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Our Affirmative Action President’s Report Card

obama5Well it’s been one excruciating month of our communist educated president’s term in office. The teleprompter reading dolt has given the American people a press conference. Probably one of the few where he answers questions in an open manner. And the democrats are running full bore on destroying freedom and capitalism by any means necessary.

We got our fourth round of deficit spending. For those who forgot we had the bail out checks for a $152 billion. Then we got the housing bail out for $300 billion. Of those who took advantage of this 55% are now in default from this and the numbers are rising. Then we got the $700 banking bail out. These previous bail outs under Republican President Bush and the traitors to the people and most Republicans John McCain and John Boehner providing support and cover for democrats. Granted the democrats were in control of the congress and senate but Bush had the veto power. And now the latest buffoonery from the dictators in Washington the $825 billion bail out or as some would call it the Democratic Party pay out bill. So what we have here is a full blown assault on the treasury by both Republicans and Democrats.

And how have the capitalist reacted to this massive stupidity? Well in April of 2008 the stock market was in a rally up to 12,800 with the anticipation Bush would act like a Republican and veto any lack of common sense from Nancy Pelosi and congress. Bush proved to be as much of dumb ass as Nancy and bail out number one was soon signed for $152 billion and we all got a rebate check. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged to 11,380 by June 2008. There was another rally to 11,450 but that was soon squashed like an honor student in a Detroit ghetto. The second bail out of $300 billion sent the stock market down to 9,000 and the third $700 billion bail out along with our Dear Leader’s election sent the market to 8,800. Now with the latest socialist fascist bail out the market stands at 7,365.

Socialist and fascist would argue that the banks were failing and the stock market would have crashed anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the banks were allowed to fail and the good assets divvied up among stronger banks the capitalist would be celebrating. That’s not to say that there would not have been fluctuations in the stock market. Of course there would be as the giants came crashing down. But the well run banks would have picked up the pieces and in the long run the economy would have been stronger as well as the stock market. Capitalism only works if the incompetent and weak are allowed to fail. Citibank should be history but they live on as some sick deranged animal infecting the healthy.

Is the lesson sinking in? Nothing could be clearer here. The government’s job is to protect the people and currency. When they fail to protect the currency the markets reacts. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Alan Greenspan, Maxine Waters and George Bush failed to protect the currency all in their own destructive ways.

Let’s be clear. All these people and our Dear Leader have led us down the road to a mixture of fascism and socialism. We are going there. These movements can last 12 years as the case with Hitler or 72 years in the case of the former USSR. What we have here is the stupid and incompetent have gained control of the federal government as our founding father warned us would happen someday and they are taking us down the road to dictatorship and war.

How do I know the economic policies of the Dear Leader and the democrats will fail? Democrats and Keynesians always like to point to FDR’s New Deal. Well the New Deal brought a average unemployment rate of 17.2%. No thanks.
Then the democrats argue well FDR just wasn’t spending enough money and when WWII came finally enough money was in the system to reduce unemployment. Well let’s look at this argument. 9 million men and women enlisted in the military during WWII. Of those 416,800 died. Certainly a way to reduce the unemployment rate but it would be nice not to repeat this experiment in American history.

And what about the spending? In WWII 37% of the economy was devoted to war. The debt was 118% of the GDP. Currently our monetary base is up about 105% right along with our debt.

To counter these inflationary forces democrats conveniently forget to tell people the federal government had to have massive bond buying programs to get money out of circulations. Another fact conveniently omitted is the black market was a large part of the economy during WWII. Gasoline, sugar, meat, flour were all sold on the black market at extremely expensive rates with no supervision over the sanitary or quality of these products. Finally the other thing Keynesian economists forget to tell you about WWII spending getting the United States out of the Great Depression is the rationing. Yes everything was rationed just like in the former USSR or Cuba today. So many gallons of gas. So many eggs, flour, and so forth. Complete control over the people. Thanks but no thanks. Think I would rather put up with the capitalist pigs.

And this is the “rational” argument people like Fox News contributor Democratic strategist Tonya Acker spits out week after week to the pundits on Bulls and Bears and the other three Cost of Freedom business related programs. Completely absurd arguments to the highly educated capitalist pig panel of mostly stock brokers.

Our Dear Leader is no different from Tonya Acker. Totally clueless about capitalism and how it works because of indoctrinations in primary, secondary, junior college, college and finally graduate school. None of these people have run a business. None of them could tell you the difference between a marginal rate and average rate of taxation. They are completely clueless reading their Rules of Radical books and Chairman Mao’s little Red Book. If they knew what they were arguing for, really understood the implications of these disastrous policies, I seriously doubt any of them would be arguing for these policies. The people at the top would be just fine with these policies but any working man or woman who understood the death, desperation, deprivation that will results would change political registration from democrat and republican to libertarian in a New York minute.

And of course there is the republican argument that if they get control of congress in 2010 it will be reversed. No it will not be reversed. Republicans believe in these policies as much s democrats do. Not all republicans but the leadership does. The Republican Party is corrupt and people who believe in freedom and liberty need to accept that fact. They are part of the problem not a solution. Change your registration to libertarian.

And how do I know these policies will lead to war? What if you were the leader of China right now? You bought trillions of US debt. You bought these financial instruments in good faith with the expectation that while they were not stock market killers at least they would appreciate in value. Now a socialist fascist government is in control in Washington printing and borrowing money like its water. You and your country will lose trillions. Your population of 1.3 billion people is struggling on a per capita income of $6,100 per year. What to do? South Korea would be a nice acquisition to the empire. Taiwan is part of China why not retake ownership? Invading and expanding the economic pie would certainly be tempting in bad economic ties. And Japan with no military sits just a few kilometers to the east of South Korea. Suddenly the lemons the United States has given you become an opportunity to make some lemonade. With a weak and dysfunctional United States suddenly everything changes. Bad economic policies lead to war plain and simple.

So what to do? Insist republican purge their leadership of sell outs like John McCain, John Boehner, Susan Collins, Arlen Specter, and Olympia Snowe. Tell them to switch party affiliations to democrats and run against them in the primaries if they don’t. We need fighters not traitors. Time to send the traitors packing. Court blue dog democrats and try to get them to switch party affiliations. Draw up the battle lines. Change is coming. Fight or get out of the way. Better yet change party affiliation to libertarian. This would send a clear message to the democrats that the dog is about to fight and to China we will take care of our own house.

With out this total and complete devotion to freedom and liberty we will suffer years of economic malaise and finally end up in horrible war if Keynesian economics works like it did in the 1930’s and 40’s.

As for our Dear Leader he’s an affirmative action dolt who reads a teleprompter and fires up the ignorant masses. Hugo Chavez and Barrack Obama are on the same game plan and path to be dictators for life. In Venezuela Chavez controls elections much like democrats do today. Did any Republican win a close governors or senators race since 2004? Why? Statistically impossible. Chavez rigs elections plain and simple. Democrats are no different. Get use to it. Free elections are a thing of the past and even then they were fraudulent but at least the fraud was on both sides.

We have a dictator and a legislative branch that will support the dictator much the same as in Venezuela. Soon armed bands of Obama supporters will be roaming our cities killing opposition leaders and terrorizing civilians the same as in Venezuela. Death squads will kill opposition college students and leaders like in Venezuela. When the people elect a third world politician they will get third world policies. Elections have consequences.

Obama will go after gun owners. The Democratic Party will continue marginalizing religion and family pretty much the same way they have since 1965. Free speech will be squashed by the Fairness Doctrine and teams of lawyers suing television, radio and web sires. The usual tyrant goals of disarming and enslaving the population. And most likely no one will oppose the stupid bastard and his party until we are a conquered nation much like Germany in 1945. The Affirmative Action President gets an “F” in the real word but an “A” from his blind worshipers in the press and his party.

Who Killed the Constitution?

A book review and worthy read.

A Possible Post Mortum of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights,
By James E. Egolf, MA

Messers Woods and Gutzman wrote a provocative book that should be read by Americans who actually care about law-and-order plus individual liberties. This reviewer has noticed that the number of Americans who do care is quite small. The book deals “The Dirty Dozen” cases and instances of abuse of government power, and the authors readily admit that this book could have been exponentially larger. This review will not cover all “The Dirty Dozen” examples which would make the review too tedious. However, the general scheme of the book will be examined.

The first example cited in this book dealt with the arbitrary laws that violated First Amendment rights of Free Speech and Free Press (1917-1918). U.S. authorities could make arrests and prosecutions for the most innocent remarks that could have been construed as critical of U.S. intervention into W.W. I. What was worse,the authors cited examples of official tattle tales who reported on neighbors’comments. As an aside, Messers Woods and Gutzman demolish the statement alleged by Pres. Woodrow Wilson who supposedly expressed regret for agreeing to the Declaraion of War. The authors clearly that the statement was fabricated by Wilson’s sycophants who tried to cover Wilson’s blunder. The basic constitutional point made my Messers Woods and Gutzman is that the First Amendment clearly states that Congress shall make no law abridging the rights of Free Speech and Free Press. Yet, power hungry political hacks and unthinking Americans accepted all of this with little protest. One should note that the American people are so poorly read and so ready to believe media accounts that such oppressive laws are no longer necessary. The American media folks have so censored themselves that censorship laws are unnecessary. Too many Americans are too immune to truth and reason to notice.

Messers Woods and Gutzman had a good examination of Pres. Truman’s attempt to seize American steel mills because labor union leaders wanted more than steel executives were willing to give. Truman’s threat was made to curry favor with steel workers and increase wages. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled against the Truman Administration. However, as Messers Woods and Gutzman noted, the ruling was not strong enough. Also they alerted readers that if a President could seize steel mills, he could also seize steel mills or any industry to REDUCE wages.

The chapters dealing with the civil rights cases were carefully researched and clear. The authors show that in an attempt to end discrimination, they only made it worse. School authorities were scolded because of the changing demographics. Civil rights laws which forbade assigning students to schools by race were ignored by federal judges who ordered busing to schools based on race. The consistently flawed federal rulings that changed almost overnight resulted in such confusion that court orders for busing had to end.

The chapter titled The Great Gold Robbery showed an arbitrary U.S. Government whose authorities went after law abiding citizens whose only crime was that they owned gold. This “legal” basis for this decision was that the federal authorities could do this under W.W. I laws about trading with the enemy (Today U.S. defined enemies change as often as one changes shirts). In other words, U.S. citizens who happened to own gold were suddenly enemies. Such arbitrary power needs no further comment.

This reviewer thought the chapter on “The Wall of Separation” was the weakest, but this chapter was still well written. As an aside, this reviewer is not offended if someone has a menorah or a creche on their premises. If Christians wish me a Merry Christmas or Jews wish me Happy Hanukkah, this reviewer is not offended and accepts the statements in the spirit in which such comments are made. If Hindus or Moslems offter greetings, again, such statements are accepted as gestures of good will.
Messers Woods and Gutzman stated that the people in the states should determine public school or any public display of religious symbols. What should have been considered is that some state authorities can use their power to coerce of intimidate those of a different religion. In other words, state authorities can be as oppressive as federal authorities. Too often legal cases reach the courts because, for example, some school official or coach will demean or intimidate anyone who has different religious convictions. However, the chapter has merit because of “overkill” by those opposed to any religious symbols in public places.

The chapter on military conscription was very good. Messers Woods and Gutzman provided substantial research that the Founding Fathers and early National political leaders were opposed to a national military conscription which started in Europe. The quatation of Danial Webster on the floor of Congress rejecting a draft is worth noting. Readers should note that many who want military conscription want it for everyone else except themselves. Walter Lippman promoted military conscription until he realized he too could be conscripted. He managed to get cushy government while exhorting other Americans to risk their lives (a real hero here). The former U.S. House member Andy Jacobs called such cowards, who want wars but want others to do the killing and the dying, war wimps and chicken hawks. Mr. Jacobs was a decorated Marine during the Korean War.

The chapter titled “Do Americans have a Constitutional Duty to Suffer?” is a good example of judicial stupiidty and bureaucratic nonsense. This chapter cites federal attempts to stop people who are suffering from using medical marijuana. The unreasonable judicial rulings stated that home-grown marijuana could be eliminated by the power of the Interstate Commerece Clause of the Constitution. Since the plants were used for immediate medical use per physicians’ prescriptions, the illogic of using the plants could affect interstate commerice is obvious.

The chapters dealing with excutive orders, war powers, and signing statements are ominous. Messers Woods and Gutzman carefully demonstrated that such powers are unconstitutional and lawful. Executive orders began with the administration of the Pres. Theodore Roosevelt when he granted diplomatic recognition to a country when the U.S. Senate refused to do so. Pres. Theodore Roosevelt simply used a different phrase via executive order. The chapter titled “The phony Case for Presidental War Power” offers a stinging rebuke of a law clerk and later government “Justice” Dept. offical name Yoo. Yoo wrote a poorly reasoned law review article which stated that the U.S. President can use his war powers to send combat forces anywhere any time he damned well pleases. The Constitution history and warnings of the Founding Fathers are well cited in this section. The chapter on signing statements would be amusing if not so dangerous. Messers Woods and Gutzman give precise ecamples of how signing statements, which only express a president’s disapproval of a section of a bill, have been recently used to violate the law especially duirng the Clinton and Bush administrations. To use signing statements as pretext to violate the law is unconstitutional and illegal. An opinion is not a constitutional power to break the law.

The last chapter titled “Can Anything Be Done?” is not hopeful at all. When most Americans are concerned about what dress some celebrity is wearing, the abuses of the Constitution will never get corrected. As this reviewer has stated elsewhere, the American people have raised thoughtlessness to a virtue.

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Black is black so what?

I am a little tired of listening to ‘black politicians’ denigrate their own race and then turn around and denigrate whites because they themselves were born black.

Part of these idiots were still in pampers while a MAJORITY of US WHITES were marching for their very equality and right to stand on some pulpit and spout this total trash.

Who am I referring to specifically today?

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn. As the highest-ranking black in the U.S. House, he said that opposition to the stimulus bill is “a slap in the face of African-Americans.”

Hey you small minded twit … how about it’s a slap in the face of EVERY TAX PAYER who is FORCED to pay for this folly?

Then Eric Holder has the audacity to call us a nation of cowards?
HOW DARE YOU! If it was not for this nation of cowards you would NOT HAVE the soapbox from which you spout today.

What this man says about sums it up far better than I ever could.

What others have to say via Michael Savage talk radio:

Let me again remind visitors to this site of my opinion on several things.
Politically Correct was a miserable attempt by the ‘whiners of the world’ to continue in their cushy rut of ‘failing to thrive and survive in a tough world’.

EVERY minority group will have someone or some many who have an agenda that dooms that minority group to mediocrity.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their likes have an agenda to keep minorities slaves to the system.

Let me point out the hierarchy to this system.
Government = Slave owners
Slaves = those on the government dole … who today are required to do nothing period.
Share Croppers = those of us paying taxes to the government in order for the government to pass it on to the slaves who do nothing.

To top it off the SLAVE OWNERS (politicians) … are siphoning of a handsome sum (they ALSO DOING NOTHING) for perpetuating this growing of slave population.

Inertia spawns inertia.
There is a UNIVERSAL LAW … if you do nothing, NOTHING HAPPENS.

Oil, oil and more oil

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate—

Reston, VA – North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation.

A U.S. Geological Survey assessment, released April 10, shows a 25-fold increase in the amount of oil that can be recovered compared to the agency’s 1995 estimate of 151 million barrels of oil.

Technically recoverable oil resources are those producible using currently available technology and industry practices. USGS is the only provider of publicly available estimates of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and gas resources.

New geologic models applied to the Bakken Formation, advances in drilling and production technologies, and recent oil discoveries have resulted in these substantially larger technically recoverable oil volumes. About 105 million barrels of oil were produced from the Bakken Formation by the end of 2007.

Rest of Article …

Did Dianne Feinstein’s senior moment put American solidiers in danger?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Sources have forwarded this Report news of a serious gaffe by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. It proves she apparently has no business chairing the Senate Intelligence Committee. This serious embarrassment was virtually smothered by American media outlets.

The CIA and The Pentagon refused to comment on this matter when questioned by The UK’s Daily Telegraph. In a breathtaking example of incompetence Feinstein publicly revealed a military secret during an open Committee hearing last Friday.

In what must have been a “senior moment” the new Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirmed that American unmanned drone spy planes are being launched from tribal areas in Pakistan.

At one point while in a cross examination of Dennis Blair Director of National Intelligence, Feinstein commented, “I don’t know whether you’d care to comment on this but [I] also noticed that Mr. Holbrooke in Pakistan ran into considerable concern about the use of the Predator strikes in the FATA area of Pakistan.”

“And yet, as I understand it, these are flown out of a Pakistani base.” Feinstein added.

Rest of the article: