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The Washington Freak Show, Part II: “Nancy”

pelosiNancy was born into privilege to US Congressman Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. from Maryland. She attended a private all girls’ catholic school as befitting one of advantage. The fortunate young Italian princess then attended and graduated the private Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. The princess met Paul Frank Pelosi while attending a class at Georgetown—no doubt a planed encounter for the soon-to-be independent young lady. She married in 1963 and had five children. Her husband acquired a fortune befitting the princess of some 20 million or so.

The Pelosi family owns a $25 million Northern California vineyard (non union), along with the Auberge du Soleil hotel in Rutherford, California (non union). The Pelosi’s are also partners in a restaurant chain called Piatti, which has 900 employees (non-union). One of her largest investments is a private partnership called Lions Gate Limited, which operates the CordeValle Golf Club and Resort in San Martin, Calif. To get a permit to build the facility, the partners promised to build a “public course” providing considerable access to non-members, and to abide by several environmental requirements to ensure that there would be minimal ecological damage. After the facility opened, the county’s Planning Commission found that the golf course was in fact private — and the club had “ignored” many of its permit requirements concerning the environment. Good reflection of her character.

Is any of this surprising? Get real. Liberals feel entitled. They are better looking, smarter and deserve all the riches they get. Has Nancy, like most liberal elites, ever worked a day in her life? Does changing diapers back in 1964 count? She, like most liberals, are bullies. Her development, CordeValle Golf Club, could have public hours and fees. Her resort could have low-income housing mixed with the super rich houses. She does none of this, showing little compassion. Like most bullies, she uses her position of power to exploit the weak and defenseless while bragging to the world what a great person she is. It’s all about her.

Mrs. Pelosi won a special election in April, 1987 and went to “work” for her constituents. She supported Presidio National Park on the shores of the Golden Gate pork project, bet tamales that the 49ers would win a football game. After all, she’s one of the folks. She fought for Arts funding, increased AID’s research—the common theme being spend, spend, and spend.

Pelosi never gave a second thought to the working people at her companies who would have to pay for the government waste and abuse. It was all about looking good and being the peoples champion—never a thought about being a hero to her thousands of workers who may have needed union benefits and health care.

The Italian princess was surely the most popular and beautiful mother of five ever to grace the halls of Washington—and then John McCain nominated Sarah Palin for vice president. Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest mother of five of them all? Sarah Palin. Being the bully she is, along with her privileged liberal comrades, she and the rest of the Gestapo went on a scorched earth policy against Palin. Troppergate, Palin’s stupid, her kid’s pregnant, she kills animals—the usual garbage a bully throws at the average kid to get them out of the spotlight and the attention focused back on the bully.

Looking at it as a kid from the ghetto, I see this rich lady with a silver spoon in her mouth for what she is: a gluttonous pig. Her whole life has been dedicated to increasing her wealth and status at the expense of others. Has she ever worked a day in her life? She is one of the beautiful people who walks into a room and expects the rest of us to fawn over her. We should all open our wallets, get on our knees and be thankful we are blessed by one so beautiful and enlightened.

What do I think? She’s a stuck up &!^@% who doesn’t have a clue about what’s it’s like to be taxed to death trying to support a family. Her daughter is uglier and stupider than she is and embarrasses the family on network television every now and then with her idiot conspiracy theory crap. Nancy turned her back on the Catholic Church, the same church that gave her education by supporting abortion. She should be excommunicated from the church. Her economics is like listening to a broken record: spend, spend, spend. Congress was convenient for her because she was rich and an empty nest mother. She lacks the education and intelligence to really understand complex issues. Compare Mitt Romney talking about the automotive bail out next to this ditz.

To sum it up, she’s an empty nest Italian rich ditz spoiled brat that thinks it’s all about her. She has no business being Speaker of the House as she so amply displayed in her bail out speech.

Do the working man a favor Nancy, resign.

The Washington Freak Show John Boehner

boehnerJohn Andrew Boehner is currently serving as the House Minority Leader in the 111th Congress and a U.S. Representative from Ohio’s 8th congressional district, which includes portions of the Cincinnati and Dayton suburbs, as well as a small portion of Dayton itself .

Boehner is an honorable man unlike the traitor Dianne Feinstein who made millions from her husband’s Chinese business dealings and most likely selling state secrets to China in return for favorable treatment for her husband.

He is honorable compared to Obama whose only goal is to weaken and humiliate the United States as was so promptly demonstrated this week when he ordered prosecution of Cole mastermind terrorist suspect Al-Nashiri to be stopped. No Boehner is not a traitor like “Shoeless” Joe Jackson who sold the 1919 World Series out to gamblers. Nor is he as hideous as our goofy communist educated president.

No the problem with Boehner and all Republicans in leadership roles is they are simply losers who do not have any fighting spirit or the will to win. The public needs to take a good long look at the Republican Party and ask themselves if they really want these guys and gals representing them. Pretty much the same way a manager looks at a former star Hall of Fame pitcher who at the end of his career keeps giving up home runs every inning. It pains the manager to pull the plug on his once magnificent pitcher but eventually it has to be done. For the good of the team the manager needs to tell and eventually cut the player from the team.

That’s pretty much where clear thinking Americans are at with the Republican Party. They are simply losers who can no longer deliver. As long as we put them into the game almost assuredly we will lose. Time for a change.

With all due respect to Boehner other candidates who have sold out America to the socialist, communist and fascist could just as easily been chosen. Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell, Bill Frist, Bob Dole, Howard Baker, Hugh Scott and finally the GOP leader that killed the party George W. Bush. The one exception to this list in recent memory is Newt Gingrich who delivered on his promises and won legislative battles with the leftist. The Republican Party and leadership no longer have any killer instinct or anyone willing to sacrifice for the team. Essential ingredients if you want to win.

Let’s be clear what is at stake. We have had a takeover of our government by communist, socialist and fascist. They are negotiating with companies like General Electric in the best tradition of Hitler and Mercedes Benz to combine socialist and fascist principles. We have seen this story before. It leads to less freedom, lower living standards, war and the ultimate destruction of the nation. Is there anything else? Can I make this any clearer? If Republicans can’t get fired up for this then please exit stage left and let people who will fight for the people take center stage.

The Republican leadership and party are like the once great Yankee team of the early 60’s. Five pennants, 2 World Series, 505 regular season wins, 62% win percentage, all glory and honors. And now they wake up and it’s 1967. 20 games out of first place. Three consecutive losing seasons. That sterling 62% win percentage has gone down to a miserable 45% and last place is becoming a very common occurrence. The roster is filled up with once great players who are washed up. Whitey Ford, Elston Howard and the all time great Mickey Mantle. The desire to win is gone. Only the memories remain. And the day of reckoning has come. As the players and team end the miserable season everyone knows what needs to happen but no one will say anything. It’s over.

So what now? The Republicans who truly support the taxpayers and people should quit the party and switch their party affiliation to Libertarian. That simple. Walk out on the party that along with McCain and Boehner abandoned them in 2008 with massive bail outs that were doomed to failure just as FDR’s and Herbert Hoovers bail outs were doomed to failure. Simply walk down to that court house and change your party affiliation to Libertarian and be done with it. Some of you will lose reelection. Life goes on. Some will not and a party that can stand up to the fascist, socialist and communist will eventually replace the party of the past. The sooner the better.

Economics is not as complex as people make it out to be. We all know tax cuts are evenly distributed with no preference to special interest groups. Cut corporate taxes to 0% and watch the economy boom. Cut capital gains taxes to 0% and watch the economy boom. It’s no secret. We know what works and what doesn’t. All the bail out minutia is cover for a power elite power grab. Nothing more, nothing less. A power grab no different than Hitler or Stalin did.

A bail out is taking money from workers and delivering it to special interest groups. Are some projects worthwhile? Of course they are but do you want to spend $100 on a restaurant meal with a plate full of garbage and one item you like? Spending $10 on the item you like seems a whole lot cheaper and more sensible. Well now we have the whole plate and it will be shoved down our throats for years to come.

We the workers of America need a party that will represent us. We don’t need a union. We like working and having our employers make a profit. We don’t mind being screwed once in a while because we screw our employer once in awhile (at least the smart workers do shhhh). Any union idiot that thinks non union workers don’t get even with employers is living in the 1930’s. I will not give away my secrets on this web site for obvious reasons. Capitalism allows me and millions of workers to get what we want out of our employment. We don’t want government interfering in that relationship. What we want is for the federal government to get out of the way.

When I say this images of Ronald Reagan come to mind. He did cut taxes but he was no friend of workers. He raised social security taxes when he could have let the system go broke forcing privatization. Reagan increased spending faster than revenues came into Washington. No I never want to see Ronald Reagan again. Ronald Reagan was all talk and no action. If he stuck to what he said in his speeches he would have done well with the working man.

Bush increased spending 55% at the federal level. He did change the dynamic of terrorism and cut taxes but capitulated to the sky is falling idiot Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and his stupid bail out mentality. All Bush should have done in 2008 was veto everything that came in front of him and this “crisis” would be 70% played out. Because of his utter stupidity when it comes to economics we are looking at short periods of recovery followed by inflation then stagnation for the foreseeable future. We get to relive the 1970’s thanks to the economic illiterate George W. Bush.

No clear thinking Republicans need to see this pattern of selling out the workers and taxpayers of America year after year. If the Republicans regain power in congress in 2010 will it be any different? Of course not. The Republicans don’t represent the people any more than Democrats do. Both are beholden to special interest groups looking for that quick buck.

Libertarians fundamentally understand that federal government is a rip off. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Housing, Education and all federal programs need to be eliminated with the exception of the military and federal court system. Republicans do not see this and never will because they are Democrats whose friends are businessmen instead of lawyers and unions. Different clientèle and different spending priorities with the same result of ripping off the workers and taxpayers of America.

Libertarians also understand the destructive role the Federal Reserve plays in the economy. Economists have studied the Federal Reserve ever since there was a Federal Reserve. Half the time they get monetary policy right and half the time they don’t. Greenspan did pretty well up to about 2001 when George Bush came to power. Seems as though Mr. Greenspan didn’t like Bush much because a review of his moves during that time show him pretty much setting up the 2008 financial melt down. So why was he given the power in the first place?

Libertarians understand that the Federal Reserve should be in charge of increasing the monetary base 3% to 5% a year and nothing else. Print and protect the value of the dollar. Nothing else. No discount rates, no federal funds rates, no reserve requirement. Set the reserve requirement at 8% and get lost. One thing a lot of talking heads fail to see is the one common thread of all these banking disasters is the countries involved all have a central banking system similar to our Federal Reserve. Libertarians get it and few others do.

tom-feenyWe the workers and taxpayers plead with the few decent Republicans to make that trip down to the court house and switch your affiliation to Libertarian. My ex Congressman Tom Feeney was one of these patriots. He was a Libertarian, one of the few brave ones to speak out against all the bail outs and rebate schemes, and he lost in 2008. Before he lost I pleaded with him to change party affiliation. Why go down smeared with the label of Republican? I wish he had changed his party affiliation but in the end he will be remembered as one of the losers of 2008 caught up in some trip scandal with Jack Abramoff. What a shame. Should have gone down flying a flag you believe in Tom.

The first “Republican” to make this trip down to the court house to change party affiliation to Libertarian should be none other than Ron Paul. Two time Libertarian candidate for president and one of the few sane voices on the bail outs and domestic policy in 2008. I totally disagree with Mr. Paul on foreign policy and so do many Libertarians but Libertarians are united on domestic policy. Libertarian have the killer instinct and fight to confront fascist, socialist and communist face to face and are not afraid to sacrifice for the good of the team.

We can defeat the Democrats but the Republicans need to retire and get off the field and let the new players have a chance to play. As long as we cling to past glories we are doomed to failure. Time to let the prospects have at it. The Tampa Rays have a team of prospects and an American League pennant hanging up at Tropicana Field. With 41% Republican representation in congress it’s time to let the fighters take over the battle.

More government bloat does not employ YOU!

Every day when I turn on the TV there is another jaw dropping story out of Washington. Why should any of us expect anything else? Daily it becomes increasingly clear that Barack Obama has the poorest judgment of any President to date.

I watched a speech by Obama today who clearly shows his frustration over the lack of cooperation for the feigned emergency stimulus package. Yes ‘we the people’ are suppose to be shaking in our boots because a bloated piece of junk is being resisted by the majority of Republicans. What can I say but thank heavens. “We the people” need to collect and donate to oust from office EVERY PERSON who votes for this piece of junk.

Obama DOES NOT GET IT … he is CLUE LESS. The public does not want this package. It is not emergency relief it is long term bankruptcy for our children and grandchildren.

None of this is rocket science. In fact it is not even more than 4th grade math. Dump this package and start over. People are losing jobs by the minute and with that the shelter over their heads. Frizby parks, money for abortions overseas and doggie trails is not helping in these critical areas.

To date a couple of “totally cheesy” pieces of pork have been dumped … hear my words IT IS NOT ENOUGH !

Does anyone but me notice Obama is being lead around by a nose ring like some prize bull?
The more than dense Nancy Pelosi (known as San Fran Nan by Ann Coulter) and her cohorts seem to be holding the rope.

Next comes Jeffery Immelt being appointed to an advisory money position. This guy has been in charge while the stock of GE has dropped like a rock in a pond. We can not forget he was trading arms to Iran. Should this guy be arrested for treason or what? What kind of advisor could he make.
What kind of decision making ability does this display for Obama?

nashiriThen we have Obama dismissing the charges of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri the mastermind behind the Cole bombing.
My new catch phrase for the day is “are you frigging CRAZY?”. It is looking like he is … and that comment is fast on the way to being the only comment I use to define Obama.

What does all of this boil down to?
Plain and simple this bloat is creating bigger government by the second.
More government people to vote to feather their own nest by a job that offers good retirement and perks (which not one of them could get in the public sector).
If we end up with a $850 billion barrel … how much does it cost to implement it?

Why would we expect someone who REFUSES to release his own records for public scrutiny to be honest?

That sucking noise is our future being flushed by the Democrats in power today.

Well if this is not a total crock!
Transparency? … start at home my man. Release your own records for a start and maybe the world could give you the respect you do not yet deserve.
What don’t you understand? Any trust, hope and respect you may have been gifted with by the public is fast vanishing.

The sucking noise is what the controlling party in the government HOPES the public is deaf to. Well maybe before but NO LONGER … even their Democratic constituents are beginning to realize a few dolts do not care if they have sold “we the people” down the river (I am reminded of my history classes which enlightened us to the fact that the African Tribal Chiefs sold their own people into Slavery).

It is a dark humorous joke but these ‘wingnuts’ are foisting all of this on “we the people” under the guise of (for one) “an ‘investment’ in America’s future generations”. Oh right I get it … lets sell them down the river economically so they are smart enough to realize it?

I have become a woman on a mission … all of you should join me … for to long we have been shoved into a pigeon hole (someone else’s) and cautioned to be ‘politically correct’. WELL SCREW POLITICALLY CORRECT and everyone stupid enough to fall sway to it. A SPADE IS A DAMN SPADE and more power to it. I am tired of having to try and decipher if someone thinks ‘shovel’ is more politically correct. I say we live in a very real tough world. So belly up to the bar boys/girls and get use to it.

We have a government in a shambles. Today I heard testimony from Harry Markopolos to the House Financial Services Sub Committee about his ignored reports in 2000 to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) about Bernie Madoff and his ponzie scheme. He was flat ignored for over 8 years. What does this oversight faction of the government oversee?
Well try this on for size.
Should these guys be replaced? You bet … AT LEAST … perhaps they themselves need to be brought up on charges as accomplices. Now that’s a novel idea isn’t it?

What does this boil down to?
Fairly simple. These people simply do not care. They have nothing to lose. They are making rulings or NOT about the safety of YOUR MONEY. They have already feathered their nest so what does it matter if “we the people” get swindled by some 2 bit crook?

There is no accountability ANYWHERE in the government today.
The few principled people left in government are so outnumbered they are hamstrung.

“We the people” must accept some responsibility because a good number of us have sat idle and simply allowed it to happen. Another segment of the population is in despair and thinks they don’t count so they DO NOTHING.

Well I am reminded of an old saying “If you are not part of the solution you are a part of the problem”. I am also reminded of another saying “You get out of life what you put into it.”

Well here we go. We are at the end of a road. Those willing to sit on their duff and do nothing are going to be hitting a brick wall. We are fast coming to a time when the true mass economically supporting this do nothing ineffective government are about to shout NO MORE.

When those supporters decide “WHY SHOULD I PAY TAXES WHEN THE LEADERS DO NOT?” and simply stop.
What then?
What happens when China gets wind that the people who provide the wealth for the government to squander refuse to pay?
Gee whiz do you think they will pull the plug on their lending bucks?
Anyone in their right mind would.

What does the government NOT understand about WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO BORROW OURSELVES OUT OF DEBT?

This stimulus package is estimated to cost each family $37,000 … this Obama calls change … yes indeed it is. Is it the change you voted for? Had Obama campaigned on: … well our change means you pay us $37,000 … there is no doubt he would have lost in a landslide.

It may come as a shock to the government there is a faction of the population that is responsible. We live within our means. Maybe the government needs to do the same. I suggest if anyone in government wants to give a hand out it needs to start out of their own particular pocket. It’s called charity.

I reckon if this were the case we would see far less pork stuffed into EMERGENCY BAILOUTS.

So everyone in the government … PASS THE HAT AMONG YOURSELVESYOU ALONE come up with the DOLLAR FIX. You are our leader Barack Obama … you make the first donation. If all of you fall short … well then drag out your fund raising machine and cover the shortfall OR NOT.

Quit coming to the public expecting them to bail out YOUR FOLLY.