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Herman Cain

The Unsinkable Herman Cain.

It seems Apparently THE PEOPLE are wising up to the BullS*** chain yanking by the “main stream media”, the “political elite” and the “ignorant talking heads”.

I wonder how long it will take for these groups to realize they played their cards TO FAST?
Apparently they are so use to the public simply going along with whatever they are told (without checking for the facts) it has yet to occur they are NO LONGER a true driving force in the outcome of ANYTHING.


Good for our side.

Take a look at Herman Cain.

Those who laughed and though he did not have a snowflakes chance in hell are BEGINNING to see the dawn.

The criticism of NO well organized staff, a campaign to sell books and now “sexual harassment” ALLEGATIONS.

Is any of this a shock?
Not to anyone who understands the behavior of the mass.
You can only lead the SHEEPLE over the cliff so long … before those behind begin to wake up and wise up.

Little by little the average voter on the street is viewing Cain as being an authentic straight-talking candidate. Someone they can relate to in their own world.

He is engaging, he has a bold 9 – 9 – 9 tax plan which seems to outweigh what appears to be a lack of experience in foreign policy matters.

The most dumb among us at least understands where you are WEAK … YOU GET HELP FROM EXPERTS.
Clearly a MUST HAVE UNDERSTANDING if you are a successful business owner.

THAT ONE SIMPLE FACT sets him apart from most of these in Congress today who are lucky to have the ability to tie their own shoe laces on any given day.

How 2/3rds of these people got elected only shows how ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH much of the American Public actually is when they hit the voting booth.

So how far will Cain go?
Only time will tell. Only the very foolish will count him out at this point in the game.


As we head into another Presidential election cycle racism is once again becoming front and center in the focus of American political discourse. Unfortunately racism, and the hypocrisy that goes with it, is indeed alive and well in our nation today, 146 years after the Civil War ended and 46 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. It saddens me to see that some in this country have not progressed any further along the road to acceptance of race as a non-factor in life.

If you don’t believe racism is real just look at the media treatment of Herman Cain. Like him or not, agree with his policies or not, Herman Cain is an authentic American who happens to be black. He is not a hyphenated American; he is an American, period. When I say he is an authentic American I mean that he believes in the Constitution and the values that have made this country great. When I say authentically black I mean both of his parents are black.

The same media knotheads, who call me a racist because I oppose the policies of Barak Obama, publicly call Herman Cain names like “token negro”, “Oreo cookie”, “bad apple”, “Uncle Tom”, “a black man who knows his place”, and accuse him of “smoking a symbolic crack pipe”, “currying white favor”, and the like, things that I would never dream of saying. Some of these self-absorbed pretentious “journalists” and commentators are white and some are black but none of them have a clue what main stream America is about.

Where were these kinds of references in 2007 and 2008? Barak Obama received an awful lot of the white vote. Why were these kinds of comments not made when he was receiving so much support from the white community? You didn’t hear conservatives uttering such tripe and these same “journalists” and commentators fawned over Obama like he was a god. Conservatives talked about Marxism and socialism running for the White House, not the “house negro”.

Why is Obama, whose mother was white, blacker than Cain, whose parents are both black? Could it be because Cain is a conservative, the worst thing in life a “person of color” can be? I have heard black people and white people, all of them liberals by the way, call Cain vile names that I would never call him, or any other person, regardless of the color of their skin. Obama is of mixed race, Cain is of pure race, yet Cain is the one who is “not black enough”. That is an interesting concept, not a sensible one but an interesting one none the less.

Karen Finney, a Democrat “strategist” appearing with Martin Bashir on msnbc said that Herman Cain is “a black man who knows his place” and therefore is acceptable to the TEA Party and makes them “feel like they are not racist because they like this guy”. Bashir’s response is “thank you for spelling that out”.

Does anyone else find this as vile and ridiculous as I find it? Has anyone ever heard a TEA Party person make such an asinine statement? No, I didn’t think so. Lloyd Marcus seems to be accepted at TEA Party events, as are any other “people of color”, who believe in liberty, justice, and the American Way.

Does anyone remember the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings? Thomas referred to the attacks on him as a high-tech lynching. It wasn’t conservative Republicans who trashed Clarence Thomas, it was liberals, Democrats, both black and white, but all of them liberals who are supposedly consumed with “racial equality”. Thomas was ridiculed because his wife is white, not by conservatives, but by liberals. And who could ever doubt the “Reverend” Al Sharpton when he tells us that Cain is not an “authentic black man” because he doesn’t espouse the “oh woe is me” attitude that only government can provide for success in the black community. Cain isn’t being reviled by conservatives but by liberals. We “conservative TEA Party racist types” accept Herman Cain but liberals don’t. Hmmm, curious this race question.

When a liberal calls me a racist because of my stand for freedom and against the Obama, Reid, Pelosi brand of Marxism I count it as a compliment. I know I am not a racist and so do they. The key is that they know they have nothing else to stand on so they try the age-old intimidation tactic of name calling. Well, it just doesn’t work any longer. We, the supposed racists, have wised up and now ignore this tactic. We are no longer intimidated by name calling.

The true racists in the country are those telling American citizens ”of color” that they cannot accomplish anything on their own, that the only way for them to have anything is to hold their hand out to liberal white folks who know what is in their best interests. Or they can hold their hand out to “Reverend” Al Sharpton or “Reverend” Jesse Jackson, who will go to their white liberal overseers and ask for “alms for their poor black folks”. Just as a side note, I consider myself a “person of color” also. As far as I know white is still a color, and actually, except for my beard, I am more beige than white.

Have you noticed that the pundits and mouthpieces for racism, black or white, seem to be doing just fine, financially, in the pundit world? And how do the “Justice Brothers”, Al and Jesse, make their money? Do they actually have churches they pastor or do they make their money pandering to white liberal guilt, the government, and telling black Americans that they are less than whites? I surmise that the “Justice Brothers” make their money extorting money from anyone they can find to extort money from. If one doesn’t give them money it must be because one is racist. It can’t possibly be because one believes they are “race hustling poverty pimps”.

And before anyone labels me a racist on that last statement, it is a quote from J. C. Watts, a former Oklahoma Republican Congressman and quarterback at the University of Oklahoma. He made that statement on the floor of the House of Representatives in speaking of “Reverend” Jackson. He must also be a racist in the books of “Reverends” Al and Jesse, and apparently another “house negro telling whites what they want to hear”.
I never tell anyone they can’t make it on their own. I never tell anyone of any color that the answer to their problems is a government hand out, that they are too stupid to succeed, or they are incapable of making a success of themselves. Is the key to success in our nation really a government handout or is it hard work, honesty, integrity, and dedication?

Racism is alive and well in the liberal sections of society. Conservatism says hard work and dedication will bring success, without ever bringing skin color into the mix. Herman Cain worked his way through college. His parents worked at least 2 jobs each when he was young so they could help their children get the education they would need to become successful in life. They didn’t sit back and wait for Al and Jesse to bring them a handout to keep them in line and in poverty. Cain’s parents had a vision of what it takes to succeed in life and they instilled that in their children.

Herman Cain has been successful because he understands how to be successful. He has worked his way to where he is today through education, dedication to values, and the willingness to apply himself to accomplish the tasks assigned by those above him in authority. He wasn’t content to sit on his butt and wait for Al and Jesse to hand him the pittance they normally hand their dependents. I believe the key to his success as much as anything else is his treatment of others. He is as considerate and respectful of the doorman at a hotel as he is to a CEO of any corporation.

To say in 2011 that Herman Cain has succeeded because he is the “house negro” of the TEA Party and conservative Americans is insulting to all Americans of all colors. It shows where racism dwells and it isn’t in conservative circles. This treatment of Cain shows once again that “people of color” who don’t tow the liberal line will be subjected to attacks of all kinds to keep them in line. For anyone to say that any “person of color” cannot succeed by their own initiative in today’s America is as racist as one can get.

Many Americans, including this writer, oppose Barak Obama because of his Marxist policies and his promise to “fundamentally transform America”. We are called racists and bigots because no one can really oppose his “enlightenment”; it absolutely has to be racism. I am not in Cain’s camp but I do respect and like the man based on his accomplishments and his vision for America.

Neither Cain nor Obama have any standing with me, for better or worse, due to the color of their skin. My opinions of both are based entirely on their policies and their vision of the future of the nation I cherish. I find it rather odd that the people who support Obama are not racists but those who oppose him are racists. And those who support Herman Cain are racists but those who oppose him are not racists. I am like the duck in the AFLAC commercial shaking my head and going, HUH?????????????????????????????

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell Claremore, Oklahoma November 4, 2011

Politico and the Hoped for Hatchet Job on Herman Cain.

Most of us know by now Politico writers JONATHAN MARTIN & MAGGIE HABERMAN & ANNA PALMER & KENNETH P. VOGEL wrote what they hope will be the downfall of Herman Cain.

One thing is clear the Cain opposition is terrified of his rapid advancement in the polls.

Will this bit of ANONYMOUS dirt reporting work?
Probably not.
Because the public is so tired of this kind of hypocrisy … it’s in one ear and out the other.
Bill Clinton raised the bar for this kind of behavior.

I have perused a number of sites reporting this information and even watched Cain defend himself on Greta. Read hundreds of comments on the blogs from supporters and those who hope to see Cain bite the dust over this situation.

A comment from Beyond Partisan … “Shame on you, @politico, for publishing a smear story against Cain based on anonymous sources, while you never dig into Obama’s past.”

Let me further add. There is plenty of dirt to dig up on Obama without a peep from Politico.
Get your lazy butts in gear JONATHAN MARTIN, MAGGIE HABERMAN, ANNA PALMER or KENNETH P. VOGEL … lets hear some real reporting from you for a change. None of that has to be SLIGHT OF HAND its right out in the open for EVERYONE TO SEE AND REPORT.

If I can dig it up so can you.
How about a little digging on the Obama/DNC lawsuit by Larry Sinclair who alleges Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999? How about the unsolved murder of Donald Young the 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ and the Barack Obama connection to him?

Those are simply 2 of the tons buried or ignored by the main stream media today. Here is 56 minutes of pretty good stuff (already documented for you) to sink your teeth into Politico.

So what is the POLITICO REALITY?
Yellow journalism AT BEST?

Whatever the case … certainly a waste of time for those of you looking for the truth.



Published on on October 25, 2011

Liberals often fail to understand the fault lines that run through the Republican Party. But when those fault lines mirror their own, you would think they’d get it.

Even as President Obama rakes in $35,000 per couple at lavish fundraisers after relying on Goldman Sachs to be his largest single donor in 2008, the left sits in a park in Manhattan decrying Wall Street excesses. The Dodd-Frank bill, sold as a measure to crack down on Wall Street, is killing community and small banks throughout the nation, hastening the day when Wall Street will be the only source of corporate or personal lending.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, voters have clearly opted for a candidate who came from the private sector rather than one who lived his life in politics, as the continuing collapse of Rick Perry and the ongoing ascendancy of Mitt Romney and Herman Cain attest. But which private sector? Wall street and big business, or small business? Between Romney and Cain, a new chasm is emerging. As Cain put it: “Mitt generated jobs on Wall Street. I did it on Main Street.”

The same discontent that is brewing over in Lower Manhattan among the extreme left is also raging on the right as small businessmen rally to Cain, emphatically making it clear that the needs of big business are not only not their needs, but often are a direct contradiction.

In a sense, the fault lines the Romney/Cain contest is exposing are very similar to those that first made their appearance when Arizona’s Barry Goldwater defeated New York’s Nelson Rockefeller for the Republican nomination for president in 1964. The split in the GOP has only grown wider. The evangelical, small-business, economic-freedom, anti-tax and anti-regulation Tea Party vote is lining up behind Cain. The economic-growth conservatives, corporate executives, free-market economists and GOP establishment are backing Romney.

The emerging contest will not be so much the right versus the center as it will be big versus small, the establishment versus insurgents, libertarian Republicans against social conservatives and, yes, Wall Street versus Main Street.

We are going to be treated to a presidential campaign in which both parties’ candidates will have to cope with increasing animosity toward the greed and self-serving refusal to be accountable that have characterized Wall Street and the financial industry.

But it is particularly intriguing to compare the impetus for the Cain candidacy with that of the Occupy Wall Street group. Both decry the tendency toward bigness and each disapproves of massive corporate bailouts that choose winners and losers. Both are opposed to crony capitalism and do not want the federal government to be a servant of the financial industry.

And both find themselves in opposition to the mainstream of their political parties. The world is indeed round, with apologies to Thomas Friedman. The far left and the far right unite in their opposition to big business and to the centrist establishments of both parties that maintain cozy and symbiotic relationships with Wall Street.

Can Obama continue to run on Wall Street money while backed by Occupy Wall Street foot soldiers? It seems unlikely. Can Cain tap into the resentment against Wall Street that rises from the demonstrators in Lower Manhattan? Perhaps he can.

The real criticism of Obama is not that he is a socialist — advocating government ownership and control of business. It is that he is a corporatist — advocating government control while keeping ownership in private hands. He wants a few big companies and a handful of major banks, the big labor unions and the federal government to work together to divide the pie and deal the cards. He wants to establish here a corporatism reminiscent of de Gaulle’s France and modern-day Germany. Soon the left will realize what the right is already coming to know — that the mainstream of each party is hopelessly in bed with Wall Street.