November 2017
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Alex Jones Exclusive! Mueller’s Fake Indictment Of Manafort

A Cover For Democrats On Uranium One Scandal!

Every day there is some new breaking event.
The result is the progressive left is caught in a KARMIC WEB and the harder they try to escape the more bound they become to their own corruption.

Actually when you sit back and watch this as it unfolds it is uncanny how stupid these fools are. Totally oblivious that they are on the brink of total destruction.

Fasten your seat belts folks it is going to be an interesting bumpy ride.

Alex Jones is certainly revved up over all of this … LOL

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones on Pedophilia

Finally after years and years of GOVERNMENT RUN PEDOPHILIA that swamp is starting to be drained under President Donald Trump.

Personally I became aware of the GOVERNMENT PEDOPHILE SWAMP in the mid 90’s.
Much to my shock a young man who was caught up in a ring in Sacramento where parents offered their young children up for these services. As a mother and grandmother I could not believe what I was hearing. My thought was how could any parent do that to their children.

That was just a start on a 8 year very long TIP OF THE ICEBERG journey. A journey that led this naive activist right smack into astounding pervasive perverse government corruption that is finally being addressed today.

Apparently the KARMIC BITCH has had enough.
Today we are starting to see GIANTS exposed and falling hard.
Buckle up viewers because we have not seen anything yet.

This is a clip from Feb of this year.
Certainly worth being informed about and considering.