August 2017
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Whats Wrong with Google and Youtube?

For those unaware of what appears to be Censorship by Google and Youtube.
You need to pay attention to what is being directed your way because they think they know better than you what you want and need.

Gee I don’t think so!
Just a thought from one google and youtube user.

It seems to me both of these connected companies are trying to make themselves irrelevant. Do you suppose they want to be like the Main Stream Media who has done a brilliant job of blowing out their industry?

Irrelevant is an interesting GOAL FOR LOSERS!

It does not take much for the user to take note and abandon these fools FOREVER.

Once these companies lose their audience they will NEVER GET IT BACK.

So why are savvy business owners allowing this to happen?
They are out of touch with what is going on down the corporate food change? Or they themselves are just plain stupid?

Apparently they know something is wrong according to this video from Louder with Crowder.

California’s Barbara Lee Another Dimwitted House Democrat

Now you see it now YOU DON’T.
For a brief moment California’s congresswoman Barbara Lee for the 13th district had hopes of repealing the 2001 AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force).

After being totally ignored for 16 years on this issue suddenly there was hope. Just as quickly that hope was dashed by the Rules Committee that decides what debate on a bill will look like on the House floor, including what amendments can be considered.

Lee’s amendment was removed and replaced with an amendment from Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.)

Lee was livid when learning the news, and blamed house leader Paul Ryan.

Lee said in a statement “Over the years, I’ve seen Republican leadership deploy every manner of undemocratic, underhanded tactics in Congress. But stripping my bipartisan amendment to repeal the 2001 AUMF – in the dead of night, without a vote – may be a new low from Speaker Ryan”.

This week-end Judge Jeanine Pirro had a little something to say about Rep. Barbara Lee.


Wasserman Schultz the Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal

If you get your news from the main stream media today (FAKE NEWS or better known as NO NEWS) you have been wasting your time.
If you have moved to the internet and alternate news sources you are probably not going to be as shocked about the Wasserman Schults – Awan Family connections and with what happens next.

This story and the work of a few citizens closely monitoring and tracking every move of the Awan Family … then reporting daily on youtube for a VERY LONG TIME … IS OLD NEWS.

Now finally under the Trump administration, the DOJ under the command of Jeff Sessions action is finally being taken.

This story makes WATERGATE look like chump change.

If justice is served Americans will finally see some high powered movers and shakers in orange jumpsuits at Leavenworth.

As usual Stefan Molyneaux has an excellent synopsis of a long drawn out story.