATFE in Mexico, Gil, was forced to resign when he continued his protests and could no longer follow the tact of the administration by keeping this information from those he was supposed to be working with in the Mexican government. Other agents were reprimanded for standing by the law and protesting the orders from above.

These men, these honest heroes, field agents of BATFE, are now testifying before Congress in what I believe is a grand publicity ploy that will most likely go nowhere. Are those in charge of the Republican Party in Congress really serious about putting a stop to the activities of the Axis of Evil (Obama, Reid, Pelosi) or are they just putting up a dog and pony show to keep We the People from throwing them out of office also? Are they doing this as a ploy to look like they are doing something to uphold the Constitution, or are they really intent on applying the law to Obama, Holder, and Melson? Will they actually hold these men responsible for their illegal and treasonous activities? What will the Democrat members of these committees do after hearing the testimony of the agents involved? Will they stand up for law and order or will they excuse the actions away with lame partisan explanations? Please pardon my skepticism here.

What would happen to you if you violated the same laws in the same manner? Would you still be drawing a paycheck if you violated these same laws, or would you be sitting in a jail cell on terrorism related charges, without bond, awaiting a trial that could be a year or longer away? Would you be given the benefit of doubt by members of Congress or would you be considered guilty until proven innocent? Would you be allowed to point fingers at others and make the excuse that someone else violated the law and made it look like you were guilty, or that the law was irrelevant in light of your goals? Would you be allowed to argue that the Constitution is irrelevant? How would you be treated under these same circumstances? Need I answer any of these questions?

Fellow Americans, we are at a critical turning point in our nation’s future. We are on the cusp of a dictatorship that will subjugate all but a few. Those rich and powerful enough to buy their way out of tyranny, those willing to inform on others, and those willing to sell their souls for safety will get by while the rest of us will find ourselves under a communistic government that will not allow us any semblance of freedom.

Anyone willing to stand up and fight tyranny will be jailed, sent to FEMA “re-education” camps, or be killed in defense of their homes and freedoms. I have seen what happens when people lose their right to self defense and self-determination. Just look at North Korea, Cuba, the killing fields of Cambodia, or the slaughter that occurred in the communist take-over after our government abandoned the Vietnamese people. Look at Panama under Noriega, Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, Russia, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary under the communists Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, and Putin, Venezuela under Chavez, Iran under Ahmadinijad.

This is where Obama and his allies intend to take the United States. Obama, Holder, Clinton, and company intend to subject the United States to the rule of the United Nations in violation of our Constitution. This is not a partisan problem when it comes to We the People. Everyday Republicans, everyday Democrats, everyday Independents will suffer from tyranny equally. If you support the Democrat Party you are putting yourself in the same boat as I am in. If you blindly support the Republican Party as “not as bad as Democrats” you are also part of the problem and will find yourself in a bad way some day soon. One thing I have learned in my 61 years of life is that tyranny isn’t politically partisan. Obama doesn’t care what political party you belong to, and neither did Chavez, Castro, Hitler, or any of the rest. Tyranny is absolute and if anyone opposes that tyranny they will wind up in the same place I wind up in, regardless of political registration.

How many of these dictatorships throughout the world have made life better for their people? How many of these world dictatorships have made the poorest of their nation any richer? What despot has ever made life better for those who suffer from poverty? What happened to the people who supported Castro in Cuba? How many of them found that the “freedom” they fought for never materialized? How many of those “freedom fighters” wound up in prison or murdered when Castro’s promises did not come to fruition and they objected? Do you know that Che Guevara, Castro’s main tactician and most ardent supporter, was forced to flee to South America when he objected to the way Castro ruled Cuba after overthrowing Batista? In spite of his murderous deeds for Castro, Che’s life was threatened when the freedom he thought he was committing the atrocities for never came about and he objected.

For those of you making excuses for Obama and the Democrats, or those making excuses for Republicans, I am trying to get you to understand that tyranny is tyranny and you are not going to find yourself in a better situation by making excuses for those destroying the people who provide the jobs, or destroying those who have the money to buy the products that provide jobs in the manufacturing or selling of those products.

It has been my observation in life that killing the goose that lays the golden egg does not provide more eggs. Once that goose is dead everyone starves. We cannot destroy those who provide the capital for job creation and expect to have a job. Government cannot, and will not, provide a better way of life for We the People than those who invest their money to make more money. Government does not produce wealth, and cannot re-distribute that which it cannot produce. Government can only kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and insure that We the People will no longer have golden eggs to survive upon.

If anyone out there has facts to dispute my points I would be more than happy to hear them. If anyone knows of any nation that has provided a better way of life for its populace as a dictatorship than as a free market economy I am more than interested in hearing the story.

The United States of America has historically been the most free and most prosperous nation to ever exist in the world. Our nation’s prosperity has come from our freedom to succeed or fail in our endeavors, our reliance on Divine Providence for our freedom, our loyalty to each other, and our loyalty to our principles in the way we conduct ourselves. Our nation is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs and will prosper as long as we adhere to these principles. As long as we follow the guidelines given to us by God, support God’s people and the nation of Israel, and stand on the Constitution given to us by God and our founding fathers we will continue to be the greatest nation in history.

If we allow ourselves to be taken down a different path we will soon find ourselves in the same boat as Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, and the other world dictatorships. Freedom doesn’t slide on a scale. We are either a free nation based on self-determination and personal responsibility or we are a dictatorship with government deciding where we live, how we live, and what we have in the way of private property, if any is allowed. It is up to us, We the People of these United States, to determine where we stand. Stand for freedom or live in slavery; it is up to you to decide. I am now, and always will be, standing and fighting for freedom. God Bless You, God Bless Israel, God Bless America

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.