January 2018
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This is what I hope “WE” can accomplish.

NOTHING this big gets done by a single person. It takes EVERYONE to unite and do just a little bit. Even if that little bit is pass the word along. You might want to check this mission statement every now and then because no doubt as wonderful ideas flow this way things will get adjusted in hopes of perfection :)

So here we go:

For sometime it has been clear how polarized the citizens of our USA have become.
I am not sure where or exactly when it started. I venture to say probably some 40 years ago when those of us WWII kids began to raise our own kids. I feel it was born of good will and a hope of giving our children an easier row to hoe in life. Maybe in truth we should have made life for them more difficult so when they achieved they could really appreciate the effort and success they made for themselves.

As I analyze it at least from my own perspective I tried to instill in my own daughter:

A sound ethical compass.
Responsibility and accountability for her behavior.
The will to stand firm against the opposition (whatever that might be).
To treat others as she would like to be treated.
To respect the opinion and belief system of others.
To stop and pick someone up if they fall and firmly defend those who are being abused by others.
Most important to behave in a manner that would not cause me or anyone else to be ashamed of her.

This was not always an easy task for a single mother with an extremely strong willed child some 40 years ago, however in the long run the effort was worth it and she makes me proud.

Somewhere along the way in those past 40 years parents abandoned part of or all of those basic principals that truly unite us all.
Today we end up with a “ME based society” or worse a “ME no matter who I stomp on to get there society”.

If you doubt my word simply travel to any of the “young people blogs” out there and post ANYTHING opposed to their “me oriented” point of view. However if you choose to travel that somewhat rocky path I suggest you suit up with your best “your opinion does not define my character” armor. Be prepared to be called expletives that most mothers and fathers across the nation would find jaw dropping as they come rolling from the lips of “their little darlings”.

At this point it really does not matter how exactly we got here. Can we ALL come back to a center that puts this country back in the hands of the people?
That will require the ME to give way to the WE. That means applying the principles above. Being able to discuss, debate, solve and come to some goal that we all choose to live by.

We are already witness to anarchy (judges legislating from the bench, citizens misbehaving and infringing on the rights of others, the public either turning a blind eye or condoning) … the next step is a government controlled state or revolution. The worst scenario would be the government controlled state.

So what do “we the people” intend to do?

Our biggest obstacle is denial. Look around you. People scratch their heads and think “this can/will not happen”. Well folks it is happening right before our very eyes. Resist the thought that we are going to get bailed out by our government. I am afraid control has slipped from their hands and I do not honestly trust they have the ability or inclination to get things back on an even keel. After all you can not fix something when you ignore or do not understand the cause.

I am no genius at problem solving but I DO KNOW out there in the mass (yes even in the mass of young) there are those “common sense thinkers” with the guts and will to get this ball rolling and then keep it in the air.

So please join in. We were all created equal in that we were born with the most precious of gifts (a mind and voice to go with it) … then this country gave us the right and freedom to use both.

Why waste either?

This forum will provide you the soapbox from which to spout.
Use it and understand if we can not discuss or debate civilly among our selves it probably will not get done elsewhere.
The end goal is to unite us all as “WE THE PEOPLE”.

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