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Martin Luther King Would be Deeply Ashamed

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.On April 4, 1968 THE GREAT Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for black equality.

For anyone who was around and supported Martin Luther King at the time knows full well he would be gravely disappointed and ashamed of those WHO CLAIM BLACK LIVES MATTER TODAY.

Clearly they do not to Barack Obama, the group Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson and so many more who are stirring this racial dividing pot.

BLACK ON BLACK killings are running rampant today … what are these dividers doing about it?

Now we have 5 good police killed with another 7 wounded because of you FOOLS.

You are a disgrace to ALL of America!

Ben Carson Explains Kept Like a Pet


Ben Carson … “let’s not be satisfied, to be patted on the head and kept like a pet”

People who don’t truly respect you, don’t really see you as an equal, but just take care of you in order that you can take care of them.

At 3:26 in this video Ben Carson explains what he means by “like a pet”.

You can find this youtube video HERE.

BRAVO to Ben Carson for actually standing tall and facing an impoverished community and CLEARLY DEFINING THE PROBLEM and offering a solution.

Ben Carson is a shining example of A GREAT BLACK LEADER. Probably one of the best (who has the notoriety) since Martin Luther King.

Then there are the black losers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Leo Terrell and a number of others like them. Who are on a mission to tear down all of the progress Martin Luther King did.

BRAVO the divisive rhetoric they continue to pump into the weak minds of those who will listen is working. Barack Obama (the absolute disgrace of the black race) is their idol.

What a waste.

Then along comes Ben Carson. If there is anything of value that can be gleaned from the likes of the pond scum dividers mentioned above … it is the contrast that Ben Carson provides.

Ben Carson if elected as President of the USA would actually be THE FIRST WORTHY of the title “FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT”.

What is unfortunate is these “pond scum dividers” along with those who support them will no doubt be doing everything they can to cast aspersions on Ben Carson.

Why you wonder?
Most of these above mentioned disgraces would not have a pot to piss in much less a window to throw it out … were it not for THE VERY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS of keeping blacks SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM … be it physically OR MENTALLY.

Hopefully Ben Carson will gain traction in united the black community so there can actually be HOPE FOR THE CHANGE Barack Obama promised AND FAILED SO MISERABLY to provide.


Black Lives Matter the Group

0black-lives-matterDo Black Lives really Matter to this group?
What kind of BLACK LIVES?

I am not seeing it are you?
What I see so far is a few loud mouth woman chanting and making fools of themselves.

To top that off I have not seen any footage of them protesting Planned Parenthood.
Do those aborted BLACK BABIES who are being sold for body parts matter to them?

Apparently not!

So exactly what Black Lives Matter to them?
Only those who break the law and get themselves killed in the act?

Does this group not recognize what pawns they are under the wing of George Soros?
Do they care as long as their own coffers are filled?

This group appears to be peas in a pot along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and any number of others. The Black Lives Matter group and those who are foolish enough to follow them are spitting in the face of what Martin Luther King stood for and everything HE ACCOMPLISHED with the help of BOTH BLACKS AND WHITES.

These people are a disgrace to the efforts for black race equality.
But good job for setting back the cause 50 years!

Martin Luther King’s DREAM COME TRUE!

0Martin-Luther-KingAs one who was actually around when MLK (Martin Luther King) was marching and actually listening to what he said and stood for it is refreshing to see people like this young woman espouse what he actually was about.

UNLIKE the Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s who were also there but decided for whatever reason (usually the lining of their own pockets) who as soon as he was gone did whatever they could to tear down his valuable work.

For those too young or those with extremely SHORT MEMORY. Al Sharpton has been CORRUPT POND SCUM since Tawana Brawley in 1972.

If this is your ideal of a black leadership standard then those who fought for “your rights” WASTED THEIR TIME.

These black leaders are making fools of you and apparently some of you are actually TOO STUPID TO RECOGNIZE THAT!

This young woman is a credit to society no matter the color.

BRAVO FOR HER and may she multiply and replenish the earth with thousands JUST LIKE HER!!

“POND SCUM” Bill de Blasio pleads for pause in NY protests?

After de Blasio HIMSELF has ramped up a firestorm in New York City between protestors and the police?
He is now pleading for a pause in protests and rancor as the rift widens between him, the police force and protestors?
This is clearly a de Blasio effort to save de Blasio from the backlash that is RIGHTFULLY HEAPED ON HIM NOW.

Police accuse de Blasio of creating a climate of mistrust that contributed to the killings of two officers.

Every sane New Yorker should be calling for a de Blasio OUST.

Here Buck Sexston lays the whole thing out as clear as a bell.

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