January 2018
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The sleeping giant is awake.

It seems the public is truly fed up and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH has become the mantra of the day.
Give back the kick backs (political contributions) from AIG. In the latest poll from Rasmussen 67% say GIVE THEM BACK! While 21% say no. To date only Chris Dodd has said he would. Of course Chris Dodd says he will do a number of things and does not come through. Then we must consider Dodd is living in fear he might be impeached or recalled someday soon. It is probably a good idea for the public to see what he actually is going to do in this case.

Holding ones breath for action to take place is NOT ADVISED!

The public IS NOT STUPID! It does not take rocket scientists to understand the bailout money has gone to those who caused the crisis to begin with. And those who should be the overseers to the whole mess clearly were brain dead on these issues.

Is the public scrutiny going away? Not in this century. The sleeping giant (the true silent majority) has been awakened and is beginning to flex its muscles and scream STOP.

We have forgotten we are the POWER and it is in the best interest of all in public office to realize that lest they be booted out of office on their dead ass butts.

I still believe they need to take a pay cut just like they suggest the public do.

I think 66% drop is a good figure.
After all they have been sucking the tits of the government long enough. Let them work a year for $1 like the head of AIG has said he would do.

Keep in mind those in politics have the attitude of “let them eat cake” while the mass who is now REQUIRED to provide cake and a lot more to the lazy dolts on the hill sees life from a whole different perspective.

I am interested to see who really has the metal to win this battle.
So far my money is on the awakening giant for a whole lot of reasons.

List of the top 5 people who got kick backs from AIG

Chris Dodd (D-CT) $280,238
George Bush (R) $200,560
Chuck Schumer (D-NY) $111,875
Barack Obama (D) $107,332
John McCain (R-AZ) $99,249

Congressional knee jerk decisions caused by feigned outrage.

Apparently the American public is doomed to ignorance and knee jerk reactions by Congress over the AIG bonuses. The house quickly passed a 90% tax on all bonuses AGAIN WITHOUT FIRST placing their minds in gear.
What can they be thinking … AGAIN Oh I know they are NOT!.
I suppose an even better question is DO THEY EVER?
The answer to that of late is NO THEY DO NOT!

We now have a renegade group in Washington who all of a sudden is letting the fear of public reprisal sink in.

The Republicans got the message when the mass moved to vote in change.
Gee whiz … we pissed them off … now what?
They are still in a mass flurry to try and gain control of their party which scattered into 1000 different directions.

The Democrats still reveling in the glory of their victory arrogantly figured they could do exactly what they pleased because after all “we the people are pretty stupid and do not know the difference any way.

Now with the economy in the tank and the populace outraged over the crap foisted on us all by both parties. The latest blame lies at the feet of the Democratic party in control and suddenly it is getting clear they may be seriously out on a limb sawing it off behind themselves. It is fast becoming evident to them “we the people” are not quite as stupid as they hoped.

We are collecting together in the middle of 2 parties screaming ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Thank heavens THIS TIME the Republicans have put the skids on and blocked Democratic efforts Thursday evening to bring up the Senate version of the tax bill to recoup most of the $165 million paid out by AIG last weekend and other bonuses in 2009.

This passing of bills in the dead of night is appalling and needs to stop. It is good the public is ever vigilant and willing to shout what they see at every turn. We do not get transparency from the White house … we do however get it from the people.

Great Job Public!

How to make a user post in WordPress 2.7

Hi Users,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I suppose pictures and words make the whole process even better

It took forever but here are the little videos that I made to explain the nuts and bolts on how to make a post in WordPress 2.7.

Those of you who have not been here in a while will notice a new dashboard format. That is because WordPress just had a nice upgrade that in the long run will make this Blogging Software much better.

This first set of video are 4 in number. Sorry to have to split them up but the brand new software that creates these little videos does NOT like them really long. Just a note … video on the internet takes quite a lot of room and bandwidth to display. Those who do not have broadband probably will have difficulty with video on the internet. So when the software screamed and failed to publish my video I was forced to chop this tutorial into 4 sections. To bad it took me 2 days to try and figure out what the failure was. To bad all of this happened over the week end when the developers are kicking back with mojitos in grip on a lounge watching some NFL game.

How to use these videos:

  • 1. I suggest unless you have a handy pair of binoculars you click the little square symbol under the play arrow in the center of the video. This will allow you to look at the video in full screen mode.
  • 2. At the bottom of the video if you hover there with your cursor a control bar will appear.
  • 3. If at any time you want to reduce the size of your video the same little square symbol will be at the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking that will make the video small again.
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

The Washington Freak Show, Part IV: Chuck Schumer

schumer_picMr. Schumer was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family. He attended public schools in Brooklyn, scoring a 1600 on the SAT, and graduated as the valedictorian from James Madison High School in 1967. He attended Harvard College, where he became interested in politics and campaigned for Eugene McCarthy in 1968. After completing his undergraduate degree, he continued to Harvard Law School, earning his Juris Doctor in 1974. Schumer passed the New York State Bar Exam in early 1975 but never practiced law, entering politics instead.

Reading his legislative record is like reading the blueprint for the next fascist regime. Mr. Schumer coauthored an assault weapons ban in 1994 and helping pass the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act. He was one of 16 senators who voted against the Vitter Amendment that prohibited the federal government from confiscating legally owned firearms during natural disasters. He supports killing unborn babies by any means necessary. He supports regulating and censoring video games. He is involved in banking and the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac disaster.

Mr. Schumer was the senator that leaked information about Washington Mutual that cause a run on the very well managed bank and it’s eventual demise. One assumes Washington Mutual wrote too may checks to Republicans and not enough to Democrats. Citibank wrote lots of checks to Democrats and was rewarded with billions in taxpayer dollars. Mr. Schumer is an extremely loyal fascist. Reward your corporations and destroy the opposition corporations. Very much in line with Hitler’s fascist corporate policies of the 1930’s.

In foreign policy Schumer is a staunch supporter of Israel and could care less about the rest of the world. Schumer was instrumental in stopping the Dubai Ports deal that would have allowed Arab ownership of US ports. Good job Chuck. You got that right.

During the bail outs Mr. Schumer was a stanch supporter of bailing out the Wall Street gang he and Secretary of the Treasury Paulson love to patronize. He was a staunch supporter of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage lending practices and is the author of this famous quote in 2005 “Fannie and Freddie have problems, and there are ideologues who want to undo them. But there are ways to fix the problems short of what’s been proposed. When the sink is broken, you don’t want to tear down the house.” Well actually Chuck the Republicans just wanted more oversight over Fannie and Freddie.

Here is a clip of the new Propaganda Minister on Fox News acting as a man of the people. $350 billion of the $700 billion went to his buddies on Wall Street and none to the people. Expect more of this double speak in the coming years. He follows Goebbels EXACTLY. Look at Goebbels speeches. The movement is going forward, the regime is on the side of the people, the people will be better off and happy, sacrifices need to be made. And when the people made sacrifices where did the money go? Always to the regime and it’s corporate buddies. Fascism followed to perfection.

I am impressed Chuck you truly are worthy of the role of Propaganda Minister in the coming years.

As any good fascist in the past Schumer virulently opposes free speech and is a staunch supporter of the “Fairness Doctrine.” The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was (in the Commission’s view) honest, equitable, and balanced.

Ronald Reagan ended the policy and since then huge alternative sources of opinion and information have emerged. The most notable being the advent of conservative talk radio. The fairness doctrine would reduce talk radio to cult status by requiring equal time for non revenue producing liberal shows.

goebbels_faceMr. Schumer is one of those smart fellows that think he literally know it all. That includes what companies you should patronize and what you should read. The comparisons between him and Joseph Goebbels the propaganda minister for the NAZI Regime are remarkable. The only difference between the two is Schumer is Jewish. Are Jews capable of masterminding such evil deeds? Ask the peasants who died by the millions under Stalin’s collectivization plans of the 1930’s. Einstein and other promenade Jews were strong supporters of communism and totalitarian regimes as longs as they and the relatives were the ones at top. Stalin enjoyed having the best and brightest surrounding him as he exterminated millions of unwanted people not contributing to the people’s revolution. Mr. Schumer seems very eager to fill this role for the Obama administration. He is more than eager to be the brains that destroyed capitalism and free speech in America.

Your dead ancestors in Germany would be proud of you Chuck. What was it Chuck the second law of physics? For every action there is a reaction? You’re the valedictorian you tell me why Hitler was so anti communist and anti Jew Chucky.

Hers is a clip of Schumer comparing free speech to pornography.

At the end of this blog Chuck, Goebbels Principals of Propaganda are there for you in case you forgot them since your Harvard days. Keep the collectivist propaganda positive and minimize your opponents. Here Chuck is an example for you to copy and master as our new Propaganda Minister “The people want nothing to do with them. These Philistines are the 8/10 of one percent of the German people who have always said “no”, who always say “no” now, and who will always say “no” in the future. We cannot win them over, and do not even want to. They said “no” when Austria joined the Reich; they said “no” when the Sudetenland followed. They always say “no” as a matter of principle.” Joseph Goebbels 1938.

But I see from the Fox interview you are quite capable of being positive about the regime and negative about your detractors. Maybe Goebbels will prove to be infeirior to your talents. You are another gift from God to us ignorant mortals. We should worship and obey your every command. You know it all and we should defer to your judgment of what is best for us and our families. We are at your command. Nothing more than protoplasm to be pushed, shoved, ordered and disposed of as you wish.

Oops! sorry Mr. Schumer I am not a valedictorian like you. I am just a working stiff paying your bills. It was Newtons Third Law “To every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.” Watch out for that opposite reaction fascist. The communist is in the White House.


Joseph Goebbels, NAZI Propaganda Minister April 1933

Joseph Goebbels propaganda points for Chuck Schumer to utilize in the coming years.

  • 1. Propagandist must have access to intelligence concerning events and public opinion.
  • 2. Propaganda must be planned and executed by only one authority.
    1. It must issue all the propaganda directives.
    2. It must explain propaganda directives to important officials and maintain their morale.
    3. It must oversee other agencies’ activities which have propaganda consequences
  • 3. The propaganda consequences of an action must be considered in planning that action.
  • 4. Propaganda must affect the enemy’s policy and action.
    1. By suppressing propagandistically desirable material which can provide the enemy with useful intelligence
    2. By openly disseminating propaganda whose content or tone causes the enemy to draw the desired conclusions
    3. By goading the enemy into revealing vital information about himself
    4. By making no reference to a desired enemy activity when any reference would discredit that activity
  • 5. Declassified, operational information must be available to implement a propaganda campaign
  • 6. To be perceived, propaganda must evoke the interest of an audience and must be transmitted through an attention-getting communications medium.
  • 7. Credibility alone must determine whether propaganda output should be true or false.
  • 8. The purpose, content and effectiveness of enemy propaganda; the strength and effects of an expose; and the nature of current propaganda campaigns determine whether enemy propaganda should be ignored or refuted.
  • 9. Credibility, intelligence, and the possible effects of communicating determine whether propaganda materials should be censored.
  • 10. Material from enemy propaganda may be utilized in operations when it helps diminish that enemy’s prestige or lends support to the propagandist’s own objective.
  • 11. Black rather than white propaganda may be employed when the latter is less credible or produces undesirable effects.
  • 12. Propaganda may be facilitated by leaders with prestige.
  • 13. Propaganda must be carefully timed.
    1. The communication must reach the audience ahead of competing propaganda.
    2. A propaganda campaign must begin at the optimum moment
    3. A propaganda theme must be repeated, but not beyond some point of diminishing effectiveness
  • 14. Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.
    1. They must evoke desired responses which the audience previously possesses
    2. They must be capable of being easily learned
    3. They must be utilized again and again, but only in appropriate situations
    4. They must be boomerang-proof
  • 15. Propaganda to the home front must prevent the raising of false hopes which can be blasted by future events.
  • 16. Propaganda to the home front must create an optimum anxiety level.
    1. Propaganda must reinforce anxiety concerning the consequences of defeat
    2. Propaganda must diminish anxiety (other than concerning the consequences of defeat) which is too high and which cannot be reduced by people themselves
  • 17. Propaganda to the home front must diminish the impact of frustration.
    1. Inevitable frustrations must be anticipated
    2. Inevitable frustrations must be placed in perspective
  • 18. Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.
  • 19. Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both.