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Great Quotes

This was sent to me today by a friend.

I happen to be old enough to remember Ronald Reagan and experienced him as a politician as Governor of California. Before it was SO FAR GONE.

He campaigned for change and unlike today … CHANGE IS WHAT WE GOT … only then it was for the better. He slashed thru the budget like it was butter while the ‘liberals’ and ‘slaves to the state’ moaned and whined. The end result was his advancement to the White house and we know the results there.

These quotes made me smile … hope they do the same for you.

ronaldr‘Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.’
– Ronald Reagan

‘I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘The taxpayer: That’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.’
– Ronald Reagan

‘Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.’
– Ronald Reagan

‘The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God , then we will be a nation gone under.’ – Ronald Reagan

Leaving Office with Class then and NOW!

bush-leavingI am a big believer in the “law of return” call it what you will, karma, sow what you reap, tit for tat, chickens come home to roost, an eye for an eye.

Those trained to be observant see this work daily. NO ONE ESCAPES. The thing I find most interesting is the payback is usually PERFECT. It strikes at the very heart of what we desire most in the world. WHATEVER that desire might be … it will be withheld or tarnished in some way. There is no REWARD for bad behavior. There is no discussion of what is or is not bad behavior …. WE ALL innately know in our heart.

Here is a perfect example:

We all know how a large part of the population has ragged incessantly on George Bush for one thing or another over the last 8 years. The bottom line is simple. No matter what anyone says … this man and his family are the epitome of classy.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were for the most part darlings of politics for the 8 years he held office. Clinton received a pass for most of his past bad behavior. Hillary went along for whatever reason and actually was a part of it all on some level.

It is my belief her fondest desire was the Presidency of 2008. It was snatched from her grasp from literally an unknown at the last moment. Why? How did this happen? Barack Obama CERTAINLY OFFERED NOTHING in the way of experience over what Hillary had to offer.

The sad TRUTH is Barack Obama had less to offer in any way shape or form than Sarah Palin. Who today is still ragged on incessantly by those who dislike her for whatever their reasons. But those who dislike her can not seem to see that for themselves. It is an interesting dichotomy to observe.

The comparison of behavior between outgoing President Bush & family and President Clinton & Hillary is an interesting example indeed.

1. Outgoing President George W. Bush quietly boards his helicopter and leaves for Texas, commenting only: “Today is not about me. Today is a historical day for our nation and people.”

Eight years ago:
1. Outgoing President Bill Clinton schedules two separate radio addresses to the nation, and organizes a public farewell speech/ rally in downtown Washington D.C. scheduled to directly conflict with incoming President Bush’s inauguration ceremony.

2. President Bush leaves office without issuing a single Presidential pardon, only granting a commutation of sentence to two former border patrol agents convicted of shooting a convicted drug smuggler. He does not grant any type of clemency to Scooter Libby or any other former political aide, ally, or business partner.

Eight years ago:
2. President Clinton issues 140 pardons and several commutations of sentence on his final day in office. Included in these are: billionaire financier, convicted tax evader, and leading Democratic campaign contributor Marc Rich; Whitewater scandal figure Susan McDougal; Congressional Post Office Scandal figure and former Democratic Congressman Dan Rostenkowski; convicted bank fraud, sexual assault and child porn perpetrator and former Democratic Congressman Melvin Reynolds; and convicted drug felon Roger Clinton, the President’s half-brother.

3. The Bush daughters leave gift baskets in the White House bedrooms for the Obama daughters, containing flowers, candy, stuffed animals, DVD’s and CD’s, and heartfelt notes of encouragement and advice for the young girls on how to prepare for their new lives in the White House.

Eight years ago:
3. Clinton and Gore staffers rip computer wires and electrical outlets from the White House walls, stuff piles of notebook papers into the White House toilets, systematically remove the letter “W” from every computer key-pad in the entire White House, and damage several thousand dollars worth of furniture in the White House master bedroom.

Headlines 4 Years Ago:
“Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops Die in unarmored Humvees”
“Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times”
“Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party, Ordinary Americans get the shaft”

Headlines Now:
“Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $170 million”
“Obama Spends $170 million on inauguration; America Needs A Big Party”
“Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate”
“Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration”

Recession and Communism Invocation Plague Daytona

daytona_empty_backsideFor Valentines Day 2009 last Saturday I thought it would be a nice gesture to take my wife to Daytona during its most famous week. That would of course be the week of the Daytona 500. For those not familiar with NASCAR racing Daytona is the first event of the 36 event season that closes out November 22 in Homestead, Florida. There are races during the week leading up to the 500 main event. These lesser events allow the race teams to gain race experience and fine tune their stock cars. For Valentines Day we had the Camping World 300 with a purse of $2.6 million.

These racing events are a huge economic benefit to Daytona and a huge headache for the locals. Traffic jams and country folks clog the highways in every direction as far away as Orlando. Pickups, Impalas, campers, RV’s and every muscle car know to man populate the streets and towns around Daytona. I wanted to beat the crowd and mad rush of insanity so the wife and I left five hours early from Orlando for the hour drive. When we arrived the traffic was light to medium. Hmmm.


We drove around the west side of the track next to the public parking and were astonished to see acres of parking space available. Then we pulled into Cracker Barrel on US 92 about a half a block from the speedway, parked and were seated within 10 minutes. Simply unheard of in the past at Daytona where the wait is usually an hour plus during speed week for a nearby quality restaurant.

daytona_empty_bs_aDuring most years US 92 next to the speedway is to be avoided at all cost. We drove up and down it a few times and were immediately struck at the huge volume of tickets for sale and the desperation of the sellers. These were not your normal scalpers trying to make some money for some Saturday night shenanigans. These were the country folks out there frantically looking for anyone to buy their tickets. It was unusual for me because the country folks outnumbered the normal scalpers by my estimation 2 or 3 to one. Never seen anything like it before.Seizing the moment I soon began to haggle.

For the uninitiated the quick rules of scalping are as follows. If the event is sold out offer 75% of the face value of the ticket but is prepared to pay 100% or more. If the event is not sold out offer 50% and depending on walk up demand be prepared to pay 50% to 75%. If you really want low prices you will have to scout the crowd for the original owners of the tickets and offer them 25% of the face value like the scalpers do. For most people this is extremely distasteful both dealing with original owners and scalpers and they buy tickets ahead of time.


I have attended hundreds of sporting events, concerts, political events and have bought tickets at the window, on Ticketmaster, from athletic departments, from scalpers and from original owners. Hands down the worst place to buy tickets is from Ticketmaster and on the Internet. They add bogus fees, sell the worst seats and try to get you to sign up for some useless club memberships. Nobody else even comes close for the rip off Ticketmaster has inflicted on me. I vow to never use them again after getting the worse seats in the house every time.


Athletic departments and professional teams usually through the arena box office sell at face value and can occasionally get you some preferential treatment. Honest folks looking to take care of their clientèle.


The best bargain by far hands down that I have gotten through the years has been with scalpers. I almost always pay less than face value and typically save 40% on tickets. I look at the face value of the ticket and offer 50%. The scalper counteroffers 75% and I walk away until I can get that 50% to 60% range I am looking for. Having a map of the arena or having it memorized is a must. Ending up in the visiting section of a college football game is no fun at all.


At Daytona Saturday what I saw was not the normal barter of buyers and sellers exchanging tickets and money. What I saw was full blown panic as hundreds of sellers desperately looked for buyers. Scalpers had thousands of tickets on every block and in the back lots as well. Panic, a full blown panic.

I went up to a few and offered 50% and my offer was immediately accepted. Being an economist kind of guy with a couple of useless degrees in the subject I had to probe this phenomenon further. I gave my standard excuse that I needed to get money from the ATM but thanked the gentleman for his offer. A few more offers at 50% and immediate acceptance with the notable exception of one scalper who looked incoherent from a previous night’s indulgence in various substances unknown to me and probably himself. It was time to search for the bottom of this market. Soon I had a 40% offer. Finally I achieved the bottom and made an offer of 30% on a couple of grand stand seats in the Roberts Tower section of the race track. $70 for $240 seats. Good seats close to the start finish line and with a view of pit row. The football equivalent of seats on the 25 yard line. The only time I have ever achieved this was buying tickets from original owners at an unattended football game.

When we parked close to race time there was still acres of unused parking spaces. In the stands there were thousands of empty seats. The crowd was announced at 70,000 for the 168,000 seat venue but I would estimate the crowd at 60,000 or less. The back stretch grandstands were filled with maybe 15% and my section has less than that.

daytona_empty_vip_seatsAs if to drive home the point that times have changed the pastor who gave the traditional prayer before the race said “we hope to go forth in this new era with generosity not greed.” Wow a dose of Carl Marx at the one place I hope to get away from the political correctness of the day. How sad in America no place is immune from the march of the socialist and fascist waiving their flag and giving their political indoctrination talking points to the masses. I wanted to scream “greed motivated the clothing manufacturer to make your clothes you ungrateful jerk. Get lost.” But the microphone was soon passed and the incident forgotten.


Tony Stewart won the race and my favorite driver Greg Biffle finished 5th. My wife was happy with her valentines present and we planned the rest of the evening with a nice dinner, a dozen roses and a couple of bottles of Sonoma Valley Zinfandel.

Today the main event will take place and I hope it works out well for Biffle and all our country men and women who have made this country the great place that it is. Sooner that we think we will be working together in the coming years to undue the damage that the past and current administrations have done to this country. Nothing like a good old boy to have as ones ally in the fight for freedom and liberty.

PS Matt Kenseth was the surprise winner of the main event and the place was sold out. Congratulations Matt and the good people running the event. Best wishes for the rest of the season.

No He Can’t

I found this posted on a forum yesterday.
Anne Wortham is the epitome of what so many of us whites fought for in the 60’s … believing all blacks deserve equal rights. Counter to the equal rights movement emerged the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and now Barack Obama who all realistically want blacks to remain enslaved by being “cared for” by another ‘massa’ this time called the government (government slave masters).

Bravo Anne!

anne-worthamNo He Can’t
by Anne Wortham

Fellow Americans,

Please know: I am black; I grew up in the segregated South. I did not vote for Barack Obama; I wrote in Ron Paul’s name as my choice for president. Most importantly, I am not race conscious. I do not require a black
president to know that I am a person of worth, and that life is worth living. I do not require a black president to love the ideal of America .

I cannot join you in your celebration. I feel no elation. There is no smile on my face. I am not jumping with joy. There are no tears of triumph in my eyes. For such emotions and behavior to come from me, I would have to deny all that I know about the requirements of human flourishing and survival – all that I know about the history of the United States of America, all that I know about American race relations, and all that I know about Barack Obama as a politician. I would have to deny the nature of the “change” that Obama asserts has come to America .. Most importantly, I would have to abnegate my certain understanding that you have chosen to sprint down the road to serfdom that we have been on for over a century. I would have to pretend that individual liberty has no value for the success of a human life. I would have to evade your rejection of the slender reed of capitalism on
which your success and mine depend.

I would have to think it somehow rational that 94 percent of the 12 million blacks in this country voted for a man because he looks like them (that blacks are permitted to play the race card), and that they were joined by
self-declared “progressive” whites who voted for him because he doesn’t look like them. I would have to be wipe my mind clean of all that I know about the kind of people who have advised and taught Barack Obama and will
fill posts in his administration E2 political intellectuals like my former colleagues at the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

I would have to believe that “fairness” is the equivalent of justice. I would have to believe that man who asks me to “go forward in a new spirit of service, in a new service of sacrifice” is speaking in my interest. I would
have to accept the premise of a man that economic prosperity comes from the “bottom up,” and who arrogantly believes that he can will it into existence by the use of government force.. I would have to admire a man who thinks the standard of living of the masses can be improved by destroying the most productive and the generators of wealth.

Finally, Americans, I would have to erase from my consciousness the scene of 125,000 screaming, crying, cheering people in Grant Park, Chicago irrationally chanting “Yes We Can!” Finally, I would have to wipe all memory of all the times I have heard politicians, pundits, journalists, editorialists, bloggers and intellectuals declare that capitalism is dead – and no one, including especially Alan Greenspan, objected to their assumption that the particular version of the anti-capitalistic mentality that they want to replace with their own version of anti-capitalism is anything remotely equivalent to capitalism.

So you have made history, Americans.. You and your children have elected a black man to the office of the president of the United States , the wounded giant of the world. The battle between John Wayne and Jane Fonda is over – and that Fonda won. Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern must be very happy men. Jimmie Carter, too. And the Kennedys have at last gotten their Kennedy look-a-like. The self-righteous welfare statists in the suburbs can feel warm moments of satisfaction for having elected a black person. So, toast yourselves: 60s countercultural radicals, 80s yuppies and 90s bourgeois bohemians. Toast yourselves, Black America . Shout your glee Harvard, Princeton , Yale, Duke, Stanford, and Berkeley.

You have elected not an individual who is qualified to be president, but a black man who, like the pragmatist Franklin Roosevelt, promises to – Do Something! You now have someone who has picked up the baton of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

But you have also foolishly traded your freedom and mine – what little there is left – for the chance to feel good. There is nothing in me that can share your happy obliviousness.

Who is Anne Wortham?

Anne Wortham is a Black woman, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Illinois State University and continuing Visiting Scholar at Stanford University ’s Hoover Institution.

She is a member of the American Sociological Association and the American Philosophical Association.

She has been a John M. Olin Foundation Faculty Fellow, and honored as a Distinguished Alumni of the Year by the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.

In fall 1988 she was one of a select group of intellectuals who were featured in Bill Moyer’s television series, “A World of Ideas.” The transcript of her conversation with Moyers has been published in his book, A World of Ideas.

Dr. Wortham is author of The Other Side of Racism: A Philosophical Study of Black Race Consciousness which analyzes how race consciousness is transformed into political strategies and policy issues.

She has published numerous articles on the implications of individual rights for civil rights policy, and is currently writing a book on theories of social and cultural marginality.

Recently, she has published articles on the significance of multiculturalism and Afrocentricism in education, the politics of victimization and the social and political impact of political correctness. Shortly after an interview in 2004 she was awarded tenure.

1000 billion dollars is a trillion … can you wrap your mind around that sum?

“We hate you guys. Once you start issuing $1 trillion $2 trillion … we know the dollar is going to depreciate, so we hate you guys but there is nothing much we can do”.
Lou Ping, China Banking Regulatory Commission.

The one thing China CAN DO is say no to loaning us the money we need for this ‘porky pig stimulus package’.
Face it America this is NO STIMULUS … lets call a spade a spade. This has turned into a lunatic Democratic SPENDING SPREE fully condoned by Barack Obama.

What has Barack Obama turned in to … or has he simply been this all along?
What happened to the transparency? The time to check things out? The debate and coming to a bipartisan consensus?

I have heard the public say “oh … he has only been in office 3 weeks give him a chance”.

Daily I sit here in disbelief.
I am dumbfounded that what is going on in our government is actually occurring.
It takes all of my strength to keep from bursting into tears of frustration over the new events we are daily facing.

The television draws me like a magnet to what one feels by being drawn to a horrible accident where you are helpless to do anything but watch. It takes every ounce of my strength to muster the will to read, research and pound these blog posts out. I remind myself moment to moment the worth of any of this is to show others they are not alone. If there is one sound in the night there will at least be one.

A friend said the other day … I looked at your blog to see if there were other posts but yours. In digging to understand that statement the outcome was there were 3 of us out of the registered 7 … which apparently were not enough to join in. After thinking seriously about this I determined that was fine. If there is just ONE interested person out of the average 130 per day (average this month so far) visitors who gets one tiny thing? … mission accomplished.

I am not a formally educated woman. I do not have a degree in anything but perhaps hard knocks. I am simply and average citizen just like all of you. We at least should be smart enough to see the trillions that are so UNTHINKINGLY plucked from thin air are NOT going to solve the problems we in America face much less the crisis now to be made worse by the renegade spending spree foisted on us all.

First and foremost the financial crisis we face IS NOT THE PROBLEM.
The true problem is the lack of ethics and moral fiber of those who we put in charge of running this nation.

I did not vote for Obama.
I did however hope he would come through with what he said he would. Not only am I sorely disappointed I see the demeanor of those who honestly HOPED, TRUSTED AND EXPECTED this man to be EXACTLY what he said he was. What is going to happen when those trusting people realize that no matter what this man says HE CAN NOT PRODUCE THOSE PROMISES and HE IS NOT the person with the metal he claimed have or be?

This very morning I was discussing this with my cousin (who on most core issues is like minded).
It is natural for people to survive better if they understand and prepare for something.
Today the people of this UNITED STATES are heading for a train wreck.
It might not happen tomorrow afternoon BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.
Almost everyone in the MSM is willing to either soft peddle or is ignorant to the gravity of the subject period.

Who is going to fair best when the brick wall is met?
Those prepared for the worst and hope for a miracle that keeps the worst at bay … or those who did/could not see what was coming their way?

I saw Glenn Beck discuss with Bill O’Reilly the D & R of our future.
His interpretation was not Democrat and Republican but Depression and Revolution.
The people are different. We still have slavery. There are great numbers who are slaves to the government taking care of them on some level. This time the slaves are multi-colored NOT JUST BLACK.

The irony of Barack Obama being the first black president is HE A HALF BLACK MAN is perpetuating that slavery. He is just as guilty as his historical kinsmen who rounded up their own people and sold them to the white land owners in America.
Instead of SLAVERY it is now GOVERNMENT NANNY.


To date he has miserably blown that opportunity.
Why? He is heavily influenced by a ‘tiny man’ Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s right hand man) and a ‘witless’ female speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

In the computer hardware world the best equipment only functions at the level of the lesser equipment. Today that is the case with Obama and his staff. If he were the best of the best … that best is lessened and degraded by those who are less around him. Unfortunate he either does not understand that or does not have the guts to correct it.

What happened to what I perceived to be an honest, well spoken, man of high ideals?
Just who is pulling the strings behind the scenes in our white house today?
Barack Obama’s own party are/will destroy that divinely given opportunity for greatness.