August 2017
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Economic Eye Opener

I.O.U.S.A., the critically acclaimed film about the rapidly growing national debt and its consequences for the United States economy, is on the short list for an Oscar nomination in the Best Documentary Feature category. The film, directed by Sundance veteran Patrick Creadon, is among the 15 documentary features that will now advance in the voting process designating the final five nominees for next year’s Academy Awards.

This is a nonpartisan very informative film and I felt it was well worth the 30 minutes of time to watch it. If you are at all in doubt about how serious this economic crisis actually is this is a must see.

The film is produced by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation:
Founded by the senior chairman of The Blackstone Group with a personal commitment of at least $1 billion, the Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future, and to accelerating action on them. To address these challenges successfully, we work to bring Americans together to find sensible, long-term solutions that transcend age, party lines and ideological divides in order to achieve real results.

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Open letter to Mike Duncan (RNC chairman)

My goodness … this morning I open my mail to a letter inviting me to join
I figured it was a good time to give the RNC a piece of my mind even though I probably do not have that much left in my old age to give away.

Here is the whole letter I sent their way. They cut it off at the bottom then lo and behold it did not show up at all.

So I can only assume either they are looking over each post first (another waste of donation money) or will dump it before it hits the viewing public. Or I suppose it could also be that everyone is trying to post at once and flooding the system. We will see but for now you can see what I had to say.
Dear Robert M. ‘Mike’ Duncan (RNC Chairman),

You wanted my opinion? Well here it is.

I have been a registered Republican from the time I was old enough to vote. Not a general election has passed without my taking the time to prep the issue and get to a poll to make my voice heard. Today I am 67.

For the last 3 general elections the choices for president were bad and worse.
This election selection was “THE WORST” in those 47 years.

I was so tired of the Washington antics on both sides I seriously thought about a write in of “the roadrunner”. When McCain emerged as our party choice I moved to the Obama side of the fence (at least he was new and fresh). Then Pailin entered the picture. What a spark she added to the ticket. It was clear from (the reaction) of the opposition they were stunned that Obama had met his rising star match.

NO ONE generates that much “opposition vitriol” without “stark fear” being the base cause. My guess was had Sarah Palin had an equal start (as President) to Barack Obama she would have beat him in a landslide.

After the election when the Sarah bashing erupted from McCain staff?
When McCain stood silent for a week?
That situation was the defining moment … it was the proverbial straw.

I will reregister as an independent.
It is time ALL of us who are “center of the road people” join together. We no longer are being governed by “we the people”.

This whole 2008 election process was a disgrace. There clearly was “voter impropriety” if not “blatant fraud”. There is anarchy in the streets over proposition 8 in CA. For the second time it could happen that the people’s vote is overturned by some renegade judges who somehow forget their place in the scheme of things.

I am tired to the teeth of OUR ELECTED officials lining their pockets with salary and benefits (for a stint) that are more than the average worker makes in a lifetime. While literally doing nothing for “the people” but sitting on their own thumbs.

We now sit on the brink of financial disaster caused by 2 parties that are totally worthless. Two parties that were trusted to watch out for “we the people”.
Honestly I must consider perhaps Al-qaeda could and would do a better job. At least the public knows where they stand. “We the people” are still reeling from the shock over the betrayal of our own government.

It is time “we the people” get off our dead duffs and become interested and connected to our own coalition that is vested in a “WE”.

Political office a lifetime career?

Was our government designed to be a career opportunity?
When did government office turn into a career opportunity for those who produce nothing but long winded hot air? (perhaps that can be harnessed into alternative energy to recover at least part of their unearned salary)

Over the years there have been people who served the people well. Others have been a miserable flop and totally sucked. The later seems to be the case today. Did I hear somewhere our Congress has an approval rate of 18% by “we the people”?

Stop and think about it … if any of us out here in the work force had that kind of rate on our job we would have been drop kicked into the nearest unemployment line in a nanosecond.

So what is wrong with this picture?
Let me see … they go to Washington … serve 3 days playing tiddly winks which now entitles them to WHAT?
A benefit package that would stagger an elephant … FOR LIFE? And they don’t pay into SOCIAL SECURITY?
I have to tell you guys that does not make me very confident that the fund I paid into for well over 40 years is that sound.

You know what? I do not know ANYONE worth that.
Who do these people think they are anyway?
Clearly they forgot how they got to Washington to start.
Their pay comes from our back breaking effort and they take our hard earned tax dollars and piss them off on a billion dollar toilet seat in Timbuktu (while getting a kickback, campaign donation or whatever terminology they think will fly over our head at mach … of a few mil).

I suggest maybe its time to CHANGE the system.
How about some of these little billion dollar projects (“we the people” are expected to pay) start being funded out of the politicians own pockets? (boy I bet that would bring about change fast enough to give us all whiplash)
I like the policy of … you think it up … YOU PAY.
Isn’t that how it goes in your household?

I heard something in a poker game one time that I will never forget.
A player said to a poker dealer … “Hey Betty why don’t you back me in this poker game” … her response was “why would I back someone that will not back himself”? The game paused while the whole table ROTFLOAO (rolled on the floor laughing our asses off).

The meaning was so profound I never forgot it.

No doubt you all think I am MAD AS HELL.
Not true I am waaaaaaay past mad I have come back to center and am looking at the cold hard reality saying to all of you it’s time this is stopped.

How can “we the people” bring about this change?

What can “we the people” do?

This was a question asked on the “Joe the plumber” site.
It is certainly worthy of an answer for all wanting to participate.

Of course you can donate either time, money or both to someone you would like to see and trust to truly represent you.

But on a more base level you can:
Get a BLOG!
YES your own personal BLOG. They are FREE.
Link those blogs with one another make a NETWORK. 

Let me give you an example of how it worked for me. In 1995 I started a personal website (my whim). I leaped on my soap box and voiced my opinion about anything and everything (my concept was God gave me a voice, this country gave me the RIGHT to use it as I see fit). Back then the internet was new and growing (and NO Al Gore was not responsible or a part thereof). There were others just like me and we grouped together for fun. Soon we began to link our sites to display our thoughts. Then we began to move into world issues and the network grew. It did not take long before I ran smack into the corruption of government on the local level. At first I thought it was simply a Tennessee “good ole boy” system. I quickly found it went all the way up the ladder to heads of state. Then suddenly I realized MA was down the tubes also and the beat went on. You can imagine the shock and dismay of a very naive patriot. How can this happen? 

Finally I realized I and my growing group of cohorts could not do ANY of this alone. We had to engage the rest of the nation. One morning I had what I considered a “divine inspiration” (you know one of those things that you go HOLY SMOKE what a GREAT IDEA! … we all have them we just don’t all follow through) … I understood not everyone had the ability or inclination to write and publish for a mass cause. So I designed pages and asked others on the internet (of like mind) to MIRROR those pages. The concept behind this request was simply (at that time I had about 10,000 group leaders working beside me) the more viewing pages on the internet about the exact same subject the better the exposure. Those people who knew nothing about my own site just might get the same information from Peggy Sue. Keep in mind Google was only a twinkle and yet to be born. Yahoo was an elitist group that deemed it their right and privilege to first approve anyone they added to their search system. OUR SYSTEM of network linking thank heaven over-road their search system and we all thrived and survived on our own.

Within months my own personal website (the one created out of whim) was having 60,000 unique visitors a month. I knew nothing of this until the isp called and was wondering … WHY? … the call went something like this “are you running warez or porno somewhere on you site?” … the answer was “OF COURSE NOT! why do you ask?” I was as shocked as they were to find out exactly how successful my little “mirrored page idea” actually was. That website garnered that 60,000 unique visitors a month until 2001 when I quit updating it. All 300 pages remain today and the visitors have decreased to about 9,000 unique visitors a month. Not bad still for an old site :)

So the point is we gather support one person at a time. You know hundreds of people that I do not and vice versa. The more of us there are the more exposure there is to the issue. People that know and respect you will be more accepting of your point of view than that of someone they do not know.

So does your opinion and thought process count? YOU BET!

The real question remains WHO CHOOSES to stand up and be counted and for how long and under what opposition? :)